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Making the Law of Attraction Work for You

Updated on June 2, 2016

The Not-So-Secret

There is a lot written about the law of attraction. The main concept is that like attracts like. Positive thoughts produce positive actions, negative thoughts create negative results. In essence, we create our own reality with our thoughts. There are books, movies, articles, and videos all buzzing with this concept. Everyone has heard about it, and it seems pretty easy to understand. So why is it that we don't all have everything we want? Why can't I think about a million dollars and get a million dollars? I can visualize it, I can daydream about what I would do with the money, how it could help me, and how I could use it to help others. I want to create it, so why does it not happen? That is the million dollar question. We know the concept, but how do we put it into action?


How Does it Work?

If you want to use the law of attraction to create your perfect life, you need to understand that simply wishing is not enough. Certainly, wishing can be a good first step, but a wish is merely a hope for something.

Let's start small, for example: I wish that I had some coffee. That is fine, but as I think "I wish that I had some coffee," the idea firmly planted in my mind is that I want coffee, because I do not have coffee. The wish is coming from a place of lack. My focus is on the lack of coffee, not having coffee. So this is where problems arise.

The law of attraction is the theory of like attracting like, right? If my focus is lack, then I just attract more lack. My lack of coffee is my focus, so I will continue to not have coffee. Make sense? So to make the law of attraction work in this situation, I would need to the joy of coffee. I need to picture the warm mug in my hand, creamy milk and sweet sugar flavoring it just the way I like. Be grateful for how much you love coffee, how much you enjoy it, and the happy feelings it brings to you...then just let it go.

I think that this is where most of us get into trouble with the law of attraction. We try to create from a place of lack. I want the perfect job, because I lack the perfect job. I want more money, because I lack money. I want the perfect relationship, because I am lacking the perfect relationship. We look at our lives, see what is missing, and try to fill that void using the law of attraction. Many of us can tell you that this just doesn't work. So how can we make the law of attraction work?


Ask from a Place of Abundance

We need to see ourselves as abundant right now. I know that on the surface that sounds impossible. If I were abundant I wouldn't need more money, a better job, a different relationship, or anything else that I believe that I am lacking. It is difficult to feel abundant when it seems that we are lacking so many things, but if we are going to make the law of attraction work for us, we need to move from a place of lack to a feeling of abundance.

Focus on all the good things that exist in your life, even the small things. Maybe the sun was shining when you got up this morning. Maybe you remembered to set your coffeemaker so there was warm coffee waiting for you when you got up. Maybe someone held the door for you at work. Maybe you got more green traffic lights on your drive to work than red. Anything you can notice and be grateful for is something positive. Try to find something to be grateful for every day, as many times a day as possible. This will start to shift your focus from lack to abundance.


Change Your Vocabulary

The words we speak are very powerful. Think about how many times a day you say something negative about your situation. You may complain about your job, your boss, or your coworkers. You may tell your friends and family how terrible you feel or how rotten your situation is. While driving you may yell at cars that annoy you, on social media you may make snide remarks to people, on your phone you may text negative messages. These are all negative responses to your situation. Your situation may actually be bad, and your feelings may be justified, but if you hang on to these feelings they stick with you and breed more of the same.

Think about it for a moment. If you complain to your coworker about how bad your job is, it does not make the job any better, and it may bring your coworker down too. I am not saying that you do not have a right to your feelings, you absolutely do. What I am saying is that you should notice and experience your feelings and then let them go. Don't hang on to negativity. Find ways to say positive things, and your attitude will shift to a more positive perspective. And as we know positive breeds positive. The more you are positive and grateful, the more you will have to be positive and grateful about.

I know that this sounds simple, but it isn't. It is difficult not to complain. We want to share our feelings, and that is not a bad thing. It only becomes a bad thing when you focus on negativity longer than necessary.

Positive and Negative

Just as darkness could not exist without light, positive cannot exist without negative. We could not recognize what we want if we did not experience what we do not want. Negative situations exist to show us what we do not want, causing us to make a change. Recognize what you want, then shift your focus to positive ways to achieve that goal. Don't waste your focus on what you do not want or how bad what you already have is. Use the negative situation as a catalyst for change.


Set the Intention

As we said, the negative helps you to realize what you don't want. So decide what it is that you do want and set an intention to get it. That could be a better job, more money, the perfect relationship, or whatever you desire. It's up to you. Set your intention for what you want, and then expect it. That does not necessarily mean that you make a wish list, send it to the Universe, and then just sit back and wait for it, but that a wish list can certainly help. It helps you to define what it is that you really want. After you decide what it is you want, send it out. The Universe will recognize that you asked, but you will need to pay attention to what happens next.

Say for example that you want a new job. You stop focusing on how terrible your job is now, start being grateful for all that you do have, and decide what type of job you want. From there you set the intention for a new job. Next is where some people get tripped up. You need to do some legwork, like post your resume online, network with friends and colleagues, and share your business cards with whoever you like. But don't make the act of finding that job a chore. Don't kill yourself worrying about it, fretting over why you aren't getting called right away, getting angry when you hear that someone else got the job you applied for. That place of anger, anxiety, and lack will keep you in a continuous loop. Do some legwork, send it out, and in the meantime enjoy the life you have. Be grateful and happy as much as possible and the Universe will respond with more to make you happy and be grateful for.

