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Lower Back Pain a Problem for You?

Updated on June 4, 2009

Although the causes of back pain are numerous, the number of people suffering from chronic pain in the lower back is even more prolific. The search for pain relief to the lower back may also be a trial in vain.

Acute Low back pain associated with overexertion can usually be treated with simple stretches or the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which can be purchased over the counter, as well as giving the inflammation of the tissue time to heal by resting.

Although pharmacological treatment of chronic low back pain is often bilateral effective, it also often requires prescription drugs, and can cause significant side effects, including the reliance of most of pain medication prescribed to relieve pain, significant side effects and muscle relaxants often prescribed for muscle spasms associated with low back pain. Manipulation pharmacological pain often results in pain dependence on murderers and results in a more sedentary lifestyle, which often acts to worsen back pain.

Chronic pain can be effectively treated, in some cases, by using anti-inflammatory steroid medications, including injections of cortisone. These injections are applied to the area of pain using a needle, and often take effect relatively quickly, targeting only the area of pain. These injections can last up to several months, and can dramatically reduce the amount of pain someone knows. But these injections do not come without pain: There is evidence that injections of cortisone can damage tissue near the injection site, potentially weakening the back and predispose the individual to potentially more damage in the future. Moreover, since these drugs require the use of a needle for the administration, they are not for those who have serious reservations about needles.

Continued treatment of lower back and hip pain may involve prolonged episodes of low back pain involving physical therapy exercises to help strengthen the muscles of the back and reduce muscle spasms caused by overtaxed muscles surrounding a wound site acting as a support to maintain the posture. Strengthening these muscles may be effective in treating many cases of pain because it will reduce the strain on muscles. Another method for the treatment of muscle spasms involves the use of electrical stimulation of the muscles, in which a small electrical current is pulsed through the muscles. This pulsation may act to strengthen the muscles while helping to reduce tensions associated with muscle spasms.

Chiropractic care can also, in some cases, help relieve pain associated with back pain due to the manipulation of bones and joints. This manipulation can be used to place the bones and joints misaligned in place to help relieve the pain that is being felt. The manipulations are generally undertaken at relatively close intervals (usually days between treatments), and if successful, the number of treatments can be reduced. Several chiropractors perform different types of manipulations, and may work alone or in combination with physical therapists.

Another option for low back pain involves surgery to correct a physical problem. First spine studies are conducted, usually by using MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to determine if there is deterioration of tissues, and often after having exhausted all other options, surgery may be proposed. It should however be noted that the back surgery often involves lengthy recovery time, and studies have shown that the recovery rate among those undergoing surgery for low back pain is almost equal to those that elected not to undergo the surgery. If suffering from low back pain, it is useful to consult your doctor to try to determine the cause of your pain.

Often, the time to learn how your pain started can help you learn to overcome it. More specifically, if the pain is related to work, change jobs, or learning to lift correctly can help avoid the pain in the first place. Improve your overall physical health can also benefit not only back pain but also many other disorders, as well as to improve your self-image. Overall, the best solution for the management of low back pain is to consult a doctor to examine your options, and to focus on improving. Maintaining a healthy back will leave you free of pain and standing for the rest of your life!


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