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Make Exercise Fit in Your Schedule

Updated on August 6, 2015

A workout is something that you can fit into your daily schedule, whether it is for five minutes or 30 minutes. Exercise can become addicting and sometimes not even feel like a workout. The trick is to find the workout or exercise moves that fit into your schedule and coincide with your goals.

To get started, aim for a slow and small exercise plan and work your way up.

“Exercise can become a habit and your body will crave it but it takes about 30 days to do it,” says Gerad Cassello, personal trainer and sales manager for Chicago home fitness in Chicago, Illinois.

While deciding on how to start a workout you can’t resist, you should keep in mind what you want to get out of exercising.

“A person should always link back to what they are trying to do for their goals and objectives,” says William Smith, Director of Fitness for CAN DO fitness club in Princeton, New Jersey and part author of “Exercises for Back Pain: The Complete Reference Guide to Caring for Your Back through Fitness.”

Having trouble getting motivated?

“Get into something you enjoy as the glue to keep you in the environment,” says Smith. “Start with something that is challenging yet is manageable and have a reward.”

Think of the things that you like to do and make them a workout. If you like listening to music, why not try some dance classes? Like to play video games? Find an interactive game that involves some movement.

“Exercise can be as simple as a wii game or a cool exercise bike that connects to a video game,” says Cassello.

Or, something as simple as a neighborhood walk can even serve as a workout. Whether it is long or short, a walk is can fit into anyone’s schedule; whether it is simply walking from store to store during your errands instead of driving or an after dinner breather.

According to Smith, Walking is a cardiovascular workout and will get your heart rate up without you breaking a sweat and it will help to burn calories and improve your metabolism.

Andrew McConnell, a certified personal trainer at Robert Wood Johnson Wellness Center in Hamilton New Jersey, says that cardiovascular exercise, like walking, helps create a path to better wellness.

“It is good for your body and joints, gets you to breathe better and gets your endurance up,” says McConnell.

Additionally, grabbing a friend to join in your fitness goal can really help with motivation. Exercise will become more of a social thing and it will go by faster, according to Cassello.

“It is always easier to exercise if you have someone else willing to do it with you,” says Cassello.

Need ideas?

A good social thing to get involved in is kickboxing, martial arts or muay tai programs. All of these involve full body workouts and are a great way to get in shape.

“It works everything out, especially the core,” says Michele Leone, fitness consultant for Alter Ego in New York and fitness director for Eclipse Sports and Fitness in Greenbrooke, New Jersey. “It gives me the core strength, is fun and exciting and enhances the power of a female when you spar or hit a heavy bag. You just have to remember not to over extend.”

Smith recommends a functional workout.

“Functional exercise is a type that transfer’s over into daily living and improving quality of life,” says Smith. “My personal favorite is the dead lift.”

The dead lift, which Smith explained, is a move where you bend over and pick a bar or weights off the ground. This exercise works your back, core, hips and legs and helps with proper mechanics in daily life.

Yoga is another great workout and can help in relaxing you and your body as well.

“There’re many yoga poses that can be done anywhere at any time,” says Om Paramapoonya, a freelance writer and yoga enthusiast. “You could do reclining poses (twist, hip stretch, happy baby, leg stretch, etc) in your bed, right after you wake up. You could modify certain poses for chair yoga in your office. Or you could do breathing exercises while driving or waiting for a bus.”

Some poses you could try:

Surya namaskar or sun salutation-stretches your hip flexors.

“When I don’t go to my yoga studio, I do surya namaskar at home a lot,” says Paramapoonya. “It involves pretty fast but gentle movements, which my body loves. Also, it is both aerobic and anaerobic, so it’s like you’re doing weight training and cardio at the same time.”

Downward Facing Dog- works the shoulders and spine. An advanced position also works the calf muscles.

“I like downward facing dog because it helps stretch basically the whole body and strengthens the arms,” says Paramapoonya.

Reverse Triangle-works oblique’s, spine and back muscles.

Yoga is a great way to use the body and the mind.

“Gentle-flow yoga practice uses the muscles, the breath and joints of body in the gentle way that can have the same effect as a workout in the gym,” says Julia Ruocco, yoga instructor for Knapps Cyclery. Below are a few yoga exercises she recommends.

Warrior- Strengthens hip flexors, leg muscles and your core. “A series of postures called warrior strengthens muscles in your legs,” says Ruocco. “When you strengthen muscles in your legs you burn the most calories and it can be very calming when you find the balance between effort and ease."

Tree pose- Strengthens your thighs, shoulders, spine and core. A balancing pose. Ruocco recommends this pose because it helps you focus on the exact moment at hand.

Finding the right exercise for you

No matter which exercises you choose to do it’s important to pick a routine and stick to it.

“Make a wellness routine part of your daily life,” says McConnell. “There is a starting point for everyone.”

It is important to keep in mind what you like to do and match it with your goals. However, you should have manageable goals and focus on positive things.

“Often girls put on muscle and think they are gaining weight because everyone looks at the scale,” says Leone. “Instead girls should look at other goals such as, ‘am I not as fatigued?’ ‘Is my endurance up?’ or ‘Is my workout getting easier?’”

Finding the exercise that is right for you is important in establishing it as a habit.

“It is possible to not only become hooked but to actually want to exercise often,” says Tyler Koyle, exercise enthusiast. “When you make it a habit, it almost becomes a need.”


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    • Chris Achilleos profile image

      Chris Achilleos 

      8 years ago

      I like your hub Kimberly! Exercise is very important and we should all find some time during the day to work out, at least to some extend! Thanks for sharing this information, Voted up!

      Hope your are having a wonderful day,



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