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Lyme Disease Again

Updated on April 18, 2012

Third times a charm, not!

It has been just over two weeks since I once again was bit by a tick infected with Lyme Disease. It is also my fifth tick bite this year already. Being one of those people who are always outside seems to be the problem and one I can't nor won't change. For those of you who have never been bit by a tick I'm jealous and don't like you. I happen to be one of those people that bugs love. Bees, ticks, mosquitos you name if it bites it will be attracted to and bite me.

So back on track now. The symptoms of Lyme Disease can be a bit confusing and I do believe each person has a variation of symptoms depending on their body. Obviously with the correct blood work it can be proven but you need to suspect something to get the blood test as you can't get every tick bite checked with blood work.

The first time I was bit it was back in 2003 and I was hosting a French student for the summer and I really didn't have a clue as to what I was dealing with. All I knew was that I had a tick bite right around where my pants hit my waist line. It was an angry looking site where I was bitten after a few weeks. It looked as if I was actually burned. The bite site just kept getting larger and after a while I could not even touch the site it was so painful. I suspected the tick but then thought maybe it was a spider and I was mistaken.

As time progressed I had overwhelming fatigue and nausea that came on. As another week went by now I had a bad headache that just wouldn't go away. Next symptom was a low grade fever that made me uncomfortable but didn't ever keep me down completely. So here I am hosting an exchange student, raising my daughter, exhausted and nauseous 24/7. It was not easy. By eight weeks into this malady my joints hurt and felt like they were on fire. My wrists hurt so bad I could hardly lift anything.

Luckily I started talking to people about all the symptoms combined, got my diagnosis and was put on antibiotics immediately. It took weeks before symptoms started to calm down. I was on a homeopathic treatment called Lymesode for six months to try to get the symptoms to go dormant. The antibiotics kill the bacteria from my understanding but it still stays in your system to some extent and flares up when the body is stressed. My Lymesode has come in handy dozens of times to quiet just those occasions.

The second time I got Lyme's was three days before leaving for Ireland on vacation. I knew within the second day what it was as the bite site reacted very quickly this time. I knew I could not ignore it and leave the country without medication. Same symptoms appeared just quicker and I became ultra photo sensitive. I got the worse sunburn in Ireland of all places and couldn't even drink a beer!

Now the third and most recent tick bite which I currently am dealing with. Just slight variation to this one. Tick bite was behind my knee and I felt it as there were two of them together, same day and removed at the same time. It was two days later that one swelled up as if it were a lymph node and got hot. I could not see it and so didn't realized it had reacted so bad so quick.

It happened to be warm enough to wear shorts when my plumber saw the back of my leg and mentioned the site. I then got a mirror and to my horror saw the red angry bulls eye mark that had grown large. I did already have some fatigue and nausea but thought it was due to extra hard work outdoors as it is Spring. Each day a new symptom arose as next came the low grade fever then the joint pain and even some confusion.

It wasn't till I was in tears by the eighth day that I called the doctor for the prescription of Doxycycline to be taken the next four weeks. I can tell you right now as I type I am spraying burn spray to the back of my hands as I am in so much pain just typing. The photo sensitivity is intense and I wore long sleeves, sunscreen a hat and my hands saw enough light to be burned. They are so painful that I can't put water on them or even have them extended out a car window without feeling like needles are piercing my skin.

I can't warn you enough to listen to your body. Run the symptoms by your physician and don't take no for an answer until you solve your issue. Be very careful this season as it was warmer in most areas and ticks are the worst I've seen them in years. I wore long pants, sock, boots all the appropriate gear and they still manage to get to me. Not much more we can do but we careful, check yourself often and watch out for the children and pets. Have a great Spring!


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      what is your experience with Lymesode? Care to share as I'm thinking of taking it but not sure if it should work? im hearing a lot about teasel root i wonder if you have experience with it?

    • karmicfilly profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Franklin, TN

      Thanks for the idea on the throat spray. I ended up gutting my aloe plant and placing the contents in a bandage and wrapping my hands with it. Amazingly enough by morning the wet gushy pulp was not like dry rice paper. All the contents had been absorbed into my skin. Another new fact I didn't know learned through all this.

    • SandyMcCollum profile image


      6 years ago

      I had no idea what Lyme disease is like, so I learned something here today. About your hands - get some sore throat SPRAY, the kind you spray into your mouth. It has properties that will temporarily numb the sore skin. I found this useful for chicken pox and shingles, also. Good luck!


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