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Marijuana Addiction Test | Test yourself for Marijuana Abuse

Updated on December 30, 2014

Marijuana Abuse is more common than you think

Are you concerned about the amount of pot you or someone you know is smoking? As an ex-weed smoker, I created this page to help identify when weed is becoming a problem for you or those around you.

Between 5 and 10 percent of all people who try marijuana will become dependent for some period of their lives. I am one of those people. Are you?

Addiction to marijuana follows a similar path to other substances: Users generally start to use slowly and with control, but gradually become more regular, then habitual users. If you are dependant on weed, you don't just smoke for pleasure, you need to get high!

It certainly started that way for me. I smoked a little bit of pot in my first year of college. When I moved out of the dorms into a house, I started to smoke pot every weekend. It was cheaper than beer and didn't give me a hangover. It was a lot of fun to watch a movie and get high.

Gradually I began to smoke on a more regular basis. Rather than just smoking on the weekends, I began to smoke on weeknights with friends, then I began to buy my own bags so that I always had some when I wanted to smoke. I started to smoke every single day, and this continued for YEARS! I smoked regularly for about 7 years before I realized I had a problem. I made many lame attempts at quitting along the way, until I finally got serious about quitting a year ago.

It can be hard to admit to yourself that you abuse marijuana, I know that I kept it under wraps for years before I had the courage to admit I had a serious problem that deserved serious attention.

Go ahead and answer the questions below. Do you best to be honest with yourself and your results!

Take the Marijuana Addiction Test

Marijuana Addiction Test

These questions will help you determine whether or not you or those around you, have a problem with marijuana abuse.

  1. Do smoke marijuana for pleasure? Do you ever smoke for reasons other than fun?
  2. Have you structured you life around your ability to smoke marijuana. Do you leave parties early, choose not to go out, choose friends based on your marijuana use?
  3. Do you smoke alone?
  4. Do you worry about running out of pot and get anxious when you can't get more?
  5. Do you avoid dealing with your emotions, problems and or responsibilities. by smoking weed?
  6. Has your use of marijuana caused problems with your memory, concentration, or motivation?
  7. Does your marijuana use let you live in a privately defined world?
  8. Have you tried to cut back or quit smoking pot before and failed?
  9. Have your friends or family expressed concern about your lifestyle or pot use?
  10. Do you ever substitute another substance, like alcohol, when weed is not around?

How did you score?

What was your score?

Answering yes to a number of these questions could mean you are struggling with an addiction to marijuana.

I know that in my experience ALL of these applied, but the ones that were most prevalents were that I:

  • Smoked alone (Wake and Bake anyone)
  • Got really antsy when I was about to run out, and would go out of my way to get it.
  • Began to hang out exclusively with stoners, because getting high any time was acceptable to everyone.


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    • profile image

      Braink 3 years ago

      Know how to now be addicted to marijuana? Don't be a dumb****. I had a marijuana addiction until I realized tht all i have to do is kinda like reactivate my brain after i smoke a quad or so in a week. I smoke 3-10 times a day when I have it. I've never had a reliable dealer in my life, so sometimes quitting is the only option. I only recently figured out how to not have withdrawls. First of all, marijuana is hardly a stress reliever at all for me. Getting my shit done is the only thing tht clears my mind. All I can say really is just keep busy, play video games, get shit done, and you will be moderately satisfied with life without weed.

    • profile image

      NoName 3 years ago

      Some people get addicted. I am one of them. I am 42 and have been smoking for 20 years. I have quit for various periods, but always seem to go back. It is always the same. I can seem to control it for awhile, but it always ends up the same way. I will eventually begin smoking all day, everyday. I will tell myself I will only smoke after work, but end up puffing in the morning I the way to work, and will smoke all day if I can. When I run out, I will run down the list of connections until I can finally score some. I will go waaaaay out of the way to find some, and seriously stress when I cannot hook up. You can say I am weak willed or whatever, and I will not disagree. But I know many people like me. I currently haven't smoked in a week, but only because I haven't been able to get any.

      Don't get me wrong, I loooovve getting high. I think it should be legal. Many of my friends can smoke everyday for awhile and then not. They can take it or leave it. But I know a lot of people like myself. It sucks. I wish I could take it or leave it, but I can't.

      It CAN become a serious problem. It's not like heroin, I don't get through crazy withdrawals,but I feel very uncomfortable, stressed, and agitated without it. After about a week or so I can deal, and am okay without it, but I still want to smoke.

      I posted this just as an FYI. There are many people like me. You CAN get addicted to it.

    • profile image

      Johnb526 3 years ago

      Hmm it looks like your site ate my first comment it was extremely bdeeecbkdgbg

    • Brock Pfeifle profile image

      Brock Pfeifle 3 years ago

      I highly disagree with this post. I have severe anxiety, depression, adhd, I'm schizo-Affective, and I started smoking instead of taking prescription meds, because of the damage they were causing me. I will have a tick that is extremely annoying for the rest of my life all because of some medicine that didn't do shit. Now marijuana, Yes I get anxiety when I'm running low, but so do people who are running low on their medications for anxiety, depression and any mental illness. You obviously have no medical background and just wanted to get some internet fame and make a bullshit test about being an addict just because you're weak minded and couldn't control yourself. You see, when I'm stoned, I want to go out into the world and be someone, I want to go have fun. How many addicts do you see that want to actually be someone when they're stoned? When I have none, I feel nothing. Literally. I have no feelings. I have no care. I can hold a job better when I'm high, I can keep my appointments when I'm high. I can live my life so much better when I'm high vs being sober. I don't drink at all, I've never had an addictive personality. Addiction is a word that is so widely used that the actual definition of it is not used how it's suppose to be used. If people actually thought about an addiction, they'd realize that having an addiction is a lot more common than people think. If you have to have your coffee every morning, that's an addiction. Coffee changes your state of mind. Sugar, if you need your candy bar at lunch or your can of soda at dinner, that's an addiction. If you must go through life with something that is not a necessity for survival, you have an addiction problem. Did you know there's such thing as Email Apnea? People get so addicted to sending emails, they forget to breath. I'm pretty sure that's a bit more dangerous than smoking some pot to feel good about life and yourself.

