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Lose Weight With Swimming And Cycling

Updated on July 3, 2009

SWIMMING: Swimming is a good way of exercising in the summer months. Beginners may face problems initially, but once a person learns to float on the water, he begins to enjoy himself.

Swimming is often recommended as an exercise to develop every muscle of the body in a harmonious way, and this includes your heart muscle.

Swimming has a number of advantages over other forms of exercising.

1. It is an excellent form of aerobics and involves all the muscles which work at the same time, and then enhance the neuromuscular coordination.

2. Swimming gives a lot of relief from stress, and is being used in physiotherapy to revitalize injured muscles.

3. It is competitive as well as a recreational activity.

4. Since the temperature of the water is lower than the body temperature, swimming strengthens the respiratory system, and the blood supply to the various parts improves.

5. When painful joints in arthritic patients are supported in water, a degree of flexibility returns, which is not normally seen in other situations.

6. Swimming is strongly recommended for restoring muscle tone after childbirth.

7. The gentle but rhythmic movement of leg muscles helps to avoid swollen veins and valves.

Swimming is the best exercise, as all the body parts move equally.

CYCLING: Cycling is a quick way of taking exercise that tones up the whole body and burns off excess weight at the rate of 700 calories an hour!!!! People are catching on to the idea that cycling is fun, healthy, and altogether desirable for a host of reasons.

The heart, lungs and circulatory system have to work hard but without any strain being thrown upon joints as jogging does on the knee, ankle and hip joints of the not-so-young. The smooth rhythmic movement of pedaling is especially beneficial to people with painful joints which make even walking difficult. The cycle bears the weight, the muscles provide the power.

Why take up precious time going to a gym for aerobics when you can exercise your heart and legs with the exhilaration of sailing smoothly at a pace that makes you pant as little or much as you like?

Remember that cycling should be an enjoyable activity and not a painful chore.


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      Awesome 7 years ago

      Pretty good article; but what's better? Cycling or Swimmming?