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Making Real Lifestyle Changes for Real Health Results

Updated on November 7, 2019
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Meagan is a Certified Health and nutrition coach. She helps women transition into a plant based lifestyle with ease and confidence.

Transform your health

Changes that last a lifetime

I talk to a lot of people about food, (obviously lol) and for most making serious changes when it comes to food seems to be the most challenging. I find it confusing that so many are willing to get on yoyo diets and restrict themselves taking away this and adding in supplements and so forth. Yet when I mention eating less meat and dairy is the best way to lose weight and gain better health; a big red stop sign appears and conversation over. It’s hard for us to hear the truth, I myself for a long time didn’t want to face up to it either. We’ve been told our whole lives how important milk, eggs and meat are for us, how we need these foods to survive. This just isn’t true and worst-off Farming has become so commercialized and industrialized its products and processes have in turn has become even more harmful to our health and to the planet as well.

So many people are afraid of change, afraid to take chances and try new things. Yet no matter how hard you try change in inevitable. We as humans are forever changing, our home and planet are forever changing and growing as well. So why is it when we need to make real change’s we become so fearful and reluctant. The unknown can be scary yes, but it can also be uplifting and exhilarating. If you look back at your life, your own self you can see you have changed a lot. Not just how you look but how you act even how you think and how you perceive life. What you feel and think today might change tomorrow and is probably different then yesterday. It happens over time with knowledge and experience, we are forever changing.

We can not live in fear of making changes that seem difficult or hard, change doesn’t always mean we are giving up or losing something, yes of course it can be. However, focusing on the positive effect of your choices is always the best way to move forward, or move on. Sometimes we have to let go of things that’s are harmful to our well being, whether that means socially, romantically, in business or with in thy self. When we give up or lose one thing its because we’ve gained something in return, something better! I found this to be so true when I decided to live with out harmful processed foods which included animal products. I found a better way of living, eating and thriving.

As more and more research comes out, it is apparent that we as human beings are just not meant to consume animals as part of our daily diet. Our internal organs are struggling to function properly our bodies are growing at an incredible rate and diseases off all kinds are spreading like wildfire. This of course is also caused by the industrialized food revolution of prepackages and processed foods. That’s a whole other blog though!

There are thousands of years of cultural history through out the world of people before these past few generations who lives and thrived for centuries with very little diseases or none at all and long active lives. These people ate 90% plants sometimes meat for celebration or for flavor but not for nourishment. Everything in their diets were local fresh and seasonal, real food from nature and they thrived. The book The china study is a great reference if you want more information on the history of the healthiest cultures. My main point is these people lived longer without disease with skinny yet muscular bodies and often full mouths of teeth by eating what nature intended us to eat. Plants!

So I know your still not convinced to give up meat, eggs and dairy. I get it mmmm cheese! Im with you that was my hardest food to let go of. But really, I didn’t let go of it at all because I chose to trade one bad food for a healthier option. We are very lucky to live in this modern time where so many new options for living an animal free lifestyles options are available virtually everywhere. I still eat cheese just not made with milk, as well I eat or make a variety of other alternative foods. I may not eat meat or dairy yet I still enjoy burgers, ice cream, meatballs, tacos stir fry’s, pizza, cheese and so so much more.

Sometimes making changes for our health can be hard and scary but in the end you have to decide what’s best for you. Changing food habits, life habits what ever it is it won’t be easy, nothing really is though. If it was easy, would it really worth it anyway? Find the positive results that come with making changes no matter how big or small. Life is changing with or with out you. Try something new today and again tomorrow and change your life if you dare!


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