    • profile image

      KarlMark 3 years ago

      I've always believed that those that lack interlect are the ones who are the most ignorant. Which brings me on to question the analysis of the above post from 'smoke weed everyday' (who, it would seem probably failed english at school), firstly you must be a bit slow because by the very nature of your nickname you obviously enjoy smoking weed, my question is, have you ever tried to quit and if so for how long?

      Sure people like yourself will say there is no need to quit, that you enjoy it too much, that you're not hurting anyone. Sounds very familiar to me since I used those same excuses for 10 years.

      You see cannabis is addictive, not physically of course, nobody who quits weed will ever experience what heroin addicts do when going cold turkey and thank goodness we don't.

      The truth is for a very small minority of us, those like me with an addictive personality smoking weed is as addictive as smoking or drinking. The trouble is most of us will socialise with other pot smokers who also smoke very regulary, thus enforcing our own belief that 'hey everything is fine', but it isn't. I'm not saying that everyone that smokes weed is addicted of course their not.

      But I've stolen hundreds of pounds from family members, I've lied numerous times to my fiancée and I've sat through panick attacks when I haven't been able to get high. Each of these points to one thing, a mental addiction. I've forgotten how to enjoy myself without weed, how to relax in the evening and to smile or laugh without a joint in my hand.

      I've not smoked now for almost 4 months, and all I ever think about everyday is weed, I have even dreamnt about it.

      The truth is, if your sat behind your computer smoking dope, and it's your fourth or fith joint of the day, and you're thinking about getting your next bag of weed. Don't sit there and try and patronise those of us who undertand what that means. Don't fool yourself into thinking you're ammune or that you aren't addicted. Because you are, maybe only a little, and hey perhaps you can just kick it whenever you want, all I can say to that is I wish I could.

    • profile image

      smoke weed everyday 3 years ago

      Worst article ever! weed is not addictive. this was more then lkely written by an anti drug d-bag trying to make weed look bad. weed is not to blame for those behaviors, that's all on tbe person not the plant.

    • profile image

      25 year old lady 3 years ago

      Right now it's 1am and I can't sleep...

      I actually stumbled across this article after Googling "can quitting weed cause insomnia" because after 25 years of being hell bent against pot use, for the past 6 months I've been smoking realistically 3 days a week (a little more frequent the past month due to graduating college with a 4.13 GPA)

      I remember the first time I tried I was almost in tears for the thing I was so against for all those years, this DRUG that ruins your life and changes who you are, had absolutely NO EFFECT on me... My b/f who had quit pot 9 years ago when we started dating in high school to simply please me explained how the first time can be a "dud" for some...

      I then began to educate myself more about marijuanna and of course heard all the same shit all the pro pot people are saying and all the shit the non supporters are saying as false...

      I think we all know the truth as a few commenters have stated, that pot use is DEFINITELY a mind over matter; it's a lifestyle, a persona, a religion if you will... I wouldn't doubt that pot smokers share other similar "worldly" opinions and perspectives... For me though, I smoke as a way to unwind, similar to a person that drinks, but after my experience with weed, I will gladly never have an alcoholic drink again (it all just tastes nasty to me). And I'm not against drinking, heck ocassional glass of wine has been proven as a significant factor in increasing the lifespan of an individual (Blue Zone or something the study is called)

      We as a society have much more to worry about than pot use. Pot use is not even close to the top 5 factors increasing mortality rates (high blood pressure/heart disease, sedentary behaviour, obesity, high blood glucose, and tobacco use)... But as someone else stated, we're all different people at different stages of our life, who are we to judge anyone?

      We are all equal and all deserve to live a life that's fulfilling and enjoyable. How we reach that happiness is to each their own. Telling someone they don't have a problem when they've poured their guts out on a blog isn't helping anyone achieve that happiness.

      Pot to me is an enhancer to an already good feeling and atmosphere; the day it becomes not fun and those good feelings turn bad, I think is the most important sign you need to worry about. Don't worry about what anyone says but yourself. When you're at the last moments in your life, you will be the only one there to answer your regrets.

      Much love to all those trying to find their happiness in this beautiful world we are so fortunate to share with one another.

    • profile image

      Fed up! 3 years ago

      My boyfriend cannot even GO ONE day without smoking weed! So, is it an addiction? YES! Doesn't matter it's good effects, and I'm all for anything that will help cancer patients feel better, but it has bad ones too. He coughs and gags like nothing I've ever heard in my life, and it's awful! I drink, but I don't drink EVERY day, but he smokes it every single day and night, buys it at least 3 times a week! We have been together for 3 years and I have yet to know him, not to be high!!! Any stress comes up, he smokes, any disagreements, he runs to smoke, upset stomach, he smokes, headache, he smokes, out with people, he smokes, happy times, he smokes, BUT almost ALWAYS smokes it alone! So yeah, you tell me?

    • profile image

      sattog 4 years ago

      all the above post are valid besides for the ones who say weed is good. for those who wrote this cause they tripping that's a start you acknowledged theres fault good job. me ima weed smoker, hard core, not for it, cause i experienced the effects people i smoke alota weed. I dnt have stress, im eazi, happy go lucky,the mental state the weed put me on is mo doable im focused calm and balanced. my body has built up a resistance against THC sort of so i dnt really get high dnt stop because of the thc its got good points and bad points.stop for health reason walk up four flights of stairs feel the feeling its the smoking weed is a pure form tabaco is too that's why they add chemicals to lesson the effects of the chemical so be smart about problems are poor memory. lack of eating. so you a weed smoker and you know the effects of weed right ultimate test will you ever fly a plain that is being piloted by a pilote who you just gave a bud of your good sh@t think before you at the dentist laying on the chair here come the dentist flaunting a red gold and green medallion on a chain reeking of weed would you let him extract your teeth. no disripect to any person weed is more bad than good.

    • Larry Fellers profile image

      Larry Fellers 4 years ago from Raleigh, North Carolina

      This post is BS, you can't get addicted to pot.

