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Uncover Hidden Motivation: How to Eliminate Avoidance, Fear of Confrontation and Escapist Tendencies

Updated on March 7, 2011

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analysis

Wide Open Spaces
Wide Open Spaces

Esoteric Psychology MODE Of Cosmic Therapy: Letting Go!

What does it mean explicitly to become conscious of one’s own inner working motivation?

It’s a hallowed sacred deal but it’s inadvertently sacredly sensually artistically sexual, in nature. In a tenaciously raw sense, it means not to be identified with the outer personal activity in one’s life.

Oh! How frivolously stated, as if one could automatically flip a switch and the anesthetized unconsciousness, along with the subtle addiction/obsession would be removed. Not so easy.

But, not so difficult, either. To become conscious involves a pledge to oneself which involves waking up to a dimension of existence, not normally, entertained much less experienced.

You have been living your life as if on automatic pilot with very little interference, disturbance and certainly no elements of ascending clarity.

In other words, there may be another way to disclose more information for self-advancement, pleasure, but you’re not buying it.

Anyway, it’s probably way too involved, complicated, time consuming and boring! And, IF it means you have to give up the one you LOVE, absolutely out of the question. Who said anything about that?

What does this indifference say about you? Oh! Did I use the word indifference? Surely, I meant imprisonment which you interpret as happiness. In the short rows, it means you are pretty comfortable in your way of life and don’t want too many interruption to invade your satiric sphere of activity.

“If it’s not broke, why fix it, right”

Not that you’re interested, but the nonchalant fact that you are a breathing human being suggests that you are filled with lust of result.

Obscured by little inconsequential things like: what’s the meaning of life, what’s your purpose on Earth, why do you do and say the things you do, what is the reason for the circumstances you’ve endured, why are you attracted and involved with the people you supposedly selected, why do you possess such a need to cling, smother and influence others, and last but not least, what kind of real talent do you have and how can you use it to fulfill your particular destiny?

Any one of these nagging questions is enough to research, write and present a 5000 page dissertation on, should you be so inclined.

However, life is short and we need to get to ‘get the bones out of the fish’ if we’re going to eat a decent supper. The name of this tune to be named in 10 notes is, generosity. How can that be?

Generosity means to give liberally, over and over again. How on Earth can one discover, reveal, unveil, unleash, pop-out, deliver, expose, investigate, show, engage in, unravel motivation by giving it away?

You begin by ceasing to be an escapist. That’s right. You don’t hide anymore from the little aggravating grievances that tend to snare you from your ‘trail of self-hood.’ In addition, you don’t use someone as a cloak to mask your own insecurities.

Each time, you are driven off course by another trivial nit-picking petty disagreement; you are buried beneath a blanket of superimposed trifling strands of sticky gooey muck.

Instead of clearly maintaining a sound presence of serenity and lucidity in and of yourself, you must spend countless hours, possibly days, separating the glued, tangled fibrous network of junk you’ve allowed (invited) to capture you.

Notice the magical key handed to you. Don’t run from the petty arguments simply don’t engage your creative sexual energy in them. If you choose to comment, don’t identify with any of the conversation. Fighting, battling, arguing, trying to prove your point is NOT showing up for you life by default of distraction.

You may, at present, not fully understand, but you have grown somewhat comfortable in your misery. You are ‘used to it.’ Does that make it any less productive and non-meaningful to your evolvement? You were born with a higher vision of life.

You really have some exceptional ideas but have gone to sleep thinking it’s too much trouble to put them into practice.

Not so. In order for you to enjoy any real level of contentment, and sexual satisfaction, you must expose the repressed content of your soul’s intent. Of course, that involves some courage, fortitude, inspiration and enthusiasm but you have it!!!

The sun and the moon enjoy a beautiful cosmic dance because they each know their divine roles in the universe and provide the function without collision.

The deal is get real with your innermost needs! In other words, does 'what your mouth say' match the emotions of your heart's desire? If not, it may be time to investigate your current life's barometer. In order to realize an effective 'give and take' relationship, you must become a little more honest in your dealings with yourself, first. It's all about becoming natural and convenient!

Each one moves in a ‘natural and convenient’ order which does not interfere, complicate, or impede progress of either. Can you say the same? Can you give away the need to shine in spite of the conflicting scenarios brought on by diluted desires?

In other words, can you dispose of the addiction to the emotional drama you are so accustomed to provoking?

You operate on exaggerated fear, embellished vanity, overstated ego, constant lying to compensate, bickering for entertainment and a stubborn refusal to let go of the ‘sing me a tune of broke my heart sorrow on the banjo’ wrongs from days gone by.

I can see you now, turning the handle of an old Victrola pining away…waiting for somebody to turn back the hands of time when life was not so hard…you were not so old, unattractive, more sexy, less tired, fat, uninspired….

Remember the word of the hour: Generosity? Give these outdated notions away! In fact go through your entire house, closet, garage and do a thorough deep purification ritual involving the removal of anything and everything you have not used, worn or looked at in the last 9 months. Someone else could benefit from the forgotten but saved treasures.

Why clutter up your (love) life and mind with such old outdated rubbish of yesterday? Trying to lose weight? Ha! That‘s a huge joke. Whatever weighs heavy on your mind, and remains stuck in your life, will reflect itself on the scale.

Now is the time to recognize and celebrate the new season of a refreshing cleansing wind blowing through your town of mediocrity. It’s going to flat-out blow the top of the deadened roofs off!

Your physical body is literally being reborn. rebirthed, transformed from inside out. You possess an esoteric motivation which is propelling you to move into the new season of your life. More creative, spontaneous, sexual, free-spirited, youthful, fun-loving, artistic, less bitchy, attractive, and much more alive.

You are ready, or you wouldn’t have sent up so many unmistakable smoke signals from your teepee.

You WANT the ‘surge of passion’ injected into your veins as a prerequisite for deeper understanding of your current circumstances. In other words, the body must be transmigrated into another sphere of activity in order to withstand the force of change needed in the altering of atoms at a molecular level.

It’s all of matter of receiving and exercising the onslaught of innate talent you’ve been secretly holding onto all these years. “…become a new creature…” Paraphrased Certainly, you don’t have any objection to be experiencing more invigorated sexual sensual artistic activity, do you?

But, of course IF your prefer walking around like a crazed numbed out embalmed zombie, go right ahead. It’s your call. IT always has been.

Ascending Glory!
Ascending Glory!


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