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Love Appreciate And Help Autism

Updated on April 6, 2020
Sehar Nadeem profile image

Mainstream doctors take autism as lifelong incurable condition. But many scientists, doctors and parents believe full recovery is possible.


A Month To Rethink Autism

I suppose if you are here, you know autism somehow, have a loved one on spectrum or some other relative, a friend's son or daughter. I believe this month is to dismiss misconceptions, to widen our knowledge, to ask questions, get involved and to do our own research.

Three years ago I did not knew what autism is. Two years ago I believed in mainstream doctors and kept running from one to other. One year ago I started doing my own research, I read every available book in my town's library, googled every autism story available on internet, connected with parents who were doing ABA, speech therapies and biomedical around my town. They all were struggling, heard more negative than positive stories but never lost hope, as I wanted to hear my child's voice by any means. This journey has taught me many lessons,made me brave, knowledgeable and to cherish each and every step of my son.

My son had miss diagnosed celiac disease, from 18 month till he was 32 months old. He suffered malnutrition and acute pains. At 33 months he was finally diagnosed with celiac disease and was put on gluten free diet. Later on diagnosed with Autism and Global Developmental Delay. Paediatrician told me, celiac disease and autism are two separate diagnosis but I always linked them together as I had seen my son develop normally until he fell into celiac and autistic category. I believe a mother knows her child better than any doctor.

In my opinion,every regressed Autism has an underlying cause. And if you know the cause of the sickness it becomes easy to find cure. It does not make sense to me when doctor says its genetic but it pops up when a child is 18 months to 3 years old.

Some mothers have underlying health issues, like irregular periods also known as poly cystic ovarian syndrome,endometriosis, some do not eat healthy in pregnancy due to strong cravings of a particular food,already messed up ecosystem,few keep smoking or drinking, history of autoimmune runs in families and so on. Children born with compromised immune system first get a shot of vitamin k on birth. Baby just came out in the world and he/she receives a painful injection same day, why? Where is hearing soothing music, songs, rhymes in pregnancy concepts goes? You have not checked the level, if there is a deficiency or not. You just did it as large studies has proved, it is not harmful and many children born with low level of vitamin K. Does this justify to give a shock to newborn immune system. Then few other shots follow up as baby grows. When we start weaning we feed lots of store bought stuff, yeasty breads with lots of hidden additives, carbs, juice drinks, cookies, purees, crisps, most having artificial colours and flavourings. Less kids eat seven or five a day. In cold counties they catch colds,ear infections frequently, resulting in courses after course of antibiotics. Antibiotics kill all bacteria good or bad. Most people do not know about using probiotics with antibiotics. After some round of antibiotic or a vaccine shot child starts to regress. After few months doctors diagnose him/her with Autism Spectrum Disorder. To those doctors we should show them the results of Organic Acid Test from Great Plains Lab USA and Complete Stool analysis. But I bet they will still say the messed up ecosystem is due to Autism. They will never say Autism is due to overgrowth of harmful bacteria and fungus.They will not help you to treat and reduce the yeast in your child. You will have to do it yourself or find a DAN, MAPS doctor. I Love my child and accept that he is different but at the same time I want to help him relax and enjoy every moment of life to its fullest like other kids. Unfortunately with a messed up immune system, with loads of toxic burden, fungal overgrowth, bacterial overgrowth he cannot behave normally. If you keep eating crisp, sugary stuff, carbs, fizzy drinks how would you feel? You are what you eat. People keep telling me they are unable to change what their kids eat. Its not easy. I know its the most difficult thing but just look at the prize you will get at the end. There is a light at the end of tunnel but you have to believe on it. If you google you will find many recovery stories and they are not lies neither were wrong diagnosis. Read Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Natasha Campbell. Go for Organic Acid Test. Our children deserves better life. Don't wait for some miracle autism treatment to come in 10 to 20 years. It will be too late for us and for our children. Be your child advocate, be your child own researchers. If your child is always constipated and he is in pain than there is a reason to it. If its always loose there is a reason. If every time your child eat and have soiled diaper there is a reason. If he put everything in mouth there is some deficiency, if he has eczema there could be hidden allergies behind it. My child have soiled diaper despite having a gluten and casein free diet, doctors said its normal but through OAT I got to know its overgrowth of a harmful bacteria also known as traveller's diarrhoea and simple treatment of an antibiotic for one week can solve the issue. Autism is unique and these kids are our sunshine's but if your gut instinct tells you there could be an underlying cause too then please do not ignore.

Does Therapies Work For Autism?

Once your child get diagnosis, the only advice you get is, find some good speech therapist and behavioural therapist to train him better. I am not against it but just think when you have constant headache, ringing in ears or upset stomach, or stayed awake most of the night and someone try to teach you how would you feel?

If you are a women you might have faced vaginal yeast infection at some point in your life, how miserable you feel with the constant urge of itching and burning and you end up with numerous anti-fungal creams and pessaries. Some babies develops white tongue and spots in mouth, they stop eating drinking and keep crying, after a visit to the doctor you are given an anti fungal medicine Nystatin to clear the thrush. That white spots and thrush is actually yeast. The overgrowth of yeast in small intestine of autistic children make them do stimming, open shut doors, bang their heads, spinning, biting you and harming themselves, not sleeping at night. This all is down to some reason, they are in pain, that fungal overgrowth does not let them rest. Many studies and reseaches have proved that yeast, also known as candida albicans, is in excess in autistic children as compared to neuro typical children. I would like you to observe your child behaviour closely, write it down and then research and find a good Defeat Autism doctor (DAN) also known as maps doctor, its never too late to feel good. Please do not start spending money by reading the reviews of some multi vitamins on internet or a Autism cure remedy. Also do not try each and everything by yourself without knowing the inner state of your child. I have done that and I don't want you to go through all that.

Therapies will work better when your child is happy, he is sleeping all night, he is not in fight or flight mode and most of all yeast/parasites are under control.

A recent study link is below to read in your free time.


Which Diet Is Best For Autism

If you are unable to afford tests, the best option will be to treat and control candida and meet nutritional deficiencies through diet. Gaps diet, SCD and Body Ecology are great for our special children. But there are few other complex issues, like research has shown autistic children have high oxalate levels which means gluten free nutritional flours and vegetables are not even good for them. Almond flour, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Spinach, nuts all are very high in oxalates. Many kids on spectrum needs low oxalate diet to perform better in life. So if you are trying everything and still it's not making any difference to your child you must evaluate his/her food diary with a professional.

Is Complete Recovery Possible From Autism?

I have seen kids who have moved to mainstream from special schools. They are nearly indistinguishable unless you know them previously. You probably have met some parents who say their one child is very stubborn, and they always have to give up in front of his/her tantrum. Or A child loves a particular character like peppa pig/thomas train engine and all their stuff like clothes, dressing etc are related to that particular character. They don't says they are obsessed,instead use "they love" this thing we should do the same. If a child is able to play with mainstreamed kids and can cope socially, take it as a recovery case.

Important Tests For Autism

Organic Acid Test:

OAT test is a way to assess the state of microflora. High levels of Tartaric Acid, Arabinose and other yeast markers gives an indication as to whether yeast overgrowth may be going on in your gut. It will also tells you about clostridia overgrowth, oxalates level, neurotransmitter metabolites and some vitamin markers like B vitamins.

Complete Stool Analysis:

This test will tell you which bacteria are in excess and which ones are deficient.

It will also tells you about mould, yeast and parasite situation along with leaky gut.

Allergy Panel:

It is also important to know if your child has some food allergies and to eliminate them accordingly.


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