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Lower Blood Sugar & Reduce Diabetes 2 Symptoms With These Natural Diabetes Treatments

Updated on November 20, 2012

Is Diabetes an Incurable Disease?

Depending on who you listen to and you believe, your answer will be different.

If you listen to medical and pharmaceutical community, you will learn that there are no medications currently available that could reverse diabetes. And this is true.

However, if you search deeper, you will find out about people who were successful at stopping and REVERSING diabetes using natural methods – mainly by changing their diet and increasing physical activity.

The truth is by making simple changes to your lifestyle, almost ANY disease can be prevented and reversed.

How to cure and reverse diabetes?

Diabetes can be controlled and reversed naturally by the following two things:

1. Diet

Everything we put into our mouth contributes to our health or sickness. With diabetes, adopting proper diet is the single most crucial thing that any diabetic person can do to control or even reverse this condition. Fasting can be often beneficial to speed up the recovery. Read more about diet for type 2 diabetes as well as about healthy food pyramid for diabetics.

Our bodies are not designed to digest all the processed, junk, chemically altered substances we’ve been using as foods for the past hundred years or so. Our bodies are unable to deal with this change in diet, and they begin to break down. Disease known as diabetes is one of the manifestations of this break down.

2. Physical Activity

Adequate physical activity is a requisite of health and strength. It involves the whole body, not just the muscles and is absolutely crucial to a proper flow of bodily fluids, hence to good nutrition and elimination. Lack of activity makes our bodies soft, weak, and susceptible to disease.

For diabetics, physical exercise not only brings down blood sugar levels, but also lowers the risk of heart disease, a common threat for people suffering from diabetes. This is because exercise improves the ability of your muscles to remove glucose from the blood: it decreases your insulin resistance.

If you enjoy working out at a gym, jogging down a road, or doing bodyweight exercises on the living floor, that's great. If you find formal exercises boring, find some other activity that you enjoy. Moving as much as possible exercises your muscles and helps to reduce your diabetes risk.

Diabetic Food Pyramid

How to Prevent Diabetes: The prerequisites of good health

Many elements that are needed to preserve health, with proper diet and sufficient physical activity being two most important but also probably the most neglected of all. Other elements include fresh air, sunshine, proper hygiene, rest and sleep.

We are a part of the universe and all objects in the universe operate according to natural  laws and principles that do not change. 

There is no truth in nature more positive than that the normal condition of man is one of health. “ Herbert Shelton

Our health is not subject to chance; diseases do not just show up out of nowhere. Our well-being is governed by universal and fixed natural laws, that we so frequently break hoping there will be no consequences.

The simple truth is that the result of law violations result in various disorders, and living according to these laws results in well-being.

The causes of any disease – including diabetes – may, therefore, be known and avoided.

Many people may find it hard to believe, but as any other disease, diabetes can be avoided and cured naturally by obeying the laws of nature, mainly by maintaining proper diet and getting sufficient exercise. Other factors may play a role too, but these two are by far the most critical.

Healthful habits do not cause disease and death. Pure air, pure water, moderate eating of wholesome foods, physical activity, relaxation, sufficient sleep – all these are not disease producing. Impure air, impure water, excesses of food, unwholesome food, excessive eating, lack of rest and sleep, inadequate exercise, smoking, drugs, etc., are all disease producing. These are two opposite ways of living – one leading to health and strength, the other leading to disease.

Physitians who think that if we live according to the prevailing habits – even if they are in violation to the laws of nature – is OK, will look for some obscure explanation of disease - germs, or viruses, but will never get to the cause of the problem.

Yet these truths are so simple that no one wants to believe it!

Why Aren't These Natural Diabetes Treatments More Popular?

You may be wondering why so few medical professionals are acknowledging these simple truths. Unfortunately, our doctors concentrate only on two things: prescribing drugs to treat symptoms and performing surgery.

No one is interested in spreading the news about simple, natural solutions, because there is no money to be made!

Another reason so few patients are adopting natural methods is they require effort on the part of the patient, and many people are just not willing to do it.

Let’s just for a moment consider what would happen if all people were to adopt the simple habits that lead to good health.

There would be no need for drugs – significantly or completely eliminating the need for pharmaceutical and supplement industries. Nobody would be eating the junk foods produced by countless manufacturers and eateries. The need for doctors and hospitals would be greatly reduced. We would be healthy and active through our youth, adulthood, and old age, thus reducing the demand for assisted living facilities and nursing houses.

Our bodies are designed for health and beauty. It is simple amazing what they are capable of if we just follow the laws of nature and not go against them.

What To Eat and What Not To Eat To Prevent Diabetes

Here are the recommendations by my favorite doctor, Joel Fuhrman, MD, from his bestselling book "Eat to Live" (find it on Amazon) that I recommend everyone should follow for optimal health.

UNLIMITED AMOUNTS (Eat as much as you want!):

Fresh greens and all vegetables, eaten RAW. UNLIMITED. 60-80% of what you eat should be RAW (or lightly cooked) plant food, eaten as salads, snacks, green smoothies, green juices, raw blended soups, etc. Organic are best.

Cooked green vegetables (unlimited, recommended 1 lb. daily). Spinach, kale, collard greens, escarole, dandelion, beet greens, Swiss chard, all lettuces and herbs, etc.

Non-starchy vegetables (unlimited). Broccoli, cabbage, peppers, onions, celery tops, radishes, cucumbers, eggplants, etc. Cooked or raw.

Beans and other legumes (unlimited). Beans, peas, lentils, soybeans (including tofu) and other. Cooked or sprouted.

Mushrooms, cooked and raw (unlimited).

You can have as much of these foods as you want!


Fresh fruits (2-3 servings). If fresh fruit is causing any blood sugar spikes, it's best to limit it to low sugar fruits, such as berries.

Cooked starchy vegetables OR cooked grains No more than 1 cup per day (cooked carrots, butternut or acorn squash, corn, sweet potato, brown rice, whole grain breads, whole grain cereals. Avoid breads and cereals.)

Raw nuts and seeds (1 oz. or 28.5 grams a day) or 2 ounces avocado.They are especially nutritious when pre-soaked or sprouted.

Ground flaxseed (1 tablespoon a day)

Non-dairy milk, such as soymilk, low-sugar preferred – maximum 1 cup a day, optional

OFF-LIMITS (eliminate completely or limit to no more than once or twice per week):

Dairy products

Animal products

Soft drinks, fruit juice, dried fruits

Salt, sugar

Soups And Green Smoothies Are Your Best Friends!

Drink your greens in green smoothies!   Learn more on
Drink your greens in green smoothies! Learn more on


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    • profile image

      Joy I. Michael 4 years ago

      Dear people its nice to see this page on the net to help people. The first process in all healing is to set your relationship with God RIGHT. You must accept you are a sinner and Christ did in your place. Then you need right food for your eternal soul called the BREAD OF LIFE which is the Word of God. Remember we are vegetarians first. Man brought death on this earth by eating the wrong food. To correct this he has added medicines. Medicines are not bad, but for profit they are horrible. The natural method is the best method. Natural juices made at home has an unbelievable body cell regenerating effect. Add daily Bible reading and you will be disease free. The TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE. God has made everything free. Email me for a free testimony at

    • amithak50 profile image

      amithak50 5 years ago from India

      Well,you presented nice information ..Thanks a lot

    • Aquatic Guru profile image

      Aquatic Guru 6 years ago from Goodspring, Tennessee

      Very good hub and I agree with you 100% I have gone from three diabetes drugs to one by losing weight , exercising and natural herbs. I feel much better! Thanks for the good information!