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Lymphatic Research Discoveries

Updated on July 23, 2019

Looking into research on Lymph edema and Chemo treatments.

Lymphatic Research Discoveries

There are new studies to improve Lymph edema (also about lymph damage following Chemo and helping improve the patient’s disease itself). When a blockage of lymphatic vessels happens, this leads to fluid retention and swelling of the extremities. Leukotrine B4 (or LTB4) inhibitors help reverse the process of fluid retention and is used in a drug called Bestatin. This could well be used in cancer patients who have been under a regimen of Chemotherapy and a way to help them to overcome the negative side to this treatment.

BY targeting LTB4, it helps induce lymphatic repair. It is reported that this treatment has been used to great success in Japan for many years.The drug Bestatin blocks the enzymes that generates LTB4.

Lymph edema (LE) is a problem that occurs usually in arms or legs after treatment with Chemo. Damage to Lymph nodes occur in this treatment. Removal or any damage to the nodes brings about this daunting condition. The treatment of Bestatin has shown much improvement in patients undergoing this new medication.

The lymph system is a fundamental part of the Cardiovascular system. It consists of lymph vessels and lymph organs that help protect the body from harmful bacteria. They transport fluid from body tissues sending them back to the cardiovascular system. Lymph vessels are thin-walled capillaries which absorb fluids, bacteria and proteins that are propelled to lymph nodes and lymph organs that help filter and process the lymph, as well as help rid the body of bacteria and waste.

Lymph vessels and nodes work together to maintain a good balance and a healthy body. Lymph edema (LE) occurs when there is impairment to the Lymph system. There is a disrupting of normal body fluid. If the Lymphatic system is overcome, damaged or blocked, in an extended time period, the swelling occurs (called chronic edema), there is notable swelling in several parts of the body. The head, neck and body limbs are most commonly affected. This may lead to limited performance and activities in the household or on a job.

Lymph edema is a chronic condition that worsens over time if not properly treated. Much pain and a debilitation may result if not treated but if a person is educated properly, a better quality of life is exhibited. As many as ten million people suffer from LE and its symptoms in this country alone, two-hundred-fifty million worldwide are affected.

With proper treatment most are helped immensely and do not have to suffer as a result of misinformation or lack of research. New treatments are available, such as Bestatin, and this is proven in Japan and other countries as very effective. There are new answers in the field of medicine and better days for many are ahead. Be strong and read all that you can.

Also known as Ubenimex, or Bestatin, as its commonly used name. Some researchers believe it may be used in alcohol addiction as a medicine to help overcome this chronic condition. Long research has proven this medication has little or no ill side effects. It has been used Twenty-five years in Asian countries.

I’ve shared what my research has found and invite you to also research yourself and to check the side-effects, and if you or a family member are a patient who goes through this trauma involved with Lymph edema or Chemo-therapy, then it might well be worth your efforts to look into this important matter.


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