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Lose Weight Easily By Doing This...

Updated on September 29, 2018

Lose Weight Easily By Doing This...

You want to know how to lose weight easily? You want to know how to lose weight fast? Well let me tell you my friend. It doesn't involve complicated formula's. It has nothing to do with counting calories or any of that nonsense. As a matter of fact, I lost 20 pounds in a month's time without any of the latter. What did it take? One word: Commitment. What was my diet of choice: Keto / Atkin's or whatever they are calling it these days. Keep reading my friend.

First of all I need to say the disclaimer that you need to hear from all diets, and that is that my results are not typical. I am not a registered dietitian. I am not a certified trainer. I work out from time to time and I know what works for me. So your results might be different. But I can tell you this: If you do your research and follow what I am about to tell you in this article: YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT! Now let's get to it, shall we?

First and foremost I would tell you that we as people need to get this whole diet thing out of our mind. Why? Because the very word "Diet" is limiting. When you think of the word "Diet" , images of a person "dieting" for a very specified amount of time come up. They're "dieting" for their upcoming High School reunion. They're "dieting" for a vacation that's coming up soon. These situations are "dieting" situations. We need to get past that. We need to think long term and consider what we are doing as a life changing event. That's the realization that I have come up with.

I was 240 pounds, tired all of the time. Falling asleep every chance I got and had no sex drive, ,plus my little guy was getting smaller! I was turned on to this diet by my former Fire Chief. He was a proponent of the Atkin's diet. He swore by it and he lived it...everyday. He told me about it and I tried it. I lost 21 pounds in 3 weeks after that

I was amazed at how the weight had just fell off of my frame. I has energy, stamina and I was happy with the results. But soon after that I fell right back into eating what I wanted and the weight came right back. That was way back in 2002. Fast forward to now, 2018 and I had ballooned up to 240! I knew I had to lose weight. I was lazy, had no energy and no sex drive! So I went back to the one thing that I knew would work. Only now it's been renamed "Keto".

In my opinion, they are one in the same; Keto or Atkins, whatever you want to call it, they do the same thing and they are built on the same foundation:

1. No bread.

2. No sugar.

3. No pasta.

These 3 rules are the foundation and the basis of the Keto/Atkin's diet, and if you have the commitment to follow them, you WILL lose weight...very easily. This lifestyle is perfect for anyone because it doesn't involve "counting calories" or any of that. Just stay away from the carbs...PERIOD! When you stay away from the carbs your body goes through an amazing transformation where instead of using the carbs as a fuel source, it switches to your built up fat cells as the fuel source...and the pounds just fall off!

Just like with any change to your eating habits, there will be an adjustment period. But unlike in 2002 when I first started doing this change, now there are all kinds of alternatives that can help you along the way. Many of these alternatives you can find in your neighborhood Wal-Mart! I'm talking about alternatives like: instead of regular flour, coconut flour.There are many recipes online that are Keto- friendly, and just like anything else you will be able to find it on YouTube.

Like I said before this change isn't about counting calories. You can have as many calories as you want, as long as you stay away from the carbs. You can eat all the meat that you want. You can have 2nd and 3rd portions if you want, and the weight will still fall off. That means you can have steak and eggs for breakfast. Steak and eggs for lunch and steak and eggs for dinner if you so choose! Just stay away from the carbs! You can eat all of the mayo that you want: No carbs in mayo. You can eat all the mustard you want: No carbs in mustard.

Now you will run into some carbs along your journey. But a good rule of thumb is to try to limit your carb intake to less than 20-30 a day. What has worked for me is to put everything on top of a salad. Even well known restaurants like "Red Robin" and "Five Guys" will help you along the way by allowing you to order your burger with a "lettuce" wrap instead of bread. It's good but it is sloppy!

After awhile you won't even notice or crave the bread anymore. But you will notice the pounds just dropping off! One note: women tend to lose weight slower than men on this diet. It's a scientific fact. Sorry ladies. Y'all can still lose the weight, it'll just take you longer. Men average about 5-7 pounds per week, whereas women average about 3-4. But nonetheless, where else are you going to find a diet that allows you to eat as much meat as you want and STILL lose weight!

If you're serious about losing weight and have tried everything you can and nothing is working, I advise you to go to Google and research "Keto Diet" or Atkin's Diet". You will be pleasantly surprised...


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