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"Love Blooms More Love"

Updated on December 4, 2015

May the light of the moon guide you home-

"Be Love"

If the time was ever, it tis now. With all the sadness visiting the homes of strangers and loved ones, world wide divided and the pouring out in angst, threatening whatever love we have built, in trust. Thieves amongst us all and they are not whom we think. A test of Will and courage is asked, at this time. To emerge from all who carry the light so brightly lit within them, to be the very life support for each individual touched by darkness.

Ill fury is destroying those whom have fallen weak and delinquent, acting out in desperate mannerisms. Clinging to their fears and tripping over lack of understanding. Delusional thoughts invading their precious space. Unoccupied emptiness is rushing thru like a tornado without consideration of lives that are being harmed by an immeasurable amount of hate, ricocheting back at the very thing that has caused this fate.

Evil has got our attention and instead of feeding it nor help it to grow we should stop and think for a moment- "How can I, one individual make this right….?"

“I pray- an intention prayer to heal what is dark in me. I pray for love to give me courage and truth remain within me always. The light surround me at this dark hour for time shall pass and for all that is worth. May you, "God" shine through everlasting light of love in serenity, whisper to every person a healing lullabye. Enlightened Peace for all, to grow in love, in light. Faith, shall it be my candle so I may see, in truth for all that is, by your Grace. As hate creates hardened hearts I do choose, to stand for purity in love for all, as love in turn blooms fields of more love to seed villages with plenty of warmth from the Sun at each new dawn. May I hear your voice cleaver as the day you made me through great humility. I come to thee with my whole heart in my hand offering exquisite truth, in being love.”

May all lives spread like seeds sewing great tomorrows. In this storm; I plant a seed of loyalty, a seed of humility, a seed of love. Blooming for all to drink from it’s nectar in a land meant for all of us not just some us.

“May you know the real meaning of loving thy self be true.”

  • Shanna


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