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Lose Your Fat, The More Practical Way

Updated on May 12, 2011

Fat loss can not achieved instantly. If you are told that you have pills or methods to lose fat quickly, you can be sure that you are being taken for a royal ride. It is just not possible to lose fat like that without side effects and you should not be carried away by such advertisements or products.

Another foolish and dangerous advice you may get to lose your belly fatis that you should crash-diet or starve. You will not only not achieve the desired results but may develop several health complications due to this move. You may initially lose some fat but after a few days, your body metabolism will suitably adjust itself to your starving. Whatever you eat will be stored as fat by your body to maintain itself. In the same manner, if you stop eating your breakfast to reduce your fat, it will have adverse effects. Your body needs energy for its functioning and a major portion of this energy must come through your breakfast. If you miss this energy, functioning of both your body and brain gets affected and your performance during the entire day will take a severe beating. Another problem is that you will over-eat during your lunch if you skip your breakfast and this will increase your fat.

Experts suggest that for losing fat, your diet should play a major role and exercises play a lesser role. But this is not to undermine the importance of exercises because if you do regular exercises, you will have a sense of well-being and this is invaluable. Your diet regimen must be designed in consultation with an expert and your physician so that it suits your health. So should your exercises regimen be designed by your physician and your physical trainer.

Your diet regimen must consist of more of proteins because you should build more of muscle mass than fat mass. Proteins help in building muscles. Carbohydrates are needed because they supply the required energy for the functioning of your body. But you should ensure to get good carbohydrates that are got from fruits and vegetables and not those bad ones present in ice creams, cakes, sweets and foods made out of processed flour and white flour.

Likewise, you need good fats that are got from foods made from olive oil and fish oil and not those bad fats that are abundantly available in fried items, junk foods and processed foods.

Fiber foods are very good for your health and they supply enormous quantity of vitamins and minerals to your body. You should add abundant quantity of fiber diets to your meal so that you get the feeling of fullness more quickly and you eat less of the other foods. You can reduce the fat around your belly by eating more of fiber foods because they do not increase your fat.

Your exercises regimen should be a good blend of cardiovascular exercises and weight-training exercises. Cardiovascular exercises reduce the fat but they also reduce your muscles. So, you should do weight-training exercises to re-build your muscles. Due to a regular exercises regimen, your blood circulation improves and so your output and performance improve to a great extent.

Adopting the above steps may help you to reduce your abdominal fat and you can even go a step further and have a great six pack abs.


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