That being said, the Universe may not drop an application in your lap, or the CEO of a multi-million dollar company may not call you begging you to join the team. More likely the Universe will give you the next step toward reaching your goal. You may get a call from friends asking you to accompany them to a job fair where you could find a new job. You may read about classes that could help you to become more qualified for the job you want. Or something seemingly unrelated can help you reach your goal, for example a friend could ask you to go somewhere with them, and you could meet someone there who can help you. These steps and signs are typically signals from your intuition. Listen to your intuition, it will never steer you wrong. It is the Universe's way of pointing you in the right direction.



I want to touch on the importance of intuition here. Often, when we ask for a "sign" or something we look for something very specific, but the Universe does not typically respond that way. Let's say that I want the perfect relationship, so I set the intention for my soulmate, including all the characteristics that I want this individual to possess. Then I wait, and seemingly nothing happens. After a day, a week, a month Prince Charming does not reveal himself. I get annoyed and decide that the law of attraction does not work, and I give up. The thing is that the Universe may be sending messages that we ignore.

Your intuition is your connection to the Universe, or your higher self, the Divine, or whatever you believe. Intuition will provide you steps to reach your end goal, but you have to listen and take action. Intuition can be very subtle, so it is easy to ignore. Listen to those subtle messages. If you get the inclination to go somewhere, do something, or talk to someone out of the blue, do it. This is often your intuition pushing you in the right direction. If you ignore these nudges then your intuition can't help you, and likely the law of attraction won't either. So if you get the urge to go to the grocery store, even if you don't need anything, go. Maybe you will run into a friend who could introduce you to your soulmate. The important point is to listen to your intuition and take action.


Vision Boards

Following your intuition is an active way of helping the law of attraction along, but there are other ways as well. Wishes without action rarely lead to great results. You need to be an active participant in reaching your goals. Vision boards are considered an excellent way to help along the law of attraction.

A vision board is a visual reminder of your wishes, dreams, and goals. This could be an actual poster, photo collage, or painting that you create. There are many wonderful resources online for creating vision boards. The idea is that you take pictures representing what you want and place them on a board. Put this visual reminder in a place that you will see it often, then look at it and imagine having everything depicted in the pictures. This serves as a visual reminder of your goals, what you are working toward, and where you plan to be.

I have created an online vision board by copying and pasting photos onto a Word document. I open it daily and visualize myself having all that I want. This may not be as effective as an actual vision board hanging on your wall, but it is an option for those of us who are not terribly artistic. Pinterest is a great example of a vision board on a grand scale. It may not serve as effectively as a hanging vision board though, because it is so large, but it is still a great to use for ideas.

What I have really found to be useful when using a vision board is not just the images you choose, but the feelings you get from those images. If you created a vision board with nothing but visions that made you sad, that board will keep you in a state of sadness. So your vision board should not be a reminder of what you don't have. It is more a symbol of hope and happiness. When I made my first vision board using Pinterest images I spent quite a bit of time choosing pictures that made me feel great. Just looking at them gave me the feeling that I was looking for. At the time I was having relationship issues. So I created a relationship board. I chose lots of photos of happy couples, doing things that looked fun to me. In each of the pictures the couple was smiling, happy, joyful, and looked to be totally in love with each other. I copy and pasted them onto a Word document. This took quite a while, but I enjoyed doing it. Then once I was done, I looked at each picture and rearranged them into an order that I liked. I filled one whole page and wrote "Romance" on the top. The next day I opened the document and looked at it again. The pictures made me smile, and filled me with hope. I didn't stare at it for hours, but I did make an effort to look at it and enjoy the photos. Amazingly enough, less than a week later my partner and I started to get along better, we went out on dates and did things that we hadn't in years. We really enjoyed each other, and I became much happier with our relationship. I have to believe that this was in part because I sent my wishes for relationship happiness out to the Universe, but also because I spent the time deciding what it was that I want, and allowing myself to feel happy and hopeful about it. Vision boards really do work. I am living proof!


The final element for the law of attraction to work is faith. I find this the most difficult step of all. I find it easier to be "doing" something to achieve my goals. I do not like waiting for the Universe, but faith is essential. If you do not believe that it will happen, it won't, because like attracts like. Lack attracts lack, and hope attracts hope.

From my own experience I have seen people who have total faith that things are going work out for them, big things that in all likelihood should not work out, have amazing results. I have also witnessed excellent students, who believe that they are not smart, fail when they clearly knew what they were doing as a result of their own self doubt. Faith has miraculous results.

Again, positive thoughts have positive results, and negative thoughts have negative results. Florence Scovel Shinn and Dr. Wayne Dyer have written in detail about this topic. I highly recommend reading their work.



Many people question the validity of the law of attraction. Some argue that it is not scientifically proven. Recently, I found a fascinating article about the law of attraction. Scientific research detailing the brain's response to the law of attraction revealed that the brain's center that focuses on intention is directly related to the center that controls action (Pillay, 2011). So it stands to reason that positive intentions lead to positive actions. Don't underestimate the power of positive thinking.

Can it Work?

It definitely can work, and many people have been using it for generations. There is no reason why you cannot use the law of attraction to work for you. So if you have tried in the past and had poor results try the following steps:

  1. Recognize what you want
  2. Eliminate negative talk
  3. Focus on abundance
  4. Set your intention
  5. Take an active role
  6. Listen to your intuition
  7. And have faith

I am wishing that the law of attraction brings you all that you desire!

Pillay, S. (2011 November 17). Is there scientific evidence of the law of attraction? The Huffington Post. Retrieved from


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      2 years ago from The Caribbean

      I have the same wish (of attraction bringing you all that you desire) for you. Thanks for sharing your insights on this issue. You made it very plain.


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