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How to Lose Weight at Home With Home Remedies

Updated on August 23, 2018

Some food to burn your fat

Prevention is always better than cure, so why not we change our eating habits or stick to the healthy food. Food brings changes in your body good or bad, according to your eating habits. Eating habits can make you and your body happier and healthier. Food which are high in cholesterol level harms the veins and in turn the heart stops getting the required blood flow due to the clotting of veins by the fatty tissues.Eat green vegetables and cereals, pulses to keep your white blood cells number good, which fights the germs and disease causing bacteria to keep you healthy. Try mix adequate amount of fats also in your diet. As fat is also essential for your body. Fats in your body act as a store of energy for a longer period of time in case your body needs. However, excess fat leads to many other problems like diabetes, blood pressure problem, heart problem, even fertility is also affected by excess fat in the body or due to obesity. Obese man sometimes fail to produce healthy sperms and it becomes difficult for pregnant women to delivee the baby.

  • Do not eat food three time a day keeping your stomach top up. Eat 4-5 times a day, with little intakes every time. Eating 4-5 times a day helps the body to perform the digestion system effectively, it does not over burden the digestive system. Eat lots of fruits and green vegetables. Fruits contain fibers which helps in the digestion of your food and keep the your gums healthy. Vegetables are the source of many vital vitamins and minerals which keep the insulin level of your body in control. Insulin is like a secretion from the liver which controls the sugar level of your body. Obesity, sugar level of the body, insulin are all relevant to each other. So, it is recommended to eat healthy food which are good for the body not only for your tongue.
  • Junk food or fast food contains high level of cholesterol and calories that keep on accumulating in your body over the period of time and then act as the blockage in your veins that supply blood to and fro from your heart. That is the reason,why obese people are more prone to cardiac arrest.So, keep avoiding the food which are high in cholesterol level.

There are foods also which helps in reducing weight and burns extra fat stored in the body. We have some of the best eatables to keep you fit always.

  • You must have heard "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". Very true, studies have shown that apple also helps in burning the belly fat as the pectin in the apple decide how much fat the body can use.
  • Fish is a good source of lean protein and omega 3. Beans can be replaced if you are a vegetarian. Beans are also good source of protein, protein is required to burn the fat.
  • Carrot contains carotene which is one type of Vitamin. The carotene present in the carrot is one of the best. It literally flushes out the fat from the body. The carotene changes into the Vitamin A which speeds up your metabolism. The higher the rate of your metabolism, the more fat your body burns.

With all these foods, you should drink lots of water. Water purifies the body of unwanted substances. It extracts extra fat from the body and also controls the pH value, which in turn keep you away from gastroenteritis. All these suggestions and instructions are not so rigorous as working out hours in a zym. All that requires is your little control on your appetite and sticking to the food which helps in controlling your fat requirement of the body. The six pack abs , toned muscular body is not away to achieve if you follow these basics. Just keep all this in your mind if aiming for a fatless, toned body.

What is your BMI (Body Mass Index) ?

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Understanding obesity, its reasons and the ways to reduce it

  • Obesity and overweight are two different terms. These two words are used to describe a person's category in weight chart depending upon the body mass index. Over the years obesity has become an epidemic with increasing weight (due to fats accumulation in the body) in all categories of people. Fat is the accumulation of extra compounds in the adipose tissues.When these fatty compounds gets accumulated beyond a certain amount, they start causing harm to the body. Fat is also necessary, as, it is the source of energy for the body, but when it accumulates more than required by the body. It can cause serious health problems for the entire functioning of the body. Fat is the group of compounds that are soluble in organic solvents and are generally insoluble in water.
  • Fats are of two types, saturated and unsaturated; Saturated and unsaturated fats differ in their energy level and melting point. Unsaturated fats yield a little less energy during the same metabolism.These fats are accumulated in adipose tissues. Adipose tissues is also called fatty tissues and is a source of energy for the body over an extended period of time, in other words these fats are the source of energy for the body in need over a longer period of time.
  • This is not true that all healthy looking people have extra fat or they are obese. A term called BMI or Body Mass Index defines if a person has ideal weight or overweight. BMI is a statistic derived from the height and weight of a person. A person with BMI of under 25 is maintaining his ideal weight, and the BMI over 25 is overweight and beyond the BMI of 27 is called an obese person. There are many reasons for obesity or extra fat in the body. One of the reasons is consuming extra calories than your body needs.Not sleeping enough also cause the accumulation of fat due to the increase in appetite. Our genes are also responsible in some cases of obesity. As some individuals have high rate of metabolism which burns the fats more easily and faster, thereby, reducing the chances of being fat. Use of steroids and over medication also causes obesity and fat accumulation.Gender is also the reason for obesity. Men burn more calories than women at rest. Men have high rate of metabolism so they also need extra calories. Furthermore, women after menopause tend to increase their weight, as their metabolic rate decreases. There are many products available in the market, claiming of reducing fat in just a few weeks. But, reducing fat accumulated over the years if reduced in just days and weeks can cause serious damage to other organs of the body, by using fast result products. Home made therapies are best and fruitful to reduce your extra weight. Exercising daily for even 15 minutes can give attractive results on your body.
  • Eating according to one's required daily needs is also essential to maintain standard body weight. Eat according to your requirent, according to your work profile. Body needs different per day calories for a person who is engaged in some desk job and for a person wjo is engaged in some field work or practicle things. We can not allow to eat as much as a labour eats in his daily routine if one is doing a desk job.
  • Mix the juice of half a piece of lemon in hot water with honey and drink every morning with empty stomach , it can control the body weight. This mixture reduces the extra fat.
  • Bottle guard juice twice in a week reduces the fat drastically. This juice is not very tasty but very fruitful in reducing the fat and cholestrol.
  • After your dinner, walk for just 10 to 15 minutes controls your tummy. Walking before going to bed is very effective in controlling formation of fats in the body.
  • Sleep everyday for 8 hours at one go, this helps in taking off the stress of your mind and body. Stress causes hormonal changes that increase your appetite which results in over consumption of food.
  • Avoid fast food as much as you can. These junk food contains high levels of unsaturated fat which affects your body. These have high calories and cholesterol level which again blocks the passage of blood to and fro from the heart through the veins supplying blood.
  • Drink mild warm water mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice after jogging or workout. This will considerably burn your fats.
  • Practice yoga "vajra asan", a very effective way to help in fast digestion of your food and burning of fats. It can be practiced even after your dinner or lunch. Practice this for 5 minutes to see the desired results. A very effective way to gradually burn your fats around your abdomen and thighs.

All these suggestions can be observed easily and performed at the comfort of your home. There is nothing much new in burning extra fat around your tummy and waistline when you follow these instructions. Fats quantity in your body is essential for various body functions, but it can cause havoc if goes unchecked. All we need to keep our focus and determination intact.


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