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Make Home Remedies for Acne -- Get Rid of Acne

Updated on January 10, 2011

Like many people, I have acne. Stubborn acne. I have prescriptions and a drawer full of over-the-counter acne remedies.

I also, still have acne.


Acne sucks.

Fortunately, I have had a lot of luck with home remedies for acne. Especially those using salicylic and glycolic acid.

Salicylic acid in particular has been very effective at reducing the red cystic bumps that pop up every month.

Tea tree oil has also been helpful at preventing breakouts before they start.

Both are simple to try to actually offer some hope of working.

How to Use Salicylic Acid as an Acne Treatment

Salicylic acid is the chemical name for aspirin and is a potent acne treatment. Salicylic acid reduces inflammation and encourages exfoliation of dead skin cells that can clog pores. More importantly, salicylic acid penetrates deeply into pores which enhances its effectiveness.

Many over-the-counter products (creams, astringents, lotions)contain salicylic acid, but these products are typically not strong enough to treat moderate to severe acne. However, it is easy to make a homemade salicylic acid acne treatment or to purchase a medical grade chemical peel. Using stronger, more effective salicylic acid concentrations will result in almost immediate reduction in the number of new acne cysts, peeling of discolored skin, and reduces existing cysts on the face. Skin will also look brighter and healthier due to the exfoliation effect.

Here's how to make your own salicylic acid acne treatment.

Note: If you are allergic to aspirin or have been advised to avoid aspirin, then do not use this mask.

1. Purchase plain, generic aspirin.

2. Put pill in a small bowl and add a teaspoon or two of water.

3.Let sit for a minute to soften in the water, then grind the pill into a paste with a spoon.

4. Add in a tablespoon of aloe vera (this can be found in drugstores and is optional but soothing).

5. Add in a tablespoon of bentonite clay for a high quality acne facial (also optional, but it does create a nice spa-like beauty treatment).

6. Smear the paste on your face.

7. Let sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Your face may tingle or feel hot, but it should not be uncomfortable. If you do experience discomfort, rinse the mask off.

8. Wash your face and apply a gentle moisturizer. Skip other acne lotions or treatments to avoid drying out your skin.

9.Use 1 to 2 times weekly to prevent pimples.

Skin may be red after this treatment, but that will fade within a few hours. Expect to see some peeling of dead skin, especially over healing pimples. Be sure to use a good quality sunscreen to protect your skin.

If you don't want to bother with making the mask, a salicylic peel gel can be purchased and used instead. (See links below for product suggestions). The nice thing about using a premade salicylic acid acne solution is it can be used for spot treatments on developing breakouts or cysts without the hassle of having to make it yourself. Start with a 10% solution if you have sensitive skin and slowly work up to the 30% solution for optimal results.

Aspirin Acne Mask Video Tutorial

Make a Tea Tree Oil Acne Remedy

Tea Tree Oil is an excellent alternative to benzoyl peroxide, especially for acne suffers with sensitive skin. Benzoyl peroxide can burn and irritate the skin, while tea tree oil is just as effective as benzoyl peroxide without the side effects.

Tea Tree Oil astringents and creams are sold at drugstores, but are often expensive and either too high or too low in concentration. Making a tea tree oil acne remedy is easy, cost effective and, more importantly, gets rid of acne.

To make your own tea tree oil acne remedy you'll need, tea tree oil (naturally!), aloe vera, and water.

1. Purchase ingredients. Tea tree oil can be found at retail outlets, but the best price is usually online--one small bottle will last for 2 to 3 months (See below for the best online sources). Aloe vera is found very inexpensively at drugstores and water can come from the tap or you can invest in distilled water from the grocery store.

2. Make a 5% solution by mixing 1 tsp tea tree oil to 9 teaspoons water. For sensitive skin, divide the amount of tea tree oil in half. If you've already mixed the tea tree oil acne solution and find it too strong, add a few more teaspoons of water and try again.

3. Open pores with a hot shower or by tenting a towel over hot water to aid penetration of the tea tree oil acne remedy.

4. Apply the tea tree oil acne solution daily and leave on the face overnight or during the day. (Top with a sunscreen though for day use.)

5.If possible, follow with a glycolic acid treatment once or twice a week. Scroll down to read about the use of glycolic acid to get rid of acne.

Because tea tree oil is a natural acne remedy, it may take longer to see results. Give this solution a few months before determining whether or not it works for you.

Uses of Tea Tree Oil Video

Acne Home Remedies Video


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    • profile image

      Daniel 5 years ago

      No No No,Salicylic acid isn't the technical term for aspirin,it's acetyl-salicylic acid,and one atom in chemistry can make a molecule's property entirely different

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      I used to have acne problems but after using Tissue oil my skin is now very clear

    • william.fischer29 profile image

      william.fischer29 6 years ago

      I am glad to visit this page, and I will drop a comment with no doubt, because this is very useful hub. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sophia Heresford profile image

      Sophia Heresford 7 years ago from Ohio

      The aloe vera gel dilutes the tea tree oil and acts as a humectant to draw moisture to the skin.


    • profile image

      hh 7 years ago

      what's the aloe vera for in the tea tree oil remedie?

    • profile image

      get rid of acne overnight 7 years ago

      Great tips here for remedies. Also the salicylic acid is a great way to get rid of acne since it slows your sebum production. Only problem is that when you stop using it it won't have that much effect but if you use it constantly it'll help a lot.

    • Ben Zoltak profile image

      Ben Zoltak 8 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

      Interesting approach! I like your ingenuity and do-it-yourself mentality!

    • astrosurfer profile image

      astrosurfer 8 years ago from Canada

      Wow... I am so glad I don't have acne...

      Great Info though