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Losing holiday fat,sticking with the routine

Updated on January 6, 2015

Losing holiday fat and sticking with the routine

In Africa, the Christmas period is a crazy period of eating, drinking and more eating. And most Africans do not even care whether what they eat is healthy or not. Adding weight is usually a sign that you are being ‘kept’ well by your husband. I am not against adding weight if it is healthy. Unhealthy weight however is a big NO to me.

Sorry, I digress. Losing all that unhealthy weight is quite simple. Go on a fast. I am serious. Go for about two days without solid foods. Just water. Lots and lots of water will keep you alive. However, if you are like me, the type that cannot go for ten minutes without chewing, draw up a schedule for workouts every morning and evening. And do not go for those strenuous exercise that you think will help, like pulling in a truck or something. Your body is not ready for that yet. Start small. There are some exercises that I like to call ‘lazy’ exercises. Like the ones you lie on your bed and just balance your legs for a while. I am no expert in exercises but they are there. Make sure you stick to the schedule to the letter. After all, they are simple exercises.

Also, after you eat, make sure you drink hot water later. This helps in breaking down soluble fat in you, so it takes much less time for it to be digested. Plus it is good for your youth. That is what my mama told me. It usually takes about twenty one days to create a routine, so stick to your schedule for about twenty one days. Usually, after those twenty one days, most people will drop some workouts. That is why I insist on starting on two workouts each day. If after twenty one days you skip workouts that day trust me on this, you will feel tired and lazy. Then you will realize your need to keep working out so that you feel alive and well taken care of. If you love your body, you will stay healthy, because you are supposed to be healthy. Otherwise, how do you guarantee your life on your part?

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How are you shedding off your holiday fat?

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