    • profile image

      Joe 4 years ago

      Marijuana is not bad. It has no feelings or motives. It is merely a plant, put on the earth for us to do with as we please. Some of us choose to use it responsibly, some of choose to use it irresponsibly. Then the saviors of the world. look at the group that is irresponsible and labels everybody who has so much as looked at pot and labels the all bad.

      So, in reality, it is the people that are truly bad, not weed. Are we going to start people prohibition now? How about air, it is addictive. Do you feel uncomfortable when you are out of it? Well then, you my friend are an addict. You abuse air on a daily basis. Maybe our brilliant politicians should make a law to ban all air and spend 52 Billion dollars per year to declare an air. What about food? We are all addicted. Food causes more diseases and deaths then marijuana and air combined.

      Do I believe marijuana is addictive? No. Show me an actaual study not just some has been saying it's addictive because of the way it made him feel. Is it habit forming? Yes. I also have a habit of being a gentleman when I am with a lady. I open doors for her and help her with her jacket bring her flowers. Opps. We better outlaw that habit.

      Mister self usurious up there stated the folowing.

      "If you are dependant on weed, you don't just smoke for pleasure, you need to get high!"

      Ok so have I been doing things wrong all along. From the first time I smoked till this very second, I smoked to get high because the high is pleasurable. So, pleasure is bad?

      Enough already. Non of your gibberish on the top of the page gave me any compelling evidence to prove his point to me and nothing I've written about down here will make him change his mind.

      I don't know what the right answer is but I sure know a wrong one when I see it.

    • profile image

      Roppppppppert 4 years ago

      UMmmph I skmoke weehd , n I dogn bilevev it hurtz ne1 . Derrrr I can stoop ne hour I wont. Uff

    • profile image

      The truth 4 years ago

      How does someone write a blog on pot addiction and smoke himself who are you supposed to be?.... Pathetic i say get out of your moms basement blogging aint a real job


      2 joints a day

    • profile image

      Stellar Phoenix 5 years ago

      This website is spectacular! You definitely know how to keep a reader amused. Between your wit and your pictures, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost..ahaha) Fantastic job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool! Stellar Phoenix Review

    • profile image

      Anon 5 years ago

      I would like to add to this something which I think goes unmentioned a lot of the time when discussing cannabis addiction; how many people who feel as though they are addicted smoke joints with tobacco?

      Because that is the really addictive element! And the combo is extremely pleasurable.

      I didn't smoke at all and was strongly against it until I tried weed, I put up with smoking to enjoy the effects of cannabis, but gradually I found myself NEEDING to smoke rather than simply wanting to.

      There were other options such as bongs, but they're just not as satisfying once you're hooked to nicotine. I gave up tobacco 7 weeks ago; I started smoking joints with a tobacco substitute and by just 1-2 weeks my inclination to smoke had completely gone!

      I've had 3 joints (with the tobacco substitute) in 5 weeks.

      I'm using far less weed and I can happily go days without it because I have no compulsion to smoke anymore.

      So in my opinion and from my experience it is definitely not weed which is addictive - sure it's habitual; it's a pleasurable experience which when not smoked is pretty much harmless - so why not enjoy it with mates rather than get pissed?

      Any my point is this; if there were more info about the real dangers of smoking weed with baccy/nicotine I would never have started, I would've stuck to vapes, bongs or blunts.

      Anyone new to weed or a casual smoker - be very wary of joints!

    • teacher stories profile image

      teacher stories 5 years ago from San Diego

      This is an excellent article that I will email to my son. Thanks

    • profile image

      woah 5 years ago

      ur noid'n out....

      i don't think anyone is getting paid to comment on here...

      just a bunch of people looking for help and the rest... h8rz

    • profile image

      stop drinking and tabac 5 years ago

      lol somoe people here say they are alcoholics but they worry about pot

      while i don't smoke pot myself and don't even smoke cigarettes for that matter

      i rarely ever have a glass of wine

      but people on here have got to be astroturfing(paid by huge interestgroups to promote certain views beneficial to those groups)

    • profile image

      Weed 5 years ago

      listen, I believe it is possible to get addicted maybe not physically. It define fly mentally, I've been smoking every day... I have a drug gest and it's so hard for me to quit. I started hanging out with different people because my other friends didn't smoke, and even though they get mad at me for smoking i still smoke. First thing I think in the morning, I need to get high. I know I don't need it, but I feel like it helps me throughout the day.

    • profile image

      ugggg 5 years ago

      I have smoked almost daily for 15 years. I am a nurse, and I care for the sick and dying. I have NEVER gone to work stoned or smoked within 12 hours of working. I have a happy marriage of 18 years and 2 wonderful, well adjusted children. So why quit? Because society says it is wrong. Because if I get hurt at work, they will drug test me. Because I cant leave my crappy job and get a new one for fear of failing a drug test. I don't ever want to quit, I like it. But I have to because society and my career is making me. This is day 6 and its 4am. I can't sleep, I can't eat, I want to hurt everyone. I'm crawling out of my own skin. Nothing feels right, and I hate that I have to go through this. Maybe for some there is no physical addiction, but for me there is a tremendous physical component going on here. Please for those of you who don't see quiting as a traumatic experience, have mercy on those of us who do because we are all different. And for those who want to continue to smoke and have no int rest in quitting, why are on on this website? Go smoke a blunt and play some X-Box and leave us, who are in misery from withdraw, alone. Once again, the hardest part for me is that it isn't ruining my life, so why should I have to quit. Because I want to continue to make a large living to support my family and the only way to secure my income is to succumb to societies rules and give it up. The physical and mental aspects of quitting are killing me and I hate all of the anti pot assholes out there for making me give up my drug. I guess I should go to my doctor and get a load of prescription drugs that will ruin my life, because they are legal. I see so many people who are zombies or even dying in relation to our legal prescription drug market. Or maybe I should drink loads of alcohol and let my marriage fall apart from my drunken choices because that is legal. FUCK! that sums it up.

