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Lose Weight Without Being Hungry!

Updated on January 31, 2010

Dieting sucks, so let's just get that out of the way right now. There's never been a good diet that was also easy to follow or even the slightest bit convenient for those of us who don't have craploads of money to waste on special foods and plans, or craploads of time to waste running all over town in search of special ingredients and the like. Nope; dieting has always been a major pain in the arse, which is the main reason I've never been able to stick to one. Well, that and I hate feeling like I'm intentionally starving myself. I've never been morbidly obese (thank you God/knock on wood) but I've been pudgy a few times in my life and I can't say I've ever enjoyed the experience. Counting calories is something I was able to do pretty easily but even that takes a psychological toll over time because you're still actively denying yourself food if you're hungry. Well, ladies (and men) if you're like me and just want an easy way to lose weight without feeling like you're trying to lose weight, read on for my recently-discovered dieting secret: Plain White Probiotic Yogurt!

Don't worry -- the taste grows on you.

I'll be honest and say I've always hated plain yogurt and could never understand how people could eat the stuff. Blech, right? Wrong. I actually started using probiotic yogurt for something else entirely and wound up licking the spoon a few times -- it only took a few days before I was lightly snacking on it. It may be an acquired taste for some people, but you will acquire it pretty quickly. I now absolutely love the taste of plain white yogurt and wrinkle my nose at the thought of eating sugary fruity yogurt.

It's extremely filling!

I'm the type who gets bored and likes to munch on snacks, even if I'm not hungry. This is probably because I never feel entirely full for some reason. Well, that all changed when I started eating plain white yogurt for breakfast! Amazingly, I went the whole day without being hungry in the slightest, and I'd only eaten about 250 grams of it. If you get organic all natural plain white yogurt that's quite thick, it will truly fill you up.

The probiotic cultures will help you get a flat(ter) tummy in no time!

It's been proven in clinical studies that people who have IBS and other bloating issues have totally gotten rid of tummy swelling by adding probiotic products to their diets. I personally went from a little tummy flub to no tummy flub in just a few days. Obviously, this is because my flub was the result of poor digestion and gas buildup -- if you've got a bit of fatty tissue there, you've still got to lose that weight, but you will notice a decrease in belly extension because your digestion will be greatly improved.

Probiotic yogurt will also get your bowels in order.

Constipation and other issues can distend your tummy and make you look bigger than you are. It will also make you feel fatter than you are! Using a good probiotic yogurt will fix you right up and get you feeling healthier and regular very quickly.

How much should you eat?

I am not going to tell you that you can eat only probiotic yogurt and that's it -- but I can tell you that when I eat 250 grams of plain white probiotic yogurt for breakfast (half of a large container) and 250 grams at dinner time, I am not hungry for anything else. I am not trying to starve myself, I am simply not hungry. So I eat about 500g per day. You may want to eat less or more depending on your needs.

How healthy is it?

Yogurt is healthy but note that it doesn't contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. It's also quite low in calories... 500 g is only about 315 calories (for my particular brand) and 20 g of fat (fat is a necessary part of your diet so don't go thinking that's a lot of fat!) 20 g of protein and 625 mg of calcium. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the body will need more than 315 calories in a day so you'll need to eat something else. If you're not hungry and aren't consuming the needed vitamins and minerals, be sure to take a good multivitamin!! I do consume more calories because I drink chocolate coffee, iced tea and fruit juice every day and they can be high in calories. I also take a good multivitamin.

Can you live on yogurt every day for the rest of your life?

No, of course not. It's brilliant for a few days if you need to get into a pair of jeans by the weekend, but this isn't a permanent diet as it's just not healthy enough. (And it should be noted that if you do this for a few days you should NOT be using the diet brands because you will need all the protein and calories you can get) It is, however, a BRILLIANT breakfast (or lunch) that you could use forever. It's a fabulous way to diet without getting hungry but like I said you may need to get used to the taste a bit first.

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