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A Psychic's View on Death and Love

Updated on June 17, 2013

Love is Eternal

What happens when a love one dies?

Love does not die it is eternal

I have counsel many people who have lost a love one, be it a spouse, parent, sibling, friend or pet. The one left behind is often under the impression that their love one is lost to them. Some might believe that they will see them again when they die and go to heaven. As a psychic medium, I have channeled many spirits for love ones who are feeling lost. This blog is to help those who feel that their love is not still around and that life has turned into the shades of grey on earth that speak of dismal ways.

Life Changes like the Seasons

A psychic’s view of death

Love is in a constant flow, which changes as the seasons, from birth to death to rebirth. We all go through this change, actually many times while in our own current life time. When a love one ascends from their body they will go to what I call the spirit planes. Upon their death they are greeted by love ones who have already died. There are also angels, spirit guides and their pets that will be with this greeting group. They are enveloped with such a strong feeling of love, yet they too must adjust in leaving us. This I have seen often when channeling a spirit/love one. Separation is felt by them, as it is by us who are left behind. As we are comforted by others, so are they. Often our love ones will linger around us, as they heal from the separation, and making sure we are capable of moving on. Moving on though is the primary key factor here, for it is a must for those in spirit and those still in human form.

Moving on does not mean they leave us, and we are forgotten, nor do we forget them. Our soul has been imprinted by them, and most likely we have had many life times with them. The moving on period often seems to perplex people, and makes them uncomfortable. It is in the phase that many will try their best to hang on to the spirit they have lost. It is this action that our beloveds have trouble moving on into the spirit planes. Our energy becomes similar to cords, which keeps them attached to us. Letting go of our love ones is needed. We do not wish to stifle their growth process or our own. This though does not mean we cannot speak of them, or talk them. There is a big difference here. They are in our soul, our hearts, and we will at times wish to mention them in passing or just tell them hello. The letting go process is accomplished when we have moved on in our life. We will still have moments where we experienced missing them, or just basking in their love, yet our everyday life is now full of meaning

Love is the Beacon of Light

Love never dies, but transcends to a different level

Love never dies but transcends to a different level. It is eternal. Eternity can be a mind boggling concept. To love someone through eternity sounds nice. To know you we be with them again can bring a sigh of relief, yet at times it seems like forever till we will see them again. I know, and have recently experience this. I missed my husband and wanted to be with him now. This does happen to us from time to time, but if we remember there really is no veil between them and us, it can open the door to communication. They can assess our dreams and sometimes send messages during the day. This does happen more often than not, but most people are not aware, or disbelieve an occurrence. You might wish to stop discrediting every incident.

We both are transcending in similar ways. We are broadening our circle of those we are close too, be it here or in the spirit planes. As we embrace our new life, those invisible cords we have unwillingly attached to them disappear. This leaves them freedom to embrace their new world. They and we will continue to grow our love through different channels. They are transcending, and there is life for them on the other side. It is vital that they get to have new experiences and discover new ideas. It is vital for both of you to have your own experiences apart from each other. This is part of the healing process, as well as post healing. It is exactly this type of healing that will make it possible, for you two to share this gem of love within both of you. This is the same with everyone you have loved, and who have died. It is this type of love that will beam outwards to others. You two have become beacon of lights. Imagine that, a beacon of love to be passed on to those you will meet, as well as those already in your life.

Transcending is a blessed event, and you are not left behind. They are not moving away from you, but occupying a different energy plane. The love felt between you two is the eternal cord of love, which will always be a beacon of light.


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    • Renee Abbott profile image

      Renee Abbott 5 years ago from Arizona

      I have met many people who have experienced their pets coming to them after they died. It is not a rare occurrance for a pet owner to swear the see, feel or hear the pet that has crossed over. For me, every pet I have owned has made some type of 'evidence' that they still exist. People have seen a dent in the couch beside me while visitng and thought them were crazy. They mentioned it looks as if something is sitting there. So yes pets continue to live as well..

      Blessings to you MsDora

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 5 years ago from The Caribbean

      "And their pets?" That's a new one for me. Just curious to know if we have received any information like this from someone who has already died. Just curious! It all sounds so comforting!

    • Renee Abbott profile image

      Renee Abbott 5 years ago from Arizona

      Never to you soulwriter. I been able to see spirit prior to kindergarden, and started helping people who had experience a loss in my 20's. I too was majoring in psychology, but my spirit group took me into a different route. Not an easy road for sure, but one of heart.

    • profile image

      soulwriter99 5 years ago

      I concur with everything you have said. Though very young and new to getting in touch with this side of me, I myself of also been in touch with souls passed over. It is an amazing thing to be able to help people in this spiritual manner. Being very focused on school, I have always thought helping directly pertained to educational attainment, but after coming in touch with these gifts, my mind as completely been opened to this ability to help, and I have realized this is far more special.

    • Renee Abbott profile image

      Renee Abbott 5 years ago from Arizona

      I am glad it comforted you Kate.

    • Kate Mc Bride profile image

      Kate McBride 5 years ago from Donegal Ireland

      This is a very comforting hub by which we can change grief and loss into hope and acceptance. Thanks for sharing it.