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Making Time For Yourself In This Crazy World

Updated on April 17, 2017

Stress Is Terrible - What Are You Going To Do About It?

Not only does stress wreak havoc with your psychological well being, it has a significant impact on your physical health as well.

Our cortisol levels go up, which can have a huge impact on our skin, our internal organs - everything. What perhaps we notice most of all is the impact stress has on our muscles themselves. Whether we grind our teeth, hunch over a computer keyboard, or simply allow our stress to get the better of us, our muscles will get steadily tighter until we're wondering what the heck happened to make us so sore.

Then we get irritated because there isn't a soul around who likes to feel stiff and sore. We might lash out at family members or other loved ones because we are a huge physical mess. However, kids need to be fed, jobs need to be worked, and life needs to continue, so who's got time for pampering and self-care?

Here's the thing; if we don't make the time for self-care, our mental health takes a toll. If our mental health takes a toll, our physical health will for sure continue to take a nosedive. If that happens, you're no good to anyone, and we can't have that, can we?

Self-care can take a variety of forms, whether it's sitting quietly in your room, reading a book, taking the time to exercise, or having a hot bath after a stressful day. All of these are valid, and certainly, they all hold different appeal to different individuals, as they should, since none of us are the exact same.

One self-care tip that has been suggested by many over the last several years, and it's gaining increasing popularity, is that of psychotherapy.

"Psychotherapy?" you ask. "Isn't that for crazy people?"

Well, with a prefix like "psycho," there's small wonder why people would think it's for crazy people, but in reality, perfectly healthy individuals choose to undergo psychotherapy. It's a way of unpacking things that might be bothering you, so there's untold benefits to going through psychotherapy - simply talking about what's on your mind to an impartial party can be enough to unload some, if not a good lot, of the stress you're undergoing.

I myself thought much the same thing when I first started seeing a psychotherapist. I wondered if people thought I was truly crazy, or that perhaps maybe I was crazy. I had a whole lot of stress going on, and to be sure, I needed the extra support. Of course, when you're asking yourself if you're crazy - and I didn't know this til after I started psychotherapy - that means you're actually probably not, since you're aware of your thought processes, as disordered as they might feel in the moment. It took me a long time to understand that, and to wrap my head around the thought that perhaps psychotherapy was going to take a whole lot longer than I thought.

Psychotherapy can go a long way towards helping people understand their talents and strengths. It can also allow them to sit down with their "better" - or at least their "other" half - and find out how to work together for an improved relationship. It can allow people to discuss in an impartial environment the issues in their relationship while under the guidance of a psychotherapist.

And it's not just for grown ups, either.

Therapy For Kids Can Be Incredibly Helpful


The Benefits Of Psychotherapy

Especially in today's society, kids struggle a great deal.

There are the challenges posed by living a life through social media, which appears to be what many preteens and teens are engaged in. They are endlessly judged on how they look, how they talk and how well they do their school work. They may even be judged by how they participate in sports, or what group they hang out with. This can cause a lot of anxiety and depression, if they didn't already experience these before, and they may not know how to navigate those sensations healthfully.

Trained psychotherapists know how to help kids through these patches of negative thought patterns and help engender more positive ones in the individual child or children. They can help kids work through the grief they might be feeling over a loss, whether that's the loss of a beloved family member or a divorce, and help them understand a little bit better why they are feeling the way they are feeling.

It's not easy being a kid, ever, and the 21st century seems to be throwing even more challenges at our youngest people. While it is heartbreaking sometimes as a parent to acknowledge there are some owies that you and bandaids can't fix, seeing a trained psychotherapist can go a long way towards helping your kids or those individuals with young kids - or even older ones - to navigate the stormy waters that they might be dealing with with their children.

We don't live in a perfect world, and to be sure, human beings are far from perfect, but in turning to a trained psychotherapist, you're offering your child a shot at making mentally healthy choices for their own wellbeing. Sometimes Mom or Dad do not have the answers, or they might not be listened to because they are Mom or Dad. Having a trained psychotherapist work with your child so that they might better understand their behavior and their worlds better can go a long way towards helping your child get through what can be dodgy ups and downs of adolescence.

It May Take A Lot Of Work, But You'll Get There

Why Individual Therapy Is Good


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