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Skin Problems (Acne, Eczema) And Herbal Medication

Updated on August 12, 2016

Possible causes of skin problems

As many young adults or adults may know how bad acne can be when they come and go but never seem to quite go away. Changes in the body can cause this to happen and you need to know how to deal with it. There are many ways to go about the issue at hand and if over the counter medicines begin to fail then prescriptions might be the next choice. Some acne are mistaken for things like eczema and are then treated incorrectly and causing more problems. As said earlier that skin problem can have more than one cause. Changes in the body during puberty can increase hormones and triggering an increase number of acne. As you get older these problems seem to go away, though maybe sprouting one here and there but nothing noticible.

The human body is very delicate, any changes in the environment or food intake can cause a number of health issues. Our system is compose of many organs to handle different issues that may arise. The liver breaks down fat and other toxic waste we have in our system, like any other organ it can become weakened. Modern lifestyle and technology creates a different set of environmental health problems from polution, food, and radio waves are a few. The body is equiped to handle quite a bit but when it's being overworked it'll eventually fail. Staying healthy is important just as much as understanding how much stress your body is under.

The skin is an organ just like the liver, it has the abilty to purge waste through it's pores. This happens when the liver, kidney, or lung is weakened and overworked, the skin will excrete a crystal like waste. The skin is technically the last line of defense for the body, under normal circumstances it is a thermal barrier as well as keeping dangerous substances out. It'll stay moist to keep from drying up since it needs to maintain it's elasticity. Overall the skin is like a wrapper, keeps us from being a bloody mess and keeps everything underneath safe.

Eczema and Acne

Eczema is usually the result of dry skin, it can also be an allergic reaction to something as well. The skin start to have a rough feeling after a while and some might feel leathery and very itchy. Doctors usually recommend keeping the infected area away from water but some might find some comfort around warm water. Try to avoid too much water as the skin will absorb and might further worsen it. Medicine from prescription for this usually contains some steroids, steroid helps keep inflammation under control. Some people were prescribed prednisone which contains steroids and has many side effects and can be of great harm down the line.

Acne is a wild card for skin problems, the cause is unknown in the medical field. The sign of acne usually signals for a change in lifestyle, diet, or habits. There are no clear causes for acne, most medical professionals claim what you eat will not cause acnes. Most people do experience acne from a poor diet, lack of water, stress, change in environment such as moving to a different city. An increase in hormones can cause acnes, some women use birth control pills and has worked in clearing their skin. Different people with different results with different solutions, acne affects us all differently. From experience I would change my diet and my skin would clear, when I eat too much fried food I'll instantly have acnes overnight. This also happens when I don't drink enough water, it is especially bad during allergy season.

We're suppose to drink about eight glasses of water a day, most people drink less than half a glass. The environment is much more polluted than the past, the majority of the food is processed, increased in fatand sugar. The stress we create for ourselves has also increased over the years as we progress as a whole in life.

Herbal medication

In the herbal medicine world, skin diseases are all the same in a way they're treat but different in how they respond to the treatment. Most herbalist would recommend washing with tea, it is an antibiotic and it also possess plenty of healing properties. Simplest of a tea wash is using overnight green tea to clean the skin. The skin is designed to absorb as well as excrete. The modern world didn't see herbal medicine as efficient but modern medicine is derived from herbal. Another simple example is honey, which can be applied to wounds or used to relief allergies. Modern medicine uses plenty of honey in the chemistry of medicine.

The use of herbal medicine is just as important to understand it's use as much as modern medicine. If misused it can be deadly and cause illness or even death. Most herbal medication involves all the uses of natural materials, insects, plants, flowers, and also how it's prepared. Most preparations are straight forward where as some require the understanding of what chemical is release from which herb there by combining the next ingredient.

Some things that can be used are a mixture of chrysanthemum flower and lonicera japonica with sugarcane sugar, boiled together for about ten to fifteen minutes. Try to make about two litres so you can use one to wash the infected skin and the other to drink. When you wash, use a small amount at a time so it can remain hot as it's more effective, should last you about a week. This should be repeated for about a month, try not to eat beef, fish, anything fried, baked, or alcohol. Drink plenty of water and you should see signs of healing. You can also see an herbalist, they will give about one weeks worth of medicine. Instructions should be given to you by the prescriber.

Herbal medicine is to heal from the core where as modern medicine treats the symptoms, if the case is severe then you'll need to use both. You want to clear infected area as you treat the core otherwise there will be too much on the surface, the discomfort at that point is self esteem.

This article is for you to think about because of all the positive and negative results and lack of info on this but this is based on people with it and who had been interviewed


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