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Making Crystal Elixirs

Updated on November 26, 2007
The Crystal Ball by John William Waterhouse
The Crystal Ball by John William Waterhouse

There are many things you can do with crystals to assist in your personal physical, emotional or spiritual health. One of the easiest is to make crystal elixirs, which is a way of taking in some of the essence of the crystal or gemstone without having to swallow the whole thing (which could choke you or do worse). You can incorporate crystal elixirs with color healing or as a form of meditation. They certainly give you the power to help take charge of your health.

Does Crystal Healing Work?

Any form of crystal healing, drinking crystal elixirs or not, is only meant as a complimentary therapy, NOT as a substitution for the advice of a medical professional. The sight and touch of pretty rocks are very calming and can help you to relax. It can be argued that crystal healing only works as a placebo - but it can work if you believe it can. If you don't believe crystal healing can help you, don't worry about it and find another form of complimentary or normal healing. There's nothing wrong with you if you think crystal healing is a bunch of hooey. Just please don't make fun of those of us that do.

But for those who think otherwise, they have gotten some definite help from their rocks, gemstones and crystals. They say that crystals are like magnets for good energy vibrations (kind of like crystal radio kits that pick up radio waves). However the crystals help, they do help a lot of people. But you still have to take medicines, eat sensibly and exercise regularly.

Making The Elixir

You can buy ready made crystal elixirs from metaphysical shops, but what's the fun of that? It's incredibly easy to make crystal elixirs. You drop your chosen gemstone in a glass/bottle of spring or mineral water (your preference), leave it in for as long as you want, take out the stone (don't forget that part!) and drink the water. That's really about it. You have to trust your instinct to take over in the making of crystal elixirs.

Depending on your religion or healing preference, you can consecrate the chosen crystal or gemstone before you drop it in a glass of water. The consecration ritual is up to you. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. I have a tendency to leave my crystals and gemstones where moonlight can hit them for a month or under the three nights of the full moon. I then hold the chosen one in my hand and visualize a bright neon blue light around it. Then it's ready to go.

Choosing the Stone

This is the hardest part of making your crystal elixir is choosing what rock goes in the water. You need to avoid anything with mercury, lead or sulfur in it. If you are not sure what is in the rock, don't use it. The crystals from the quartz family are safest, as well as marble and amber (which technically isn't a rock, I know, but it's rock-like).

When drinking the elixir, you want to take into yourself characteristics or even superstitions associated with the crystal. There are many books, periodicals and free websites available that list what stones go with what sign you are, what you want more of in your life or what body part you want healed. Here's a good list by Darkwing, Birthstones and Power Stones.

Don't make your crystals, rocks or gemstones work everyday. They need some time off, too. Every few months, give them a vacation (depending upon how heavily you use them).


Happy little film by solitarwitch


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