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Losing that sugar craving

Updated on September 24, 2012

Taming that one craving we all fight

Are you a sugar addict and need to give up sugar because it's making your life miserable? Well it's not impossible but it will take some work. Sugar addiction is real and we love it because it makes us feel good.

But first let me start by telling you what sugar is doing to you. If you have arthritis do you know that sugar will increase your pain. It causes excessive weight gain as we all know due the the obesity rate rising in the US yearly. It feeds cancer cells and although there is no evidence that high sugar intake causes an increase in cancer then why are there so many people dieing with this dreadful disease. Excessive sugar consumption will also eventually make your pancreas stop producing insulin and causing you to become diabetic. Sugar changes the way your brain looks at your consumption and eventually it is like a drug and your brain will say I need more. Sugar has had a negative impact on our society because it taste so good, gets you out of a morning slump, and makes you feel on top of the world.

If you don't think sugar has an ill affect on your body, then give it up for just one week and see how different you feel.

If you are really addicted to sugar and want to stop eating it, then you have to go cold turkey. The first three days will be like you lost your best friend and you may even experience mood swings, however once those three days are gone and you fill your diet with protein and good carbs (vegetables), you should be okay from there on.

It's not just refined sugars you have to worry about, but also the corn syrups, and high fructose syrup and added sugars to foods. You are really going to have to read labels and stick to a diet of protein, good carbs, and good fats in order to beat those cravings.

I am a totally sugar junky and if given the opportunity I will eat a whole box of chocolates in one sitting. I have to never eat it or I will binge like crazy for weeks on end. Yes I am a sugar addict.

Sugar addiction is real and it is almost worse than a drug addiction. Every year it is estimated that we consume 156 lbs of sugar and that number is per person. If you want your life back free from sugar, lose some excess weight, and help your health drastically you have to stop it in its tracks.

If you buy canned fruit opt for the no added sugar version. Anything white except for onions has sugar in it.

If you truly want to get rid of this addiction once and for all, you just have to stop eating it, ride out the cravings, and soon you will be free. However if you are a real sugar addict, not even one piece can enter your mouth again and I know that sounds silly but it is so true. Once small piece can send you over the edge again.

Love yourself enough to give your body good health. You will thank your self in the end.


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