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Losing weight the fun way

Updated on April 17, 2011

Weight is unfortunately a universal concern. In fact obesity is often the root cause of many illnesses and people are continually looking for ways to stay trim and look good not only to stay healthy but also to look good and feel good. We all want to look slim and trim but how many of us actually consider the fact that healthy is not about being rail thin but also about having stamina? Do we truly consider that quick weight loss will do more damage than good? Have you wondered if those pills you take every morning with your medicinal tea may actually be messing up your body's functioning?

What I did wrong all this while

Don't get me wrong. I've been down the road. I tried every kind of diet I could get my hands on. I ate supplements and vitamins and cut down my food to a bowl of grapefruit and yoghurt. I even tried the natural route of using a bunch of medicinal herbs and what not to get my weight down and in check. All of these worked for awhile, until I found one day that my skin has gone bad, my hair is falling by bunches and I simply did not have the energy to do anything I enjoyed. Like everyone else, I was blind to all this. I just wanted to be skinny and fit into all the clothes I kept selling my soul to!

Finding my way back

It took me more than 2 years to realize that I was harming my body by looking for quick fixes. I was always on two extremes. Either reading a million articles on dressing right and splurging on more clothes than my cupboard could hold to hide my problem areas or intermittently starving myself and overdoing every kind of diet that's listed. It took me awhile to understand and give up on quick fix methods of weight loss. I realized that the first step to weight loss is to accept my body the way it is and to feel good about who I am first. Then came the long and step by step journey of doing away with the habits of starving myself and focusing on being healthy rather than super skinny. I lost the pounds and I fit better when I decided to choose the longer path. Fitting into a size eight and being able to do my usual work without feeling dead tired, having shiny skin and glossy hair are all possible, if you choose the right path.

My testimony to good health

Here’s what helped me work my way out of the crazy diets and walk down the road to a better, healthier and fit me:

Firstly run from anything that says in a week, in a month or even three months. If you want to get healthy and fit, It’s a lifelong process. There is no quick fix that is not without side effects. Research and read reviews, you will know and I am sure you know it’s true, If you just take a minute to be honest with yourself.

Secondly, look for methods that are about healthy eating. You cannot do without food. Living off any one item in the food chain will not be the answer to staying fit. You need all the nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins and some amount of fats. Anything with carbohydrates and fats is not essentially bad. Eating smaller portions and drinking lots of water is your first step to healing your body.

Thirdly, do not neglect to exercise. You hate walking? Do you dislike the closed spaces of the Gym? Does exercise not appeal to you? Well you aren’t alone, but then you can find ways to exercise doing the things that you enjoy on a daily basis. Gardening can be a form of exercise, doing the laundry, cleaning your house, climbing the stairs, walking to buy the milk from the grocery store in your neighborhood is all exercise. Even playing with your kids and walking the dog. You need to simply spend fifteen minutes of every 4 hours moving and you have gotten half an hour of exercise into your day every single day. Breathe in and out while bending and take time out to enjoy the way your body feels.

Fourth, throw those pills, medicinal herbs, recipes and other thingamajigs out. You do not need paraphernalia like that cluttering up your natural systems and throwing everything into disarray. Processed foods, special cactus, berries, roots and stems are all good in a bottle on your shelf if you are looking at making a sculpture out of it. All of these probably have benefits in moderation. Green tea is good, have a cup. Don’t live off it. Any one of these things alone will not work and they are lying through their teeth if they tell you that these berries and plants will on their own do away with the pounds.

Use healthy recipes. You can find a million recipes which will tell you about the right oils, meat, butter, chocolate and lots more. Don’t abstain from your favorite food, change how you make it and keep a food diary. You may not want to tell the whole world what you are eating every hour but your food diary will be like telling yourself how you plan to eat and it will help you to cut down on what you know is not helping you to stay healthy. Resist and rewire your system to take in less and drink lots of water. Sometimes, its thirst that triggers those hunger pangs.

Follow these steps and honestly, wait 6 months. Your body will bloom and you will be healthy, pretty and energetic. Remember, it’s about being fit rather than looking like a rail thin model about to keel over at the first wind. Curves are back baby, so go ahead, celebrate being a healthy beautiful person!


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