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Marijuana Addiction Test | Test yourself for Marijuana Abuse

Updated on December 30, 2014

Marijuana Abuse is more common than you think

Are you concerned about the amount of pot you or someone you know is smoking? As an ex-weed smoker, I created this page to help identify when weed is becoming a problem for you or those around you.

Between 5 and 10 percent of all people who try marijuana will become dependent for some period of their lives. I am one of those people. Are you?

Addiction to marijuana follows a similar path to other substances: Users generally start to use slowly and with control, but gradually become more regular, then habitual users. If you are dependant on weed, you don't just smoke for pleasure, you need to get high!

It certainly started that way for me. I smoked a little bit of pot in my first year of college. When I moved out of the dorms into a house, I started to smoke pot every weekend. It was cheaper than beer and didn't give me a hangover. It was a lot of fun to watch a movie and get high.

Gradually I began to smoke on a more regular basis. Rather than just smoking on the weekends, I began to smoke on weeknights with friends, then I began to buy my own bags so that I always had some when I wanted to smoke. I started to smoke every single day, and this continued for YEARS! I smoked regularly for about 7 years before I realized I had a problem. I made many lame attempts at quitting along the way, until I finally got serious about quitting a year ago.

It can be hard to admit to yourself that you abuse marijuana, I know that I kept it under wraps for years before I had the courage to admit I had a serious problem that deserved serious attention.

Go ahead and answer the questions below. Do you best to be honest with yourself and your results!

Take the Marijuana Addiction Test

Marijuana Addiction Test

These questions will help you determine whether or not you or those around you, have a problem with marijuana abuse.

  1. Do smoke marijuana for pleasure? Do you ever smoke for reasons other than fun?
  2. Have you structured you life around your ability to smoke marijuana. Do you leave parties early, choose not to go out, choose friends based on your marijuana use?
  3. Do you smoke alone?
  4. Do you worry about running out of pot and get anxious when you can't get more?
  5. Do you avoid dealing with your emotions, problems and or responsibilities. by smoking weed?
  6. Has your use of marijuana caused problems with your memory, concentration, or motivation?
  7. Does your marijuana use let you live in a privately defined world?
  8. Have you tried to cut back or quit smoking pot before and failed?
  9. Have your friends or family expressed concern about your lifestyle or pot use?
  10. Do you ever substitute another substance, like alcohol, when weed is not around?

How did you score?

What was your score?

Answering yes to a number of these questions could mean you are struggling with an addiction to marijuana.

I know that in my experience ALL of these applied, but the ones that were most prevalents were that I:

  • Smoked alone (Wake and Bake anyone)
  • Got really antsy when I was about to run out, and would go out of my way to get it.
  • Began to hang out exclusively with stoners, because getting high any time was acceptable to everyone.


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