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Lotion, Moisturizer, Butter or Balm? When to Use These Products

Updated on June 12, 2015

Lotion or What...

Which One When?  Lotion or What...
Which One When? Lotion or What... | Source

Which One When?

Using the right moisturizer whether it is a lotion, butter or balm can make a difference between having a satisfactory experience or a not so satisfactory experience with the natural product. While each of these products share many of the same ingredients, different proportions produce different results. The product texture is what determines its use in natural skin care.

It is important to use a natural product in the way for which it has been designed, especially for skin care. For instance, if you are looking for some protection for chapped hands before going out on a bitter cold day, you would want a thicker balm and not a watery lotion. You would choose the balm over the lotion because the balm has more body to offer longer lasting protection. The lotion would quickly evaporate and possibly irritate the skin when the damp skin surface meets the cold air.

Approximate Proportions Used in Lotions, Butters or Creams and Balms


The Amount of Ingredients Makes the Difference

A balm can be made from oil melted with the same amount of wax. A butter can be made with oil and less than half of the oil used in the balm. A lotion can be made from adding lotion to a balm or butter to get the desired texture. Some very plain balms can be melted and remade into a lotion or butter texture with the addition of water or some other liquid. It is possible to make a lotion thin enough to use as a spray.

Of course, when you are making your own natural skin care recipes and you are ready to move past the basics, you can think about switching the plain oil for an infused oil and/or an herbal infusion instead of the water. But fancy, schmancy aside, plain ingredients are so widely used because they work so you don't have to worry about keeping up with the Joneses when it comes to natural skin care. You can have fun creating at any level.

With the right ingredients, all lotions, creams or butters and balms can be fine with all skin types. A very watery lotion used as a spray can be both cooling and moisturizing on a hot day. With green herbal tea used as the main liquid, it would even have some sun block properties. A regular lotion is great for when you want a light moisturizer that sinks in quickly. Spray and lotions are a great way to wear a nice scent.

Skin loves Moisture


Sealed with a Kiss of Moisture

Butters are excellent for sealing in moisture whenever you have a few minutes to allow it to sink in. Waiting that little amount of time is well worth it especially after bathing and showers. The thicker the moisturizer product, the longer it will stay on the skin to protect and seal in moisture. Balms are great for dry, chapped skin in all weather conditions, especially winter when you want protection against the wind, cold and precipitation.

To make things a bit more fantastic is that you can create many recipes for lots of different purposes by infusing the oil and water or adding other ingredients. Next time you are shopping, try to notice which products are based on lotion, cream or butter or balms. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating your personal moisturizer recipe.


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