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Call it Male Menopause, Manopause, or Andropause | It Can be a Funny Part of Aging ( What is Manopause?).

Updated on August 17, 2012

Look at that face.

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Do you find yourself getting misty eyed watching this?

What is happening to me?

Do you ever look in the mirror, look into yourself, and wonder what is happening to you? You used to be cool, have more energy, and be less emotional. This is a humorous look at getting older. This hub covers what happens to you from the ages of 29 to Manopause. And, after reading this article one should be able to tell if they, a freind, or a father is going through Manopause.

When one reaches 29 it is time to party like it is the end of world for the following reasons:

1. Those little injuries that used to take a few days to heal will now last a week or more. That pickup basketball game may have you limping for a week.

2. Those chili dogs, nachos, or hot wings you used to scarf down will now give you heartburn. Before I was 30, I could eat a couple of chili dogs then ride the roller coaster a few times, the Tilt A Whirl, and anything else and feel fine. After 30, be prepared to take some antacids just to go to sleep.

3. You will actually need to sleep for 8 hours a night. Forget about partying to 2:00 pm and waking up at 6:00. Well you could but you will act and feel like a zombie

4. All that beer you have been drinking will actually start making you fat and hangovers are no longer minor inconveniences.

5. Your hairline will slowly start to recede and your midsection will slowly start to expand. Relax, both are just starting to show, but you definitely can see what the end result will be (look at your dad).

6. You start loosing your game, be it in sports or with twenty something's. You are now closer to being 40 than being 20. You are not as fast, or strong, or as physically resilient as you used to be and forget about being cool. The old guy trying to pick up chicks is never cool.

No, men do not have hot flashes, when going through Manopause, but we do have the following symptoms:

1. Some commercials start to make us misty eyed. The ASPCA commercials are the biggest tear jerker's of all time.

2. One will actually cry during movies like Old Yeller or Marley and Me. Yep, I cried when Marley died.

3. We will actually admit that a baby or animal is cute. Look at that picture of the baby hedgehog.

4. We realize that Romantic Comedies or Rom Coms are not so bad. We also realize that we might be rewarded for watching them with our wives.

5. One will no longer feel the need to be macho in all situations. We are still men, but we do not have to prove it all the time.

6. One can be moved by simple events. I saw a Red Robin the other day, and my spirit was lifted because I know Spring is near.

In conclusion, some readers might ask, "What happens in your forties?" That question I will answer in another lens. Other people may ask, "When does manopause take place in your forties or fifties?" That depends, like most things, on the person. In closing, I wish you happy aging in an absurd world.


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