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The Truth about the right to Healthcare

Updated on July 19, 2017

What are we missing?

"Every human being should have access to healthcare!""Healthcare is not a right and individuals should prepare for life circumstances." I'm sure we have all heard that argument before. It sounds horrible to say that healthcare is not a "right" in today's world. You need only to turn on the television or youtube to find out the healthcare crisis we are in today. However its clear to say that many individuals have been looking at healthcare through a tunnel vision of falling in line with public acceptance of "feel good" rather than reason or logic. This has brought about a lack of understanding of the consequences of labeling healthcare as a universal "right." Making healthcare a "right" creates an entitlement mentality which will make many unfunded liabilities. We flew so far from rationally thinking of the repercussions of our choices to discarding personal responsibility at a individual and social standpoint. Unfortunately government involvement in healthcare has only fueled this mentality while increasing the cost by increase of regulations. Thinking of starting a pharmaceutical company? Good luck getting drugs approved through government standards while playing millions on top of that. That always begs the question, who continues to pay for healthcare?


Let's not virtue signal

The truth is that we, the citizens of the United States of America, are in so much debt and do not have the means to pay for it. Yes, you can swipe a credit card and worry about it later, but soon that bill is going to hit you eventually. Now Ive heard the argument of, "We can't deny healthcare, its cruel and a right!" First of all, no one is denying healthcare, although it is clear to say that government has harmed the process of providing healthcare services. The consequences of not being able to afford or receive it is much more systematic than many think. I could make the counter argument and say, "Well which is much more cruel, not allowing healthcare for all because of the systematic issue, or passing the debt off to our future children while also having the decline of care along with it." Many years ago charity was an excellent way of helping many who couldn't afford healthcare and was much more reliable because it did not affect the mentality about healthcare. Charity did not bring about the "entitlement" mentality towards healthcare. Many churches who provided these charities understood a budget, as well a individual responsibility. However we do clearly see that the price for healthcare has become heavily inflated and unaffordable. As i said before, this problem is systematic. The rise of healthcare is a consequence of over government regulation. What follows this root cause of over government involvement is a decline of a healthcare marketplace which leads to increase prices.

Time to adjust the goggles

In order to solve this issue from being addressed we have to first understand that the issue is systematic. There is no market for healthcare due to government regulation, thus increasing the prices due to no competition. The culture has also played a huge role in this as well by not addressing the root causes. The culture has now come to believe that it is a right and will virtue signal to death to anyone who addresses a counter argument. Unfortunately the healthcare crisis will not be solved unless we fix the way we look at healthcare. Its as much as of a culture problem as well as a government problem, The reality is that looking to have government solve this issue is as equivalent to going to to a business with terrible ratings on google. However we do not care to see this because of snake like words from politicians who are only seeking to stay in office. Government has its grip on us and has lead us to be dependent on it for care. Government's track record of solving social issues has had a pretty bad reputation. Perhaps its time to have a new approach. As of now, if we continue as we are, we might as well begin digging our own graves.


"How government solved the Healthcare Crisis"

Question time!

Do you believe healthcare should be considered a "right" or not?

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    • profile image 3 months ago from upstate, NY

      "How ever its clear to say that many individuals have been looking at healthcare through a tunnel vision of falling in line with public acceptance of "feel good" rather than reason or logic."

      Logic and reason can see that healthcare is a commodity that someone must first produce and not a right. To be entitled to the goods and services produced by another person is akin to slavery and no such right exists in the Constitution.

      You are exactly right, the idea that healthcare is a right only exists in the minds of entitled people who want the government involved in every area of our lives. Of course, we've seen what happens when government stops being a servant and become a master, you guessed it, TYRANNY!