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Manifesting Money With The Law of Attraction

Updated on May 27, 2019
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Evie Sparkes is a published novelist, content writer, and company director from the UK.

Manifesting Riches

How to Manifest Money

Manifesting money, whilst seemingly much harder than manifesting a white feather, is actually just as easy. All things are energy and no one thing is easier to manifest than another. It's only our subconscious that believes it's not so easy, impossible even.

I used to have a retail business and without even realising, I as manifesting a good annual income. I felt it. I just thought I was a bit odd! If sales went a bit quiet, I'd just get a feel for them flowing in. I'd see my order list and it would have lots of new orders on it and I'd literally feel a woosh of energy that was my sales. The next day, I'd have some good orders, for multiple items and that would then continue. Each time it slowed I'd find the feeling again. To be perfectly honest, I didn't know what I was doing. It just happened naturally and it wasn't even as if I knew anything about the law of attraction back then. I just had this feeling I was making it happen, but at the same time I thought it couldn't be possible.

A Technique For Feeling Money Coming to You

I do this all of the time now. I don't merely visualise and feel money though. You can, but I chose to feel work coming in, more book sales, more money from ads etc...I find it easier that way as that's how I've always done it.

I have no desire to win the lottery for example. I mean, I have a direct debit and play every week, and it would be nice to win something but I don't have a yearning to win money. I like to make it from something I've achieved. It feels good to make money that way for me. Because I am not desiring a win, or random money to come to me in some form or other, my rational brain and my subconscious both believe I have the means to get money flowing in doing what I do.

This does not mean that you can't simply feel money coming to you with no knowledge of how that might happen. I did this once, many years ago as a test when The Secret came out. I manifested a cheque for £253! It came from a finance company I'd used to purchase a car with years previously. I didn't even have that care then, it was long gone. Evidently I'd over paid.

How to Feel Money as Energy

We think about things and often we also feel them. Sometimes it's such an insignificant amount of energy that we don't even notice. Have you ever thought about a person and they've called you? When you think about them, you feel them as energy and in turn they pick up on that energy.

Sit for a moment and think about counting twenty pound notes out into piles of one hundreds. Do this until you get to a thousand. Do this every night before you go to sleep for seven days. Feel the money with your fingers (the ones in your mind). Lay it all out in front of you when it's in piles and collect each one up, putting them into a bag. Put the bag over your shoulder and leave with it. You can be where you like. Just walk out of the room and shut the door behind you.

Another Way to Manifest Money

Just be still and feel money coming to you. feel it as energy and feel it gathering momentum. That's what I did when I had no idea that I was doing it. Momentum is powerful and can bring things in much quicker.

I didn't even do it for that long. Sometimes just once or twice before money started flowing to me. I was working part time with a full time wage. Even when my SEO slipped, I was still making sales. Of course I was taking some action but all of the action in the world can't make you successful if deep down you don't believe you can be.

Just Ask For Money Out Loud

This is the very simplest way. The thing is, it's very hard to believe we can get things simply by asking. We can, we absolutely can and I do regularly. I never bring money in this way though, only new clients and books sales. Again, I know what works for me and my mind just as you will get a feel for what works for you.

Do you need to believe or have faith it's going to manifest?

Not in my experience. All you need to do is to believe it's possible. You can even doubt now and again. It's all in the powerful feeling you evoke when you ask or feel.


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