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The Secret to Longevity Revealed!

Updated on March 10, 2012

Proper Breathing For A Healthy Body

Proper Breathing Helps Control Weight!
Proper Breathing Helps Control Weight!

Breathing For Better Health

Breathing exercise is one way to save your lungs from deterioration as we age. Here are two exercises that will turn your body into a fighting machine against illness. The lungs and the heart are two of your most important organs for a healthy body. Protecting your lungs will lead to a long healthy life.

Breathing exercise #1: Twice a day, spend about five minutes breathing in slowly through your nose, letting your belly expand as far as is comfortable. Then, while exhaling, consciously push the air from your belly, up through your lungs and out through your mouth. Now, after you’ve exhaled (but not after you’ve inhaled), hold your breath for a few seconds -- this increases the carbon dioxide level in your body. This is thought to be helpful in relaxing the muscles around the lungs to reduce strain and muscle spasm, both of which contribute to the pressure people with asthma often feel during exercise and even at rest. For the same reason, count slowly to five as you breathe in and to seven as you breathe out.

Breathing exercise #2: Now, to exercise the upper breathing muscles, again breathe slowly in and out -- but this time through your mouth, expanding and contracting your chest instead of your stomach. Purse your lips to make it slightly more difficult for the air to get in and out. And again, count to about five as you breathe in and to seven as you breathe out, and hold your breath for a few seconds after you exhale.

If you slowly increase the resistance by adjusting how tightly you purse your lips when you exhale, you will strengthen the muscles important to respiration and mimic the benefits of using an IMT.

Build to doing both of these exercises for a total of 15 to 20 minutes per day, taking about a month to get there.

Dr. Firshein, a published expert on Patient Health said it’s not necessary to consult your doctor before starting breathing exercises unless you have asthma or another medical condition that affects your breathing or stamina.

Enjoy the results.

Saving Your Life-Not With Drugs!

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What is Most Important to Your Health?

You Will Be Surprised With The Results!

Since 1967 Dr. George Vaillant the Harvard Medical School professor has dedicated his career to following the men of Harvard's "Grant Study," named after its patron, the once famous department-store magnate, W.T. Grant.

Harvard researchers assembled a team that included medical doctors, physiologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, anthropologists and other specialists.

What Leads to Longevity?

Is it Drinking? Exercising?

Your Mental or Physical Health?

Marital History?

Over more than seven decades, participants were monitored, interviewed and studied from every conceivable angle, including eating and drinking habits, exercise, mental and physical health, career changes, financial successes and setbacks, marital history, parenthood, grandparenthood and old age.

The subjects of the study were subjected to general aptitude tests and personality inventories, and were required to provide scheduled regular letters and documentation to the research group.

Many of the Grant Study men achieved dramatic success. Some became captains of industry. One was a bestselling author. Four members ran for the U.S. Senate. One served in a presidential cabinet. And one - JFK (we now know) - was president. (His files have been sealed until 2040.)

Some of the subjects were disappointments, too. Case number 47, for example, literally fell down drunk and died. (Not quite what the study had in mind.)

Most of the participants remain anonymous, although a few, like Ben Bradlee, the long-time editor of The Washington Post, have publicly identified themselves.

Over the last four decades, the lives of the Grant men were Dr. Vaillant's personal and professional obsession. In his book, Adaptation to Life, he wrote, "Their lives were too human for science, too beautiful for numbers, too sad for diagnosis and too immortal for bound journals" yet, more than 70 years of data and analysis enabled Vaillant to reach some broad conclusions that are relevant to us today.

We Can Now Predict Healthy Aging

He found seven major factors that predict healthy aging, both physically and psychologically: “education, stable marriage, healthy weight, some exercise, not smoking, not abusing alcohol and ‘employing mature adaptations.’ (Vaillant believes social skills and coping methods are crucial in determining overall life satisfaction.)

However, his most important finding was revealed in an interview in 2008 when he was asked, "What have you learned from the Grant Study men?"

His response was: "That the only things that really matters in life are your relationships to other people."

Your Personal Relationships are Critical to Longevity!

The Grant Study confirms what the wisest among us have always known, that a successful life is not about the grim determination to get or have more. Nor is it about low cholesterol levels or intellectual brilliance or career accomplishments even though these can have importance.

It's about human connections: parents, siblings, spouses, children, friends, neighbors and mentors.

Without them, life quickly loses its flavor, whatever material successes we enjoy. Lasting satisfaction is rare outside of meaningful, human relationships.

Look back at your life and you'll almost certainly find that the most significant moments were births, deaths, weddings and celebrations.

What are your most profound moments? When you touched others... or they touched you.

In times of suffering - loss, sickness, death - it is not prescriptions, formulas, or advice we seek, but the healing presence of another.

When we forget this - when we think only of ourselves - we choke the source of our development.

Real meaning comes from taking care of those you love, letting them know how you feel.

Fortunately, we have countless opportunities to give a bit of ourselves each day through a thoughtful act, a word of appreciation, or a sense of understanding.

As Dr. Vaillant concludes, true success "is more about us than me."

To your great Health

Bill Ribblett

Your Challenge!

I challenge you to involve yourself in this dialogue on health. I welcome your suggestions and comments. We can open a dialogue here that everyone can benefit from as we attempt to improve each person's heathy. A healthy body is a vital body, free from disease and energetic. We can all begin today to make our lives what we want most for it to be.

Dr. Vaillant on Aging


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