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Losing Weight: Is it Possible at this age?

Updated on January 26, 2011

Is it possible?

What do you think I weighed in 2005?  I had a massive stroke March 18th 2005.  I was told that I would never walk or talk again.  As a matter of a fact the very first night in the hospital, I'll never forget.  I was in the emergency room not knowing what was happening to me.  I woke up and couldnt move basically and the whole side of my face drooped. My husband immediatly called 911.  I ended up in the hospital and was bed ridden.  I realized after laying there for approximately 2 hours, I had to go to the bathroom.  Feeling sorry for myself didnt even enter my mind.  I'm not sure what I was thinking, just that I didnt want to be there.  I buzzed a nurse into my room, he came to me and i tried to spit out a sentence.  "Aren't you going to take me to the bathroom?" Came out the words, I know what they were but the nurse couldnt understand me.  I had to repeat this to him three times before he got what I said. 

He said "Oh I know what you want,"  he proceeded around to the back side of my bed and got a bedpan and layed it on my stomach.  He then swiped his hands a couple of times and said "your going on a bedpan from now one honey."  He walked out and shut the curtain, He didnt try to make me feel comfortable or tell me how to use it and gave me no toiliet paper.  I was left lying flat on my back in that ice cold hospital room, lonely and desperate.  Did I feel sorry for myself.. did not enter my mind.  i was so angry.  I threw the bedpan across the room.  I prayed

"Lord please help me make it to the bathroom"  I felt around the side of my bed and found the lever that puts the side rails down, I manipulated it and finally they went down.  My heart was racing.  At this point I havent even tried walking yet.  I said to myself, "Tinamarie, you know what you are doing?"  I grabbed my legs with both hands and tried to put them over the side of the bed, i got myself into a semi seated position.  I looked around, trying to get my bearings because my head still felt screwed up from the initial stroke.  I was dizzy, and seeing fuzzy, but I burned my vision to see the room layed out before me.  I saw an IV pole that was screwed into the floor.  I thought if i could just make it to that it would be the halfway point to the rail along the wall.  My feet were hanging off the floor by about a foot.  You have to understand, at this point I was weighing in at 385.  i knew if I put my full weight on that pole, it wouldnt hold me.  i knew that if I didnt try i was going to be beat.  I used my hands on the bed to push me off and leaned right into that pole.  i dragged myself onto the rail on that wall and shuffled my way into the hall and looked for nurses and doctors, but noboday noticed me.  I made my way down to the bathroom in the hall.  I got into that bathroom and did what I had to do.  The nurses were going crazy looking for me by now, it had been 45 minutes.  They found me heading back to my bed.  They said "Mrs. Matsil we were looking all over for you."  i told them that I did what I had to do without their help and to leave me alone.  After that night, i knew i would beat this thing. I lost 185 pounds since that day.  but I felt is was important to have a starting point of encouragement.  its a long battle, even if you didnt have a stroke, but I'm here to tell you... you can do it.   i will be posting little by little, because even after I lost all that weight I still have to lose 70 more, because i was at a standstill for 2 1/2 years and my story is  hard to believe if you didnt know me back then.  The only thing I could say is god really helped me.  I've been back in the gym for about 2 months and I have lost 18 more pounds.  I'm still on the track and I want to get in shape for martial arts training again.  So I think its possible..


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