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Maximizing Health and Weight by Eating According to Blood Type

Updated on December 6, 2014

Eating by Blood Type part A

Eating by Blood Type part A

Choices! Choices! Choices! The world of food provides an innumerable number of things that can be consumed, but what drives a person to crave certain foods and avoid others? A person’s palate which is the appreciation of taste and flavor, especially when sophisticated and discriminating is one way that dictates what a person eats. When we look at the animal kingdom there are certain animals that are carnivores while others strictly relate to a vegetation diet. This proves that some animals function better with a certain diet while not with another. This concept plays over into the human arena where blood types are concerned. A list of carnivorous animals include but are not limited to Lions, Tigers, Bears, (OH MY! …little Humor), Alligators, wolves, sharks, Hyenas, and Eagles.

On the other end of the spectrum an animal that will make vegetation it’s main source of nutrients and energy is called an herbivore. This animal anatomically and physiologically adapt to eating plant material, such as foliage, for the main component of its diet. These animals include but are not limited to Deer, Zebra, Elephant, Sheep, and Moose. Imagine trying to feed a hungry Lion foliage or Deer a meat diet, there would not be a positive response from them for sure. The whole basis for this hub is to try to answer the question as to why is it beneficial to eat according to blood type for better health and weight loss?

There are some claims that say it “is” beneficial and two leaders in the field are naturopath Peter J. D'Adamo and ND, and CNC Joseph Christiano. It’s really not clear if eating by blood type works because there have not been any comparison studies done with weight loss and health with people eating this way against those that don’t. Mr. Christiano relates some of his cases with successful results in his book on the subject. Blood type is very important during accidents of various kinds because in order for a blood transfusion to take place, mixing blood types can even prove fatal. Blood type O’s according to Mr. Christiano are blessed with powerful enzymes and strong stomach acid that can metabolize almost anything while types A,B, and AB must be more careful or pay the consequences.

Why eat the Blood type way

  • The first reason why eating a blood type diet is beneficial is because according to Mr. Christiano it prevents Agglutination from happening. Agglutination is a reaction in which particles (as red blood cells or bacteria) suspended in a liquid collect into clumps and which occurs especially as a serological response to a specific antibody. This gluing effect may continue as a person continues to eat foods not in their particular blood type and form clumping in the digestive system, brain, liver and joints thereby causing health problems.

The