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MMR and AIDS - A new natural immunity to AIDS discovered in Africa.

Updated on September 1, 2016
MMR vaccination
MMR vaccination
The argument.
The argument.
FIV - a healthy kitten
FIV - a healthy kitten
Healthy Lions - free of FIV
Healthy Lions - free of FIV

MMR Vaccine

The original development of triple vaccines was for altruistic and cost reasons, as required by the health authorities and, it has to be said, to secure a profitable sector of the market. I can only repeat that many, who worked with the development of the initial project and its subsequent expansion, were disturbed by some of the potential clinical reactions, which were becoming evident. Budgetary, commercial and political constraints, prevented proper, in depth, evaluation being carried out and published results of clinical trials did not seem to indicate a particular area of concern. Having completed the brief, the teams were disbanded (which was rather unusual) and went their separate ways.

My view and it has never been anything other than my personal view, is that sufficient doubt exists concerning the safety of the MMR vaccine, to warrant a full investigation into its possible contraindication. In the meantime, parents should be allowed to vaccinate their children with single dose if they desire.

HIV Drugs

What is interesting is the actions of some of the drug companies in the supply, or lack of supply to Africa of HIV drugs. My views on this subject may be considered somewhat controversial, but if you will bear with me I will attempt to explain the reasons for my hypothesis. One basic principle that many seem to overlook and one that has been the cornerstone of the development work is that viruses are intelligent pathogens. That is to say they quickly learn that in order for them to survive they need to both replicate and transfer rapidly from host to host or to mutate into a benign form and co-exist with the host.

Most successful pathogen seems to take the latter course, which ensures long term survival. Now the introduction of anti-HIV drugs, while offering short-term relief to the victim, stimulates the survival mechanism of the intelligent pathogen, which frighteningly quickly mutates into an alternative form, which is resistant to the drug. The problem is that the alternative form, the mutating pathogen takes, can be different from patient to patient and suddenly we no longer are looking for a drug to combat one strain, we are chasing a mutant that is expanding exponentially. It is well known that under controlled conditions, pathogens such as HIV, NvCJD, BSE etc. will naturally mutate into benign, non-life threatening forms. Regrettably modern society will not allow us to isolate those affected to allow the disease to mutate without interference and thus die away naturally as so many similar diseases did pre-modern medicine era. What has happened and is starting to happen increasingly in Africa, is because the infected population were denied anti-HIV drugs they have naturally begun to develop a natural immunity even in communities where HIV is endemic. The greed of the drug companies has unintentionally benefited the poor African population, albeit at a sad high death toll which could lead to the eradication of a threat to the very existence of mankind. It is, however, a sad fact that the drug companies will, still, probably make millions by isolating and selling the blood products from the immune Africans.

The truth of this hypothesis is borne out by the apparent immunity of the sex workers in certain parts of Africa where the AIDS and HIV toll was the greatest. By allowing the virus to mutate they have now developed their own immunity. I have no doubt that their blood and blood products will be in high demand by the Western drug companies.

The same thing has happened in the cases of Feline FIV in the big cats, they to have developed their own antibodies and cases have now dropped significantly.

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