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Main Stream Food Industries Are Not Your Friends

Updated on June 3, 2013

In an amazing report by blogger Patrick Mustain, many great bits of information can be gleamed. One of the biggest factoidz that sticks out, is the fact that General Mills CEO makes over $12 million per year (just for himself), to make sure you buy their food.

Notice that I didn't say he gets paid to provide families and people with nutritious options for meal times. Nope, that is not his job.

And just like General Mills, nearly all the major brand foods you find in just about all super and semi-markets, are full of items we call food, that are far from it.

The Facts

Now, while Mr. Mustain's blog covered some very important facts like:

  • Major food brands specialize in adult and children's psychology so that they can sell you their food.
  • Major food brands respond to consumer demands with different marketing tactics NOT changes in the actual food.
  • Many of the largest lobbying agents in D.C. are from food companies who worked to insure that no laws were passed guaranteeing that food would be at least 50% nutritious.
  • Major food brands down play the money people save by being healthy, so that they can up-play the price savings of bad food (which sends you to the doctor more often).
  • More than 88 of the most popular foods in modern grocery stores would FAIL the 50% nutrition test.

While all that is true and good to know, I have a few other facts that you might like to know about. Facts that might just save your life, and more importantly, facts that will change the lives of your children's children for the better. Facts such as:

  • Eating organic and heathy foods can keep you safe from "pandemic viruses" that seem to be sweeping over the world about every 6 months now.
  • Every item labels with "fat free", "sugar free", "diet", "caffeine free", "low calorie", "calorie free" or "enriched" have replacement ingredients in them that make them way worse than the originally unhealthy food items.
  • Industrial producers of food are one of the biggest polluters on earth, only beat out by the petroleum industry.
  • Malnutrition is the BIGGEST killer in the world, with obesity and type 2 diabetes resulting in more deaths than infectious disease, terrorism and homicide combined.
  • The human body is designed through evolution to instantly be addicted to sweet or salty tastes, which is why so many foods are overloaded with real or fake sugar and salt.
  • Organic foods are required by law to be labeled to show they are completely chemical, pesticide and crap-free, yet all non-organic (including "natural" foods) are not required to carry any special warnings about the chemicals used to create them.

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Simple truths about food

  • Healthy organic local food keeps you healthy in the short and long run.
  • Food is meant to bring you health, energy and longevity, nothing more, nothing less.
  • Meat is only necessary in a survival situation where nothing else is available.
  • Paying the extra costs to purchase local organic food can save you more than $50,000 a year in health costs. Double that for each child in your family.
  • Gardening and growing your own food is one of the healthiest forms of exercise physically and emotionally, and it's the only way to know exactly what goes in to cultivating your food.
  • 80% of the western worlds health conditions and diseases can be prevented and resolved by eating a proper diet rich in organic plants.
  • A proper diet rich in healthy foods is the best form of vaccination a person can choose.
  • For every recipe you learn to cook from scratch, you extend your life by an additional ten years.
  • Prepared and packaged foods are the biggest waste of money and health in the world.

Save Yourself

Interestingly enough, we didn't end up in the food crisis we're in, only because of the nefarious intentions of corporate food leaders. No, as easy as it would be to blame them, we all have a part in this sticky mess. If there were no consumers, there would be no consumer marketers.

Though since we are consumers and that is never going to change, we need to make sure we look out for ourselves, our friends and our families. Nowhere is it written into any official or unofficial laws that food producers must provide us with healthy options for eating. And really, in order to maintain freedom for everyone, there should be no laws like that. Instead, we need to ramp up education for adults and children alike.

We need to change the future for the better by continuing the revolution of food and eating. We need to continue to learn and share what we know with everyone, which is why I encourage everyone of my readers to jump out into the educational atmosphere of the internet and the rest of the known world to write, record and spread the word.



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    • BizGenGirl profile image

      Bema Self 4 years ago from Seattle

      Thank you for the feedback MsDora and BJJLakeway. I was worried I was a bit short on word content in this article. Though I suppose sometimes things are summed up with few words, right? lol

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Very good article. I especially appreciate the "simple truths about food." Sometimes we forget the purpose of food and we surrender to all the hype about foods that enhance our social agenda. Voted Up and across.