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Love and Miracles

Updated on January 5, 2012

The Power of Love

“This sky where we live is no place to lose your wings so love, love, love.”
~ Hafez

How do you cope with stress, loss, and everyday challenges? Do you feel, process, and release these feelings? Or do you hold on, dwell, and are consumed by unhappy events? Did you know a positive, loving attitude may help you cope and overcome unpleasant circumstances? Are you aware negative feelings compromise health and overall wellbeing? Why not start today and begin this new year with a positive approach? Never underestimate the impact that love and positivity have in our daily lives; I truly believe LOVE conquers all by healing and overshadowing adversity.

According to a 1980 study by psychologist Albert Villodo of San Francisco State College stated that meditation, self-healing visualization, and positive thinking improved white-blood-cell response. Science has proven over and over how thought process, positivity, and love can create miracles .... take the first step today, begin with a heart full of gratitude and see your life transform for the better.

Love and Life, Love for Life, Love in Life, and Love is Life, are all ONE .... be grateful for everything you do and have, I've learned over the years how changing my attitude and working on my thought process opens Universal doors I never thought possible. Restricting possibilities is food for fears, and with fears diseases grow, unhealthy life-style begins and self-sabotaging behaviors shape our daily lives .... Let me ask you this, wouldn't you rather have infinite prosperous possibilities full of love, happiness, health? My answer is YES! It's a long journey, we never stop learning, by expanding our minds and hearts, we can attain the improbable, and overshadow darkness with light! Inspire others to do the same!

Today's advice: "Love freely, begin with yourself; love who you are including any imperfection you think you have, .... remember, we're all special because we are UNIQUE and ONE of a kind".

Thank you for reading, please "Pass the Blog"!

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