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MSG and Aspartame ... Avoid It To Live Longer

Updated on March 19, 2011

Time is of the essence...

Each passing moment of time will never visit again. Cherish all moments that pass, make them valuable, memorable, historic, and productive. They will never return. Change you life? Change you life story. Nature is the Rule Of Life.
Each passing moment of time will never visit again. Cherish all moments that pass, make them valuable, memorable, historic, and productive. They will never return. Change you life? Change you life story. Nature is the Rule Of Life.

Working Together To Expose Dangers In Food

MSG, Apartame, and many other constituents have been found to be toxic to the human body. Although the FDA allows the population to consume this, they were aware it was in fact extremely injurious to the human body.

Most people feel fairly safe eating just about anything they see in the stores, or on TV. It's quite the opposite actually. What's Not Advertised heavily, is what you should steer towards. Fruits, Veggies, Whole Grains, etc. Whatever grows from the Earth is what you want to eat. Becoming educated in "What" is healthy, and "What" will sustain life.

The next wave of the future is Farm Co-ops. Where people of the towns pay xamt to the Farm, work there occasionally, and receive Discounts on the Produce. This way you can be sure where the product came from, and you witnessed it yourself. This is our only chance at gaining back control, and getting a handle on the huge problems we, as a Nation have with food.

It is imperative to patronize All Farmers. Otherwise, our own direct food supply is in jeopardy. The Farm Co-op Plan is being implemented all around the country right now. I believe it is the answer to the problems that have developed with our food supply. We need to keep it here in the U.S.

Our people need to be in charge of what we're consuming on a daily basis. There's no chance that another Country cares more than we do, or will. The information I am aware of, and forced to know about is extremely startling. To levels of life and death. This is not a money game, like many are treating it...It's a matter of Our Own Life, and Death! Our Sheer Survival depends on it.

We have to get this right, before we're too late. The future generations need to know what will enable the us to sustain life on this planet. In light of the monumental damage we have already done.

Keep your family away from things like this, so they don't become victims of the hosts of illness these ingredients create. Much research, and study has gone into the facts already discovered, and it is definitely widely known to cause cancer, and an array of horrible illness.

MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), Aspartame, are food ingedients that are not only not compatible with the human body...they kill. Don't be caught in the middle of the host lies the people have been told. It's not OK.

Please visit for up to date reports, and interviews on this subject. Mike at Natural News is very thorough.

This is a Sample email I send my family and friends

Please click the link above. Make The Time! It's critical.

I've known about this for a very long time...The proof is now out, and I cringe at the thought of being right again. It's a matter of life and death that you avoid these like the plague.

Since I am so well known as the "Food Police"....If I catch anyone I love eating this crap, you will be issued a Food Violation Ticket! I may just just have to kick your butt too! lol The prices of the Tickets has gone up to $90 per violation! There is also a certain dept. that does the COLLECTIONS for the Tickets issued! ((((((((((((((((((He He He))))))))))))))))))))))))

((((((((((((((((((Big Hugs:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Don't be caught by the "Food Police" Eating Any of this TOXIC CANCER CAUSING CRAP!...(all proceeds collected from those chronic offenders...and you know who you are!...will be used to buy Vitamins, and Supplements for the violators! they will make better decisions in the future!) Instead...Save...Your Life...Your money, time, doctor visits, and AVOID CANCER! BY......... LISTENING! :) :0

With Lot's Of Love!

Dawn :)

Change Your Attitude...Change Everything


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