    • profile image

      nbv 5 years ago

      If you've

    • profile image

      cif 5 years ago

      Someone that i know has been smoking cannabis for about 7 years now. He chooses to smoke to control his temporal lobe epilepsy and has been recommended by doctors to do so. he is currently a pursuing a masters degree in speech pathology, is engaged to a beautiful woman (who doesn't use any drugs/alcohol)and he does quite a bit of volunteer work in our community. I'd say he is a fairly normal guy with a very legitimate reason to smoke marijuana.

      unfortunately, many users of this drug do not have a legitimate reason to use and they just want to escape their responsibilities. the problem isn't necessarily the substance itself, it's that these substance abusers would rather smoke than face reality.

    • profile image

      choi42 5 years ago

      What about those that use marijuana medicinally? Some of your questions would then trigger false positives in those cases

    • profile image

      1212 5 years ago

      my partner has smoked weed every single day for the past 8 years and we have a two year old child together and he choose that any-day to spending time with his own child. i have argued and even left him a few times over it but he just carnt help his self, sneaking around just to have a joint. he also had to be put on anti depressants because he did not care about anything (self apperence or cleanliness) weed rules peoples lives and controls your way of thinking and if you don't agree with this statement then your most likely addicted yourself or never had the experience of becoming second best to the stupid stuff.

      thought id just get that out there.

    • profile image

      EmGee420 5 years ago

      Do smoke marijuana for pleasure? Do you ever smoke for reasons other than fun? .. I smoke to medicate and meditate. The mind sometimes needs relaxation and a stress reliever that's not your average pills !!!

      Have you structured you life around your ability to smoke marijuana. Do you leave parties early, choose not to go out, choose friends based on your marijuana use?

      my structure life is perfect, I'm a 4.0 student with a scholarship I'm sure marijuana will "Destroy" my life in the future right? haa what a joke.

      Marijuana use does not force you to leave parties and only pick pothead friends you know. Marijuana is only a plant that brings together peace in one and another, so together we like eachothers vibes ..

      Do you smoke alone? retarded question. what does it matter if you ate alone? doesn't mean your a lowlife right?

      Do you worry about running out of pot and get anxious when you can't get more?

      As a habit that you created mentally, of course you are going to be in need of whatever you think makes your days better.

      Do you avoid dealing with your emotions, problems and or responsibilities. by smoking weed?

      Marijuana NOT hemp, Is known as a common stress reliever. Problems? Everyone has a different way in resolving them. I tend to medicate and meditate.

      Has your use of marijuana caused problems with your memory, concentration, or motivation? It sure has, from a 2.0 in 8th grade, to being a marijuana smoker my high school years and being a 4.0 student my senior year is just HIGH motivation. I'm sure your concentration is lost when you see a beautiful girl right?

      Does your marijuana use let you live in a privately defined world? It sure does, try listening to Bob Marley and medicate. I'm sure your world will be all about peace and unity.

      Have you tried to cut back or quit smoking pot before and failed?

      Yes. Yes I have. I think this is probably the only reasonable question you have said so far. Why? because after creating a mental habit, of course it's not going to be easy stopping.

      Have your friends or family expressed concern about your lifestyle or pot use? No. As a matter of fact, my parents are also medical patients and aren't ignorant about the Wrongs and Rights of Marijuana.

      Do you ever substitute another substance, like alcohol, when weed is not around?

      yes I substitute it with novels, recreational sports, spending time with my girlfriend, and going to school.

      so bottom line, your questions on here are just absurd. you quit marijuana, because you were weak in the brain and thought marijuana was the reason of all your FLAWS.

    • profile image

      aandaaddict 6 years ago

      i smoked pot. got addicted. had to smoke every day.. for years. eventually i progressed to other things. heroin, benzos, alcohol. YES, marijuana is addictive. i was addicted to it. just because you are not addicted, does not mean it is not addictive. sure, not physically addicting, but mentally i was a wreck unless i had pot in me.

    • profile image

      Cara 6 years ago

      I have been basically perma-stoned since December. It's been about 4.5 months so far. However, I'm not quite a total novice, I've had periods of no longer than 2 months before where I would smoke weed everyday (this first began in my last year of high school). I would eventually just quit those times because I got caught repeatedly by my parents, my link went bad, etc...

      But now it's all different. I'm about to enter my third year of university; I have excellent grades, great friends (going to move out next year into our own little house!) and good summer job prospects. On the exterior, it probably seems like I've got it well together... But inside, there's this burning secret that nobody knows the true extent of.

      Someone I went to high school with who lives right around the corner from me recently just began selling and she gives me really fat counts as well as being way more reliable than all the guy dealers I've ever dealt with. This has proven to be a double-edged sword, as it renders things much more difficult in terms of quitting.

      Anyway, this coming week promises to be incredibly hectic. From past attempts at quitting, I know staying in the usual, same old routine, at least during the first few days, is pretty much begging for failure. I'm smoking what's left of my stash tonight and hoping for the best tomorrow.

      To a new day.

    • profile image

      shamus46 6 years ago

      To the last poster (FYP):

      Your well out of date, the tide has turned. Are you really too blind to see the number of people who are now coming onto these forums to admit the problem exists?

      Listen to people like 'nobody', they are just being honest.

      Weed CAN be a problem for people if they don't or can't -and some people with some conditions do find it harder through no fault of their own - manage it.

      FYP, your just another one in denial and an unwitting part of a system that is ruining our young -and some not so young.

      Do the next generation a favour and stop being so selfish.

    • profile image

      Fuck you Pokie 6 years ago

      Pokie you're using anecdotal evidence to back up your claims. You're obnoxious and retarded and I hate you.

    • profile image

      nobody 6 years ago

      i'm cannabis dependent. biploar runs in the family, im ADHD at the very least. Just about to get a FIRST in pharmacy masters degree. i cannot study or concentrate or remember a thing yet somehow i am a 95%+ student.. rather rare in a masters even without cannabis use!! Have been watching the comments and the thing that made me finally post was the fact that when people say they have a problem its half the problem i have. i smoke minimum 7g a day of very strong grade (~£70 street price now)sometimes 14g a day.. weekends anything up to an ounce (28g)a day. if i attempt to quit hell breaks loose. i cant sit still, cant stop talking, feel very depressed and suicidal. It is like my emotions are on over time. every symptom mentioned i get. sleep is impossible and i cannot leave the house if i try and quit because it will lead to failure. i drink when i feel like it and have never felt the need to take it any further, however drink sends me off the rails and i am cautious of it maybe that is why. basically if i stop smoking cannabis my head falls to pieces.

