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Lose Weight by Not Dieting

Updated on November 2, 2011

8 Month weightloss

After bariatric surgery
After bariatric surgery | Source

Why diets don't work

There are so many diets out there it is ridiculous, have you ever wondered if people have found the correct formula to losing weight why would there be so many diets still being created? I have wondered the same thing also. I am a gastric bypass patient for over 3 years I have been surgically altered to lose the weight. I was 326lbs at my highest and was only able to get under 200lbs by the gastric bypass surgery. I am not advocating this surgery because this is a life or death choice and it is up to you to decide but if you really want to lose weight I will tell you dieting will not work for you or anyone for that matter its a matter of choice. I know you are probably saying well you had surgery I am sure you lost weight why are you telling me how to lose weight. I tell you I would not change this surgery for the world it saved my life however, I must tell you the truth in the last 2 years I have gained about 28lbs but I am staying the same weight at 210lbs for the last year. I suffered from high blood pressure, edema, sleep apnea, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, you name it I probably had it. I was not living I was dying and doing it faster than some. I had to take a hard look at myself and after listing all the diets that I was on and all the pills I was taking and how many times I ended up in emergency for asthma attacks, bronchitis, etc... After having over 12 surgeries and I was only 39 years old I could not live another year being overweight and unhappy not living my life. I made this decision weighing out the pros and cons, it was a life or death decision and I am so glad I did it. It does not prevent me from gaining weight not in the least bit however it did give me the tool to get my health back. The day of my surgery I was nervous, I had pneumonia after the surgery and it was not good however, I came through it. I went from a size 28 to a size 8 in 8 months. I was so cute but I have realized that I didn't do the most important thing that is to love oneself no matter what size I was, if I did that first I would have lost weight on my own. The key is loving yourself more than that food you love to eat, more than the people that you are wanting to accept you. There are big beautiful people that exists, they are beautiful in appearance and beautiful in spirit. These people are true to themselves and do not hold anybody responsible for their weight or their actions. When you love yourself first the weight is not the problem its what you are trying to hide from by keeping the weight on.

From 308 to 181

My journey is not over
My journey is not over | Source

Stop Dieting Start Living

How many of us can maintain weight loss on a low-carb diet, low calorie diet, etc...? I have to say I am eating bread, fried chicken, cake, candy, sodas, you name it I am eating not as much as I did before because my stomach is much smaller but I am still eating the same way I was. I am not promoting eat whatever you want and you will lose weight either but the thing is you should not go on a fad diet just to lose some weight you should choose a life that is happy, healthy and helps you to live life. The show Dr. Oz stated there are three things required to be happy and healthy 1. eat more from the land fruits, veggies and legumes; 2. move your body 30 minutes a day 3. Take care your mental clarity by doing something or going somewhere that brings you pleasure. These are the keys to a happy healthy life, by eating better you are taking care of your inner body, by exercising you are taking care of your inner and outer body and by finding clarity or happiness in something other than food you are taking care of your soul which is the body. Does it sound simple? Yes, is it simple? If you want it to be. You must however be grateful for who you are now, for what you have now, and for where you are now in order to make changes work for you. If you need a support team feel free to write me a comment below and I will be your cheerleader, also remember you have the power to control your habits your life, just stop letting others make that decision for you. We have our own mind, the USDA, FDA, and doctors can tell you anything and everything but you know what you need and want. There are so many studies out there and movies we probably have seen like "Super Size me", "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" and the recent one I saw was "Fat Head" these are great within themselves however these are about their story, write your own story. You should be your own success story, by loving yourself first, helping yourself, treating yourself. I have learned after 40 years that I feel great when I get my hair and nails done, I feel great when I am walking and not eating junk food, I feel great when I am eating fruits and veggies instead of greasy food all the time. Now I must be honest eating that greasy hamburger sure does taste great with some fries or that fried chicken with some rice and gravy, yes it makes me feel good to eat these things but it's a short lived high so to speak. I feel good when I have accomplished it on a long term eating better, moving my body, and taking care of my mind this is doable for anybody. The most important thing is to take care of you, love you, learn what you like and give it to yourself you are worthy of it. If you are a Christian think of it this way, you believe that a perfect man suffered and died in order for you to live do you not, I do so evidently if He was willing to give up his perfect life in order to gain my life and know I am worth so much more than I gave myself credit for. Also, think about this if someone were to go through so much pain (your mother) to bring you into this world no matter what your past life was don't dwell on those negative things accept the fact that they happened and be grateful for them because you are the most wonderful person you are now and start living now. Did you know that from the day that we are conceived we are a living and breathing beings (I know there are people out there that don't believe this If you don't then look at it this way you are living now) you never had to be taught how to live because you are already alive now live take today and live. You are worthy to live your life now.

Live the life you want

My view of the sunrise on the beach.
My view of the sunrise on the beach. | Source

So What Am I Saying

Are you tired of the same old life? Are you tired of the same old foods? The Bible says taste God and see that He is good, taste life and see that life is more than what you make it out to be. If you want to work 8 hours a day, go home, watch tv, shower and go to bed and live for the weekends then if it makes you happy that's your choice but if you want more out of your life don't wait to lose weight to live. I met this beautiful woman named Rachel she weighed over 400lbs and had the same surgery I had, she wanted so bad to got to this concert, she was in a motorized chair. She set a goal that after she lost 50lbs she would go to this concert, she lost the 50lbs and had a ball at the concert. Did she have to lose the 50lbs to go to the concert? The answer is no, she could have went to the concert anyway, but she set a goal for herself and she reached her goal so she rewarded herself, that worked for her. If that works for you to reward yourself for being loyal to yourself then by all means go for it whatever works for you but here is my suggestion do it for you that's it. If you are doing it to make yourself happy not waiting on someone else or something else you have accomplished it for yourself and you should rejoice in it and be around people that will rejoice with you and for you. Another thing is get rid of the negative influences, if you telling others your story and they say something that sounds negative and not supportive this is your signal that maybe its time to widen out find positive people no matter what size or stage in life. You have so much to live for, if you have children think about it this way, the love you are showing for yourself will pour over on them and they will learn from you to love themselves and to take care of themselves. You can do it, I am finding these things out for myself and it will be a challenge at first but accept the challenge and live your life and wonderful things will happen. I got the man of my dreams, the family of my dreams, the job of my dreams, and the life of my dreams. I am travelling more, eating better, and living my life. Life is meant to be lived go live it you will find out that living is the only weight loss plan that works.


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    • sybryant09 profile image

      Sandie 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Hi Kerlynb yes, ma'am it sounds simple but I always say if you are consistent and loyal to yourself you will succeed. You never fail thats not a word I use, the choice is ours, if I choose to eat that hamburger knowing I will get indigestion then thats my choice, if I choose to eat salads with no dressing then that too is my choice, just make sure that whatever you choose to do its by your choice and not because someone said I should. You will feel so much better when you take control over what you put in your mouth than if someone makes that choice for you.

    • kerlynb profile image

      kerlynb 6 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

      WOW, from 308 lbs to 181 lbs - that's an achievement! Congratulations! So setting goals and sticking to it really matter when trying to lose weight. Thanks for sharing.