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Maximize Muscle Pump Without N.O

Updated on August 31, 2013

Muscle Pump

Lift weights? Yeah, you know the feeling. Your muscles feel warm, skin tight, huge, with endless power just waiting to be used. Famous figures like Arnold Swartzenneggar have compared the feeling of vasodilation or muscle pump to ‘coming’. Quite possibly the best accessory characteristic to this incredible feeling that we seek, is the fact that this ‘pump’ greatly increases our muscle building potential. However, if you still believe that awesome pump is based all around Nitric Oxide, its time you listen up.

Maximize Your Muscle Pump

Yes, as you have heard, nitric oxide contributes to muscle pump. However, the simple idea of simply take more nitric oxide, get more pump is not how the process works. In fact, there are several other pathways that independently contribute to the release of nitric oxide which creates our all-mighty pump.

From the same people that brought you The Top 10 Pre Workout Supplements For Men, comes how to maximize muscle pump the right way.

Muscle Pump Activators (Nitric Oxide Releasers)

1.) Testosterone: Test boosters, DHEA, Ect.

2.) Insulin Spike Method- Increase N.O Production, take Nitric Oxide supplements along with Carbs and Amino’s before exercise.

3.) Pump-Building Workout Method

4.) Fish Oil

1- Testosterone Fuels muscle ‘PUMP’ like crazy.

Independent of androgen receptor action, free testosterone has been shown to raise muscle vasodilation considerably in controlled studies. What that means? Having appropriate test levels not only increases your affinity to build muscle, but increases your muscle pump, which then contributes even more to muscle production. Inversely, studies also show that in men, estrogen acts to inhibit vasodilation and is harmful to circulatory health. So, keep that test pumping strong!

2- Insulin Spike Method:

The insulin spike method takes advantage of your body’s natural tendencies to releasing nitric oxide. In a nutshell, additional pump can be achieved by timing your consumption of nitric oxide stimulators like L-arginine, along with carbohydrates and amino acids. Do this before you lift, and additional nitric oxide will be available, promoting greater pump to enhance your workout!

3- Pump-Building Workout Method

The pump building workout method is not based around supplements, instead, muscle saturation. This method of increasing muscle pump is most effective for biceps and chest. We will explain the method for both, in a timely fashion.

First, for chest- before beginning your workout, get two 15-25 pound dumbbells and find a flat bench. Next, lye down and proceed to SLOWLY stretch out your arms, and bring them together above you. Do this for 10-20 reps and remember it’s not a press, it’s a full stretch. Upon finishing, pause fully extended side to side and let the blood saturate your chest. You have now ‘charged your pump’ and are ready for a beast chest workout.

Get Huge Pump Doing Biceps- This one is easy and sweet. You do it one arm at a time and it goes like this- Get as much weight as you can comfortably curl, next, sit down on a free incline bench, next, proceed to do 15 reps, each one getting slower and slower. On your last rep, pause ¾ extended for as long as you can, then finish your rep. Do that, and you now feel incredibly swole with muscle pump!

4- Fish Oil Helps Muscle Pump

It’s the last thing you want to hear, but yes, fish oil does in fact support muscle pump! How does it work? Easy, the presence of these short chain fatty acids thins and de-gunks the blood. Over time, these benefits equal what you’re looking for- awesome muscle pump.

All of these methods, alongside nitric oxide pre-cursers such as L-arginine and L-citruline, have the potential to take your muscle pump to new levels. Stay diligent, find what works for you, get that pump. From the guys that made The Top 10 Pre Supplements for Men, We hope we have helped you out.

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