      I am very educated, i come from a good background with supportive parents who HATE drugs. Although my father suffers with Bipolar he will never ever touch drugs but his quality of life is ZERO. I would compare his suffering similar to mine when i quit however i have the added withdrawals and no sleep whilst he has severe psychosis. such a good man, brought up a family well and supported us until the age of 46 and bang he looses his head. so.. do i continue smoking or seek help? am i basically self-medicating yet possibly increasing my chances of severe illness later on?

      pro cannabis... i was pro when i didn't admit to myself i had a problem.

      alcohol is a poison and cannabis is a psychoactive compound. BOTH SHOULD BE ILLEGAL AS SHOULD ANYTHING WHICH DESTROYS PEOPLES LIVES!!

      Has anyone ever considered a side effect of cannabis to be a physiological "TRICK" that it makes you believe you like it and want it but really underneath you don't it is just the drug portraying this idea????

      i HAVE to be high until i am high.. then i wish i wasn't so weak and a failure.

      but then again.. i can't not be high. damn.

    • profile image

      shamus46 6 years ago

      Wouldn't it simply be more honest for the pro weed lobby to admit that the use of weed CAN, i repeat CAN, (not necessarily WILL) become a real problem for the user (and others around him /her)if its use is not managed.

      To sensibly manage the use of weed people have to know the facts.

      Because the facts are deliberately distorted you tend to find two polarised camps - for and against - and very little sensible middle ground.

      If the pro weed lobby would acknowledge the voice of users who admit their use has become a problem for them then that would be a good first step.

      If everyone was honest about it then addicts/ dependents /self medicators whatever we want to call them could openly admit a problem and would then be open to help from friends and relatives who notice things are going wrong -just as it is for alchohol.

      As an example of the problem I read a post on another forum where a user came forward with real concerns they had become addicted to weed. A forum 'super user'advised:

      'Dont worry, you cant get addicted to canabis, its the tobacco you are addicted to - try cutting down the amount of tobacco in the joint'

      I showed this to my son (who is weed dependant) and his reply was ' Oh yeah, sure it is. If its that easy why doesn't he just take out the weed instead?'

      Come on, its not rocket science.

    • profile image

      shamus46 6 years ago

      Your right, the government is not.

      Why do you think they do so little to help stop a creeping illness that is 'poisoning' so many of our youth?

      It suits them to have the poor sods who get addicted sat around and pacified - afterall its far cheaper than training programmes and apprentiships to give kids a real future. What do they care if they rob off each other and deal amongst themselves?

      Of course they have to be seen to be doing something but why do we still see so much open weed dealing? Think about it.

      I know 3 of my peers in their mid 40s who admit they are addicted to weed. They have been doing it since the 1980s and my son admits he is addicted too although it took him 4 years of smoking every day before he would! Now he laughs at some of the pro weed comments he sees on forums but sadly he still cant stop himself.

      Its simple. Some people can live the 'rock and roll' lifestyle and get through it but many cant.

      It takes a lot for people to come on here and admit their addiction, they know the denial is eventually unsustainable and they know they want their life back.

      They know the truth.

      But it suits the pot heads to perpetuate they myth that weed is harmless because the thought of their own supply drying up (or their 'customer base' as often they deal themselves) is unacceptable.

      Simply put, they are in denial.

    • profile image

      MrJoeBanks on Twitter 6 years ago

      Nobody has ever died from smoking marijuana. Alcohol kills, yet it's still legalized. Maybe the government isn't so much on your side as you think!

    • profile image

      David 6 years ago

      This is stupid marijuana isn't addicting its as easy as putting the pipe down to quit smoking it. uneducated people are ridiculous.

    • profile image

      Jeremy 6 years ago

      I know firsthand what It's like to psychologically addicted, and to those who say that's not possible, you can be psychologically addicted to anything, ANYTHING even chewing on rocks or drinking urine if it is related to relieving stress or putting you in a better mood. they have proven IF YOU HAVE A CONDITION and you can afford to lose motivation, short term memory, and lung capacity, yeah, it will do amazing things for you, but for most people, it is a crutch for life's problems that they have no legitimate reason to use.

      I started smoking when I was nine years old, it was fun, it was fun it was new to me, and most of all, and ust like you who claims it no negative consequences, I had nothing better to do. I was a heavy smoker by the time I was 14, went o school high did all the things stoners do and managed to graduate high school. no it's not as bad as crack coke or crystalmeth, but if you are stupid to begin with and have no self restraint, it will destroy your life if you let it. no, I don't blame the Marijuana, I blame the addict for being an idiot, which obviously the addict has lost the mental capacity to do.

      I have OCD and ADHD, Marijuana helps when my OCD prevents my breathing excercises, yoga, and other methods for calming myself don't work and I would otherwise be at an incredibly unhealthy level of stress. If my heart palpitates for 30 minutes on no good reason, and nothing else is working, you bet i would light up, but I don't let it it define me or become the factor I base my decisions, life, and friends on. If you do, you're addicted, deal with it.


    • profile image

      ezra 6 years ago

      im posting on all of the pot threads my success with Maritox. I was bad with weed forever and the anxiety and depression jus got to me. try

    • profile image

      Some guy 6 years ago

      I used to be one of those people who says. "WEED IS NOT PHYSICALLY ADDICTIVE GET SOME CONTROL LOLLOLOL" but after being a daily smoker now for a number of years, I can say that I have a problem with cannabis. I don't just want to smoke it, I feel like I need it, it's leading to negative effects in my life and quite frankly I think I'd be better off without it. I want to get to a stage where I only smoke at weekends, but I find that if I have the weed in my house, I will end up smoking it. It's actually getting quite annoying now tbf.

    • profile image

      Aced 6 years ago

      Im glad i found this. I will say that I am NOT addicted to cannabis but just the habit of smoking in general. I'll smoke weed, cigs, hookah and I want to stop. I choose marijuana because it is the best thing to smoke IF you HAVE to smoke (Have=addiction)I would like to stop or at least drastically cut back because it is interfering with my life. But as for the actual herb, im not addicted to it.

