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Love in the Greater Reality

Updated on April 1, 2013

Live Your Art

Enter through the gate my friend,

you're on a path without an end.

Oh, it has bends, a center too,

and in the center there is you.

So listen to the song of life,

away from all distress and strife

and sing the longing of your heart,

make whole yourself, and live your art.

The Innate Artist

Who has not suffered the spell that cages love in emotional ups and downs and the frightening fear of losing what has become a safety net made by a mental construct.

As a collective we seem to be torn by charged emotions that trigger lust, jealousy, anger and hatred, ending in internal war. This reactive human behavior is like a seed that blocks its own growth. Are humans really too frightened to live up to the seed's potential and its transformational change?

Identifying fully with the seed as a single truth, we feel safe. While resting in the dark soil the human mind gets lost in the dream of plans and fantasies. Life experienced from the mind gives rise to the illusion of control and security.

The dreaming mind, as the cinema of our thoughts and memories, recreates a limited and suffering life experience. It is a movie that plays over and over again. Are we waking up?

Yes, when human senses are no longer satisfied by the illusion of the mind and inner loneliness creates an urge, a struggle, then the seed breaks open.

In the new expansive and subtle existence, the nurturing benefits of mindfulness flap their wings and air out the judgment of lost thought.

The tickling beams of incoming truth awaken gently our frozen hearts from the long and lonely dream.

Beating hearts to the present of the presence melt away all prison walls of expectation and entitlement.

Growing beyond the slavery of dual thinking, the innate artist unfolds and humankind becomes authentic through the beaming love recognized in the eyes of one another.

"So enter through the gate my friend.... as life in love has no end."

Being borderless, yet feeling distinct, guided by the presence of the All.

Article by Kati and Gary R. Smith


Presented by Emanate Presence

Music by Runestone (Secrets of Avalon)

Inner Worlds Outer Worlds

[This is an email received by Emanate Presence. Used by permission.]

Greetings Gary,

Thank you for sharing your beautiful design images.

To me the first seems to be of course an archetypal representation of a human's extended energy field. It is particularly interesting because at first it looks symmetrical, but it is actually a labyrinth just as our own energy is kind of a knot that must be navigated to reach a place of understanding. It is our asymmetry that gives us our uniqueness.

The images are exactly the sort of thing we send to ourselves to remind ourselves of our true nature and to wake up.

The others remind me of other archetypal vibratory patterns of chakras and energy unfoldings which usually happen hidden from our view.

These images have power and deep meaning - your Lao Tsu quote sums it up well. When the mind is finished with its questions, then we simply "know".

When we look at your art we see you too.

In harmony,

Daniel Schmidt and Eva Dametto

Inner Worlds was created by Canadian film maker, musician and meditation teacher Daniel Schmidt. The film could be described as the external reflection of his own adventures in meditation.

Eva is a sound healer, artist and was a strong creative force in the editing room as "Inner Worlds" was being created.

Together Dan and Eva were the Shiva and Shakti forces that birthed the film into the world.


'The Universe is You' was written in 1971 by Gary R. Smith and published in his high school literary magazine, Myriad. It is part of his path without end.

The Universe is You

Thank you, Hal J. Boyd, for sending your copy of Myriad.
Thank you, Hal J. Boyd, for sending your copy of Myriad. | Source
(c) 1971 Gary R. Smith
(c) 1971 Gary R. Smith

The young man photographed in silhouette above is my brother, Mark J. Smith.

He passed from this life in 1974. His story is told in Death Transformed - the Song of the Star-Gazing Wanderer.

The photograph was made in the 'wild area' of the gravel pits featured in the hub, Expanding Awareness for a Change of Heart.

Light in the Woods

Original photo used as ending slide in video.
Original photo used as ending slide in video. | Source

On a Scale of 1 to 10, Where are You?

With 10 being you live your art to the fullest....

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    • Ruchira profile image

      Ruchira 4 years ago from United States

      Love sure has its pros and cons. Usually the pros outweighs the cons thus, love is always in the air.

      Great post

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

      Beautiful and voted up.


    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 4 years ago from london

      Aloha, my Brother.

      I am taking a rest from Hubs, but still I am here to encourage your inspirations to us all. They speak of a lofty and sublime Way for the aspiring seeker.

      There was a brief piece on Mindfulness for Children on the news a.m. It was truly beautiful and evoked positive responses. They are doing this in about 12 schools now in London. It could increase. How noble!!

      I am a beginner seeker. I suspect that you are rather like me and growing fast!! Awesome recitation and Zenith-Pinnacle-Light words. My love to Kati. God speed!!