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Marijuana Home Remedies

Updated on May 4, 2016

Can Mary Jane can help you feel better?

The use of Cannabinoids for therapeutic and medical treatment has been seen as far back as 2700 bc. In the 1840's to the 1900's European and American medical journals had published over 100 articles supporting the use of cannabis. American Pharmacy itself used Marijuana actively in many of their popular medications and treatments until around 1942, when the prohibition of Marijuana began.

A 2009 review of studies conducted over a 38 year period found that nearly all of the 33 trials conducted in the United States had shown significant improvement from the treatments. Due to a slow awakening of the masses, we are beginning to realize that the benefits of medical marijuana are immeasurable. With the advancements in the field, we have been able to eliminate debilitating seizures in little kids, even babies! There are many cases of cannabinoids killing off cancer cells completely. The times are changing and it is well overdue.

With that being said, lets get to the good part. There are many things that you can do from home to help ailments of all kinds. Here we are going to focus on a few conditions that Marijuana is absolutely wonderful for, and couple strains specifically that are helpful for each.

A few issues that Cannabis can help with

Sometimes life can get a little busy and we don't always stop to take care of the things that are important. Our body will give us warning signs like nausea or fatigue to signal something larger beneath the surface. Often times, our ailments are as simple as a tummy ache, or anxiety over the in-law's impending visit. There are numerous strains out there these days, all with their own specialty.

What strains are best for Nausea? Indica is said to be the go to for a belly upset. Chemo is an Indica with a wonderful sweet flavor, originally engineered for cancer patients so it is wonderful for pain and anxiety as well.

Cherry Pie as a mostly Indica blend of 90/10 with a very earthy smell, and a sweet cherry taste. works wonders for nausea, as well as appetite stimulation.

Drizzle is another Indica, however this one is a hydro with a musky scent and an immediate heavy high.

Do you suffer from chronic pain? or even an injury? Cannabis has a remedy for that as well.

Alaskan Ice is a Sativa Indica hybrid of Haze and White widow. This strain gives a light buzzy body high, in turn helping to ease pain.

Sour diesel with a citrus flavor, this one is a blend of Indica and Sativa at 80/20. SD is a creeper that hits you in smack in the head with a relaxing floating high. Also can be used for sleep.

Anxiety? Have you got a lot on your plate? Why not take a break, have a seat and light one up? Doctors have seen vast improvements in many cases of anxiety disorder. Now some stands of Marijuana can cause anxiety themselves. always research.

Gas is a Sativa that will float you away on blissful clouds of fruity smoke.

Rock Candy is another Indica with a lovely lemon flavor. This one will make you forget what you were doing while you were doing it, but hey, you wont be anxious. Also good for appetite stimulation.

SleestackXskunk is a Sativa hybrid of 70/30 with lots of crystals. This sweet and sour bud will give you uplifting body tingles.

Digestion is important. Some of us have some major issues with our intestines, and pot is the only thing that seems to make it any easier. Be it nausea, loss of appetite, or IBS, THC can work miracles in the quality of life for these people.

Free Leonard is a Sativa Indica mix again with a fruity flavor and a hardcore munchie drive.

Rock candy and Cherry pie again are wonderful this as well as they induce the munchies and nausea relief.

Other Options

The most common form of ingestion is smoking of course. There is the ever classic joint, and the o so popular bowl. There you have choices upon choices, from design to material. Now we cannot forget about vaping either, a preferred method for many, and easier on the lungs some say.

Not everyone can, or is willing to smoke. You can always go to the nearest dispensary and get a cookie, or you can make them at home with butter made from cannabis. This butter is very easy to make and can be used in place of regular butter in many recipes. Cannabis butter is also a good substitute for butter in most instances. Remember when using this product, there is THC in it so mind how much you use on your dinner.

If smoking isn't your thing, and you don't care for the taste of the edibles, there is always the option of a tincture. A tincture is very simple to make, potent and long lasting with minimal flavor and no eating or inhaling anything. It is simply a dropper (varies on the potency) of THC oil. You place however many drops of oil under your tongue, leave sit for at least 30 seconds before you take a drink or eat anything.

Among all of these is a method as old as time, the pot tea. Well, with modern adaptations we now have pot chai. Yes, times are good. Simple to make at home as well, and yields a good amount, enough to share even. There is always the option of a simple classic Marijuana tea as well. Sometimes simple is best.

In a day and age where we can travel to other planets, and see farther than we ever imagined, shouldn't we have access to a simple plant with the ability to aid nearly any ailment? When the option sits between a treatment that can potentially do more damage than the disease it claims to cure, and a medication made from a plant that cures your body gently, shouldn't this be an available choice?

This is something we will be faced with more and more as time goes on because we are becoming more enlightened as a whole. We are realizing that the chemicals we pump ourselves with daily are not necessary, in fact they are harming us in the long run. When we can find the help in mother nature, why should we keep poisoning ourselves? With all of this going on, we will also be faced with the choice of legalization. Where will you stand?

Paper. Lumber. Oil. Greed. These are the real reasons we do not have access to a life saving natural medication. Not overdoses or addiction. Not because it makes people angry and violent when they use it, and most certainly not because it is evil. Try to keep these things in mind as you go through your days hearing pros and cons on the subject.

Legalization is on the frontier, and soon we will all be able to walk to the store grab a strain for the problem, and go about your day like we do now with Tylenol. Take care of your bodies my friends because they are the only ones we will get, and eventually the poison we feed it will catch up.

Liz Meinen

How do you feel about Medical Marijuana?

If Medical Marijuana were legal, would you medicate with it?

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Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie

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