    • profile image

      Thisisgay 6 years ago

      Weed is not harmful, make an article about people to stop drinking, stop being a sad girl and admit that theres nothing wrong with smoking weed, use a vaporizer and it wont be harmful to your lungs anymore

    • profile image

      Shannon 6 years ago

      I've been smoking marijuana for 2 years my boyfriend started me off on smoking it , I really liked it and i smoked it all the time for a good while , but now i'm experiencing a lot of bad feelings when i do smoke it , i'm extremly paranoid and my thought capacity gets wider when i smoke it now , everything just seems so much more real , with the universe ect but aswell as the good things i'm also going through A lot of episodes of panic and scary thoughts and depression the next day which is why ive just been avoiding it , I don't feel like using it I actually feel more repelled cause it makes me feel bad , but now nothing ever does seem like reality when I am sober or not just a dream can anyone explain why this is , also since i've went off it i've felt a lot better not for the sake of quitting just that i've give my brain a break to me its okay every once in a while but not to worship it looks like a weakness.

    • profile image

      Jay 6 years ago

      Got to say, what I'm about to paste is THE most helpful post I've seen on the page.

      I'm high now and have just been panicking about & over-blowing every point I've read, either side of the argument.

      But this struck a chord with me and has made me decide how I'm going to cut down:

      "Here's the thing.

      "weed itself is not dangerous, it is the reasons why we use it"

      This is a quote of a guy that works in a rehab center and I totally agree.

      I have these periods when I smoke almost everyday, there is no sign of decreased grades, worsened relationships or anything negative happening in my life.

      Than I stop after a month or two, I admit that the first 2-3 days I think I'd like to smoke, but all it needs is a good movie or a bunch of friends and Im alright.

      I can stop anytime I want I have confirmed it to myself many times, but its because I don't use it to run away from my problems, I face my problems and then smoke.

      I think marijuana becomes a problem when you start using it as a tool to escape problems or the reality (and it is a great tool) but if you use it for the right reasons, you gonna be fine"

      Basically, if I need to get something straightened out and sorted in my life, I need to first get myself out there. Organise dinner and a bar one night, catch a film the next night, etc... (it'll be cheaper than picking up for that week!) and I'm hoping by the 3rd or so night, the prospect of no weed being at the house won't seem quite so scary!

      I live in London and am lucky enough to have a really good job with great prospects. I do well and know I can achieve more so I'm going to go fulfil some potential :)

      So, helpful comment pasted and my experience shared - hope someone can relate to this and the quote I pasted is helpful.

      Thanks Mike who posted 7 months ago too!

    • profile image

      A. Non 6 years ago

      I smoke A lot of weed an feel like yea I'm addicted. I don't care wot scientist Said what or if it is or not an addictive substance. I'm jus sayin for me I'm addicted to smokin it. I'm gonna give it up now tho. Time to leave it behind me n move on. Don't wanna be one of them weird old men thinkin there still cool coz they blaze hahaha fuck that.

      Real talk

    • profile image

      Cassy Hunter 6 years ago

      I have been smoking pot only for 5 years but in the biggining i was against pot in all sorts and ways i was addicted from the start it only took 3 years until i just had a little intrest in coke after that i found extacy easyer to get got addicted and went through treatment hell it made me grow tho as a person after words i smokes pot every single day at least an eighth a day but also within this time i have stopped skipping school and just graduated and have a job...

      pot is the gate way i strongly believe i hate to say that i know i would have rather just listened wen i had the chance...

    • profile image

      Xoe 6 years ago

      Weed has affected my life, Im 19, and I have been smoking it for 2years, I remember when I went out to clubs, bars, or any social event, before I started smoking, I was never stuck for conversation, Everybody wanted to know me, I even started to work KISS FM, as a DJ, I loved it!

      Then the relationships started, and by surprize, I started to smoke pot, My dad used to have some in a draw in his bedroom, So Id have a joint from his stash every now n then..

      Then I thought, I could buy a shit load with the money I have!

      So I did,.. I delt to everybody and anybody, getting a free joint of each one, and my cut of course, was a good run, but now?

      Im currantly sat at work, Realizing that I am a Holiday Entertainer round a hotel in Tenerife, Ive lived here since I was 5, So drugs have allways been in the picture, Hidden, But still there.

      I´m writing this now, because I have just realized I have a problem, I smoke it everyday, If i don't, I´m trying to score my next bag...

      My work peformance had declined, I have become more forgetful, and not as confident...

      This needs to change, And it changes now...

      Feel free to email me, Im more than happy to tell my story

    • profile image

      sativaBreather 6 years ago

      weed is very addictive because its long term effects pale in comparison to all others. i have been smoking for half of my life and have had it lead to harder drugs and then be my refuge for when i quit those drugs, including alcohol and cigarettes which I am completely free of. I ma have some physiognomic effects, hormonal imbalances(puffy eyesman boobs) due to phytoestrogens in the weed and my veggy diet. My motivation has been slowed down, no doubt but again, of all the vices I've pared from my appetite weed is the only thing that still feels natural. My happiness being somewhat dependent on it is clearly damaging but not drinking and not smoking cigarettes allowed me to see the basic health effects of pot are minimal in that my memory and stamina is far more bolstered by the meat and alcohol free diet rather than tempered by my 2-3 gram a day bud intake. What weed also applies is a lackadaisical add method of info retention which I am convinced is not only beneficial but progressive for intellectual evolution. Stoners love educational TV and while minutiae of the show can become lost, a sparked interest and all resulting conversations allow driven minds to flourish. A room full of stoned idiots will be about the same as a room full of drunk idiots. But a room full of stoned bright minds is far more cognizant than those same minds drunk. Alcohol is a poison that paralyzes a waking world into eternal submission. Of all evils, weed does nott even register. The worst thing about it is the air of fear and immensely inflated price for a 10000 year used super commodity that was criminalized under racist laws in a time when US had serious complicity with the nazis. This kept Germany, Japan and US heavy on speed. In vietnam we transported drugs in servicemen's coffins. In Afghanistan and Colombia, our heavily entrenched presence has supported and increased drug production. In mexico, right now, we are arming paramilitary drug traffickers and then bringing ATF and DEA to escalate a literal drug war. FREE THE FUCKING WEED!!!

