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Lose Fat with Right Nutrition

Updated on January 2, 2017

A lot of people still think that starving oneself or taking diet pills is the right way to lose those stubborn body fats. Well, guess again… although there are many testimonials on how effective diet pills are or skipping meals in weight loss, it may not be a long-term success. It could actually have side effects or ruin your body’s metabolism.

Weight Loss


The key to long-term success in weight loss is right nutrition and healthy life style. Skipping meals or starving oneself can actually get you to gain more body fats. Why? Because body fats are stored energy of the body, the more you starve yourself the more it triggers your body to store more fats. Keep in mind that the body uses up the muscles first before it uses up the fats. So if you starve yourself, you gain more body fats and lose muscles gradually. Ironic as it seems, starvation diets doesn’t work and may even make things worst for you. You will start dropping weight by not eating, but it may most likely be because you are losing muscle instead of body fats. At the same time your body will become weak.

Start eating healthier and reduce unhealthy foods from your daily diet slowly. Always choose whole food and organic rather than the regular ones. There are always the “non-fat” versions of just about everything we buy from the groceries. In terms of meat, choose lean meat like chicken breast or beef that is so rich in protein. Fish are good source of protein especially salmon which are rich in good fats. Eat vegetables and fruits that are rich in fibers. Drink plenty of water. Avoid foods that come right out of the box. Avoid junk foods and soda. It is also very important to eat in small amount but more frequent like six times a day. Not only will it help improve your metabolism significantly but also eliminate cravings.

It is also important to keep track of the amount of calories that you eat on a daily basis. Always remember that the amount of calories you need per day depends on how active you are and everything in excess will be converted to fats. Keep yourself motivated by setting goals and tracking your progress so you’ll know where you are. Although classic scale is a good tool to measure your progress but fat caliper and taking photos every month are better ways.

Combine right nutrition with cardio activities and strength training and you’ll see progress in shorter period of time.


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