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Maternity Clothes Guide - Add a Scarf to your Outfit this Fall or Winter

Updated on April 30, 2016

Add a Scarf to your Maternity Outfit

Photo by moke076
Photo by moke076 | Source

Add a Scarf to your Wardrobe for Fall or Winter

A scarf can add a bit of spice to your maternity outfit. Scarves are so popular for the fall and winter season this year! They are a great versatile piece to purchase because you can also use them to keep warm in colder weather and add a bit of visual appeal to your outfit. Every pregnant mother should own at least one scarf to enhance their maternity wardrobe. The scarf can remain in your closet even after you have the baby.

Scarves can be purchased in any size, shape, color, and pattern. If you find a scarf that you fall in love with, buy an outfit to match it or find something already in your wardrobe. Infinity scarves are generally short and worn around the neck with the similar concept of a necklace. Longer scarves can be wrapped or draped in any manner that you wish.

There might be occasions where you'd wish to make your baby bump less noticeable. Some women desire to hide their pregnancy while at work, nightly functions, or special occasions. In this case, you could easily use a scarf to accomplish that goal. For this purpose, choose a long flowy scarf that does not cling to your body.

For most women though, scarves are worn because they are beautiful, elegant, and add a pleasing visual effect to their attire. In countries with a colder climate, women wear thicker scarves made of wool. In the summertime, scarves are worn for a fashion statement using a lighter, thinner material. You'll be happy to know that scarves also flatter your face.

Buy a Scarf this Fall or Winter

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How to Wear a Shawl - 10 Stylist Suggestions

Difference between a Scarf or Shawl

Shawls can sometimes be confused with scarves. However, they are very different pieces of accessories. Shawls are a rectangular piece of fabric that are a lot bigger than scarves and hang longer than scarves. Where a scarf is worn around the neck and shoulders, a shawl is worn on the shoulders or hung on the arms to cover the wearer's back.

Shawls can be worn to keep you warmer, just like scarves. In general, most women wear shawls over a dress to keep warm and look fashionable. Some shawls are big enough to wrap around your waist or used as a skirt. The Kashmiri and Pashmina shawls are very popular in India.

Scarves or Shawls?

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Expecting Mommy bundled up in her Scarf

Photo by Menno van der Horst
Photo by Menno van der Horst | Source

All pregnant women should wear scarves

Photo by Sarah Gilbert
Photo by Sarah Gilbert | Source

Ways to Tie a Scarf

For different ways to tie a scarf, we found a video by Lilith Moon below. She suggests that her scarf arrangements will change the look of your jumper, jacket, or coat. The quickest and easiest way to wear your scarf is to fold it in half, wrap it around your neck, and insert it into the loop on the other side. The twisted scarf is done in the same manner but it is fully twisted before you follow those steps. To drape your scarf, place is over your head, then wrap the ends around your neck and time them together. To make your scarf look like a shawl, wrap it around your shoulders and then tie the ends into a knot. To turn a long scarf into an infinity loop, place the scarf over your neck and tie the ends into a knot, twist it in the middle and bring the loop over your neck. There are so many more cute ways to wear your scarf like the scarf tie, criss cross, and effortlessly classic, etc. The video is worth your time to watch. She also has a video on her youtube channel on different ways to tie a scarf around your head.

15 Different Ways to Wear a Scarf

Infinity Scarf

An infinity scarf has no ends. It is called an infinity scarf because it forms a continuous loop. A short or thick infinity scarf can really only be worn around the neck in one way. Depending on how much fabric is included in your infinity scarf, a longer or thinner infinity scarf can be worn in many different ways. For example, you could wear it as a hoody, capelet, shawl, vest, single loop, double loop, and more. Just google how to wear your scarf in these ways and there are many tutorials out there.

Silk Scarf

When I was growing up, silk scarves were only worn by older women... like my grandma. But, today silk scarves are back in style and can be seen around the necks of all ages. Most silk scarves are designed with color prints on them. The are the perfect conversation piece to add some excitement to your wardrobe. Even if your silk scarf is solid, they are so soft and your skin will thank you for it. Printed silk scarves should only be worn over solid colors. Solid silk scarves should be worn over prints or solids of contrasting colors.

Print Scarf

Make sure that you are wearing a plain outfit if you choose to wear a scarf with any type of print on it. For example, an animal print, floral, plaid, or geometrical design should be worn over a blouse that has a solid color. Wearing a printed scarf over a shirt with another print or pattern can be too busy for the eyes and is not flattering at all. Doing so will make your scarf look as if it's out of place.

Plain Scarf

Unlike a patterned scarf, a plain scarf can be mixed and matched with different printed or patterned outfits. Try to wear colors that are contrasting with the scarf. For example, a lighter scarf (white) should be worn with a darker shirt (black). A darker scarf should be worn with a lighter shirt. You get the picture. This allows the scarf to be the star of your outfit. Or you can do the opposite by highlighting your garment. Even though the scarf is a solid color, by no means will it look "plain" paired with your outfit.

Knit Scarf

Knit scarves are absolutely in style this season! They are fantastic to keep you warm and look fantastic with a matching beanie. Perhaps you could also add a set of gloves to completely tie your outfit together and keep your hands warm. Knit scarves can come in thin tightly knitted fabric or in fuller loosely knitted fabric. Obviously the thinner knitted scarves are best worn in summer. The thicker knitted scarves are perfect for colder months.

Faux Fur Scarf

One of the most fashionable scarves to add to your wardrobe is the faux fur. While you wouldn't really consider this a scarf, it is classified as one. The faux fur is another scarf that is perfect for keeping warm in colder weather. Since most faux fur scarves are made to resemble an animal print they are best worn over solid contrasting colors. Often you can find a matching hat made from the same faux fur material to tie your outfit together. I've seen these types of scarves worn with either faux fur gloves, or a better choice, is leather gloves in some complementary color.

Wool Scarf

No matter how warm your winter coat is, a wool scarf can protect your neck. Wool scarves are perfect to wear in colder climates when you need to feel warmer. When wearing a wool scarf make sure that its color complements your winter coat because you will obviously be wearing them together. Skip the plain black wool scarf unless you are wearing a white or cream winter coat. Some of the more popular winter wool scarf colors include red, mustard yellow, plum or green, or a mixture of colors and prints.

Where to buy Scarves?

You can literally buy scarves at any retailer that sells women's accessories. Here are a few suggestions:

Comments please...

What do yout think about wearing scarves with your maternity outfit? What are your favorite type, style, or color of scarves? Do you have a preference in the way that you wear your scarf?


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