    • profile image

      blah 6 years ago

      I stoped smoking but I never felt i needed to smoke weed but still need to stop smoking cigs any advice?

    • profile image

      jayjay 6 years ago

      been smokin for 31 years i have copd and still cant stop.I do get cramps and sweats when i try to do turkey but determined to stop.

    • profile image

      Mike "Quit Weed" 7 years ago

      This is could really be an eye opening test for some folks. I suggest that anyone who´s more than 3 "yes answers" should seriously think about his relationship with Mr. Weed. Great post!

    • profile image

      matt 7 years ago

      Here's the thing.

      "weed itself is not dangerous, it is the reasons why we use it"

      This is a quote of a guy that works in a rehab center and I totally agree.

      I have these periods when I smoke almost everyday, there is no sign of decreased grades, worsened relationships or anything negative happening in my life.

      Than I stop after a month or two, I admit that the first 2-3 days I think I'd like to smoke, but all it needs is a good movie or a bunch of friends and Im alright.

      I can stop anytime I want I have confirmed it to myself many times, but its because I don't use it to run away from my problems, I face my problems and then smoke.

      I think marijuana becomes a problem when you start using it as a tool to escape problems or the reality (and it is a great tool) but if you use it for the right reasons, you gonna be fine.

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      Marijuana doesn't magically lead to harder drugs unless you go make the choice to buy some harder drugs. Nothing can MAKE you do anything, it's a CHOICE.

      Plus, if someone does one drug, why would they say no to other ones? Not only that, but...some drug dealers have more than one drug, so it's already in front of a lot of people, they didn't have to go find it or suddenly be compellingly addicted out of nowhere. The term "gateway drug" is such bullshit. It provides yet another avenue for people to misplace blame rather than taking responsibility for their own actions.

    • profile image

      Maca 7 years ago

      To all the dickhead haters if you don't believe in maryJ addiction why google it? Wake and bake is a great saying and describes me to a T, would actually roll one the night before and leave it next to the bed so i could "wake up". Once paying for it became a problem I said fuck it and started growing my own, not only did it work out cheaper than paying for it but it turns out I grew some pretty badass weed. I'm just now on day 3 of cold turkey this is the third time i've tried to quit. I don't have sweats, i don't have cramps or any other junkie related symptom but I can feel my blood starting to boil, my upstairs neighbour is starting to drive me fucking insane just walking about and yet just typing this is making me feel better but i'd still happily shoot you all for a joint right now lol! I suppose it's good to know there's others out there and the guy above does make excellent points about hemp and it's uses but I think that anybody on this planet that says weed doesn't harm you is smoking a bit too much! So good luck to everyone on here and in an hours time i'll be on day four of quitting (2 and 3 days longer than i lasted before)

    • profile image

      wd 7 years ago

      don't fool urselves inton thinking neverybody is the same. some have probs with weed. so they have other issues to.... who doesn't. weed has destroyed me, i let it, i was weak and became mentally dependent. it happens and some need help. so take ur justifications and split. if somebody needs help then they do. if ur not addicted then great, ur just super duper.

    • profile image

      blazer 7 years ago

      Weed can be gud for some people but others realli don't need it so I think its just up to the person whethr or not they should smoke it. But for the other weed smokers keep blazin down the high life and enjoy it

    • profile image

      Gundy 7 years ago

      Pokie u iz gay, pot chillz me out and WAY cheaper than 'harder drugs'. How about YOU don't kid yourself and deal with your own problems.

    • profile image

      pokie 7 years ago

      haha! every stoner i have ever met is in such severe denial it's just comical. "look at the data man it's not addictive! there are benefits too!"

      so why then do you smoke up all the time? why are you such a spaced out dumbass now? why do you only talk about weed? and why do you mostly hang out with others who share your habitual drug life style?

      i smoke occasionally, and through this occasional smoking i have mat heaps of bong heads. there is no doubt that marijuana has addictive properties, kills brain functions and absolutely leads to harder drugs.

      ;) i know im going to cop some heat for this post, but i welcome it. you can quote scientific facts and figures all day. but i have seen real life examples. if you love weed that's great. just don't bullsh*t yourself.

    • profile image

      Jamie  7 years ago

      I have a serious problem with pot. I smoke everyday, and I love it but it's almost like it controls my life. I buy it a lot, and I'm watching my savings slowly disapear. I started smoking about 10 months ago and my life has completely changed.

      I used to be someone that everyone loved. Parents, kids, strangers, old people. But now I hate being near anyone because I'm always high or waiting to get high.

      I graduated highschool, and the entire past summer I smoked so much weed. Blew through most of my grad money and savings. I started college and fell into depression. I ran away to Colorado. (I'm from Georgia) I was living in my car. I had nothing in my possesion expect a bag of weed and a pipe. Weed wasn't the cause, but it wasn't helping me get a solution. I got pulled over for speeding. (I was smoking but they didn't notice) They arrested me because I was a missing person and they sent me to the state mental hospital in Kansas. I didn't smoke for about nine days for the duration I was there. Nothing physically was wrong, but mentally I'd be thinking throughout the day, "God, I wish I was high. Damnt I could use a blunt right now. This place would be fine if I could just smoke." and so on.

      Now I'm home, my parents withdrew me from college, and I'm looking for a job. Which will be nearly impossible if I have to take any sort of drug test. I still get stoned all the time. Now actually. And I still love it. But I feel trapped in it. And it's not that I can't stop, it's that I don't want to. And that's what scares me the most.

    • profile image

      Kylemaniaa 7 years ago

      Great hub! Thanks for the info.

    • profile image

      vixxx 7 years ago

      i have to agree with you "dankbuds" weed can be a serious addiction to your life, rather than that it controls your lifestyle , it slows your progress in life depending on how much you abuse it.

      I ll tell you my story with weed and you can judge on weither it is addictive or not.

