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Loosing Faith

Updated on January 14, 2011
If we lose our faith we may never see what life has planed for us
If we lose our faith we may never see what life has planed for us | Source


Losing Faith

This message is for the many that seem to have lost their personal faith in humanity.

Faith is a very much subjected word, used a lot in churches and by the elderly who have lived through it all.


My story is to the many that don’t fall in this category or maybe just haven’t had a chance to yet. To the young man or women who are defending our country that in the time of a fire fight feel so all alone and without anyone to help. Don’t lose what faith you have or if you don’t have faith learned by the church you still may be covered. When you talk to yourself what and who do you talk to every time. My guess is to God whether you ever admit it to yourself or your buddy but that’s ok.

So many people think that because of a life style or upbringing that maybe they aren’t entitled to have any faith. This couldn’t be further from the truth, this is just me talk to you one single person so it makes it very personal to me.  No other human can belittle you because you may not live up to their standard as a good Christian boy or girl. Perhaps these people need to walk a mile or so in your shoes to find out what hope and charity is all about. These people are not bad people by any stretch of the imagination, they just become so comfortable in there setting at home and church.

Now that all that has been said follow me a little bit more. How about having an illness that man cannot fix and doctors fail to give you the right answers for. Do we just role un in a ball and quit, or just grab that sky hook and pull yourself up, over and over again until you regain what faith you have lost. One day with someone you really love cannot be replaced by a truck load of sorrow from your passing. And furthermore don’t let any walking around human person predict your future even for a moment; your life is so precious that you can’t ignore it for it won’t just go away.

The lows you experience while sick or in distress are there to help you figure things out all for yourself, it is your life. I wrote a blog once and called it “It’s a wonderful life”. It had so much meaning to me when I was sick, and the feeling doesn’t go away just because we may get a successful treatment and live.

My faith was in all the young and older patients doing Dialysis with me this past couple years. The joy and happiness on their faces when I came back to see them was just a miracle too me.

So to all my friends that helped me out when I needed it please take time to receive a blessing for yourself, it’s fuel from God so we all can keep doing the things we do here on earth for our fellow man/woman





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