      I ve been smoking weed since i was 14, i ve tried all other kinds of drugs: hash, cocain , crack , xtc , ketamine , speed .. all for a very short period and then i stopped it permanatly besides weed.

      i used to think like all of you. you can never get addicted on marijuana.. i never wanted to stop it i was too blind to see the harm that it causes and decided that it was a very good thing in life that helps in 1000 of ways, i used to call it GOD's gift to us.

      i used to smoke so much that i couldn't afford it, i used to buy for my friends around 1000$ weekly wich i take a large amount for me + i spend around 300$ from my own money weekly on it.

      i couldn't do anything if i didn't smoke, or in other words i didn't enjoy anything if i wasn't high.

      i smoked befor my classes in university, before eating , befor watching a moovie, all the time when im cruising in the car, befor sex befor sleeping also!!

      i smoked evry kind of good weed you can think off in here(lebanon) weed that can make you caugh for an hour from 1 puff;)..

      and i cant say i wasn't happy then. i was happy all the time. that's it's magic it makes you HAPPY!!

      but at the same time it can make you blind.

      blind that you cannot see the side effect of it's abuse

      you missed a lot from smoking weed, you even missed a lot of moments that could make you happy naturly but you couldn't because you weren't high or you weren't comfortable because the people your with arent pot-headed like you.

      all weed abusers smoke ther problems, and that the positive effect of weed it blows every problem you have away..

      whenever your sad or angry you medicate yourself with a joint either alone or with your friends to ease your pain, and forget about it. because when you get high you forget:D

      but your missing something very important here

      sometimes you musnt forget your problems you must face them to make progress or watever

      like failing grades>> you smoke it off so you will continue falling

      or breakup with bf/gf>> you smoke it off and you want think of ways to fix it anymore

      family problems>> same shit ..

      the secret off weed is that it makes you addapt to any situiation your in. but sometimes you need to fight these situiations and make them right or else

      eventhough i know and understand its negative side effect i still smoke it, im high right now actually

      because it is very hard for me stop now, it became sord of my lifesyle.. don't let it happen to you!

    • profile image

      Joe 7 years ago

      Let me say one other thing. I am not against other smoking weed. I think it should be legalized. Just because I can't handle it doesn't mean you shouldn't be allowed to smoke it. I am an alcoholic too. So addiction is probably in my make-up. I've done it all except heroin (thank God a friend wouldn't let me have some of his). But, I can say, for me, I needed (wanted..whatever) pot every single day. Without it, life was a bore. With it, I felt I was going crazy. I couldn't live with it, I couldn't live without it. That's addiction, by anyone's standards.

    • profile image

      Joe 7 years ago

      Pot can absolutely become the center of your life. It became the center of my life. I'd smoke weed before work (in the military no less), during work, after work, and as it got worse, instead of work. I haven't smoked in over 25 years and I still think about it. That's why I stopped by here. I wanted to remind myself exactly why it was I stopped.

    • profile image

      Marijuana Addiction 7 years ago

      Maybe it depends on how you define addiction. Whether you believe it’s addictive or not plenty of people seem to have a habit with it, many people feel a strong need to do it every day. Is that addiction? Maybe it comes down to the difference of what people define as physical and psychological addiction.

      I think if you feel you need to do it and find it a problem not to do so, then that’s some kind of addiction or habit or something, what you want to label it is just semantics. The bottom line is if you feel you have to do it whether you like it or not, then that is some kind of a problem.

    • profile image

      high 7 years ago

      I thought if you were legitimately writing for the benefit of addicts, that you wouldn't sound like you were high when you wrote it.

    • profile image

      HYZ1 8 years ago

      420 I think you need to read the article again, its not blasting weed and saying that you should never smoke it, it's about the writers OWN personal experience with weed. I've smoked green everyday for around two years now and I do think I have a problem, why would you be opposed to someone trying to help others in the same situation.

    • profile image

      dankbuds 8 years ago

      To the comment posted above me, it's only scientifically proven that it's not possible to get PHYSICALLY addicted to weed, however, it most certainly is possible to get mentally addicted to it.

      Hemp and marijuana are two different things. While they are both varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant, hemp contains less than 1 percent of thc, as opposed to marijuana plants which can contain up to 20%

      Don't get me wrong, i'm completely FOR marijuana, as it's far far less harmful than many other substances (tobacco, alcohol). Just setting the record straight that, too much of anything can cause an addiction.

    • profile image

      420 8 years ago

      This is a joke. its scientificly proven its not mentally or physcially addictive. The fact the article says who ever it was smoked for 7 years everyday says a lot.

      They didn't turn schizo or anything did they?

      Look at holland and california please and make your own conclusions from that on how harmful it is.

      Up until modern times it was used all over the world and many times, courts or royalty ordered farmers and the public to grow it.

      If you had any idea of hemp and cannabis value to people and the enviroment, you would certainly not have this misleading article uploaded.

      Ill mention just a couple of things, then do your own research.

      Its a cure for cancer, don't believe me? then research it and watch "run from the cure" on youtube.

      1 acre of hemp can produce the equivelent of 4.1 acres of trees for creating paper and such things, also multiple crops per season, trees are a one time thing.

      It can create car fuel, infact the first ever car was designed to run on fuel created by hemp.

      It takes in carbon dioxide, releases oxygen. leaves soil in better condition.

      Is a cure for so many things that the question should be what does it not cure, not what does it cure.

      Congratulations on your astounding ignorance.

    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 8 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      I never smoked marijuana, but I use to smoke Cigarettes. I think smoking in general no matter what it is, is bad for the lungs. I have bronchitis probably because of Cigarettes I use to smoke long ago. Best thing to do is to stay away from any kind of smoking. Believe me when I say that if your young, best that you get away from smoking while it is not too late. God Bless You.

    • profile image

      Rachael 8 years ago

      i did your test and i answered yes to all of them apart from the one about my family making comments, they smoke too. good info aswell so i might give it a go.

    • profile image

      mato 9 years ago

      dude thanx ive felt the same for the past year, ive smoker all my life and this year i decided to quit but its way to hard thanx for the help

    • profile image

      LaineyLou 9 years ago

      WOW I can't believe that you can say weed leads to worse things! there are so many benefits from it. It doesn't take over your life, you are in control of your life unless you've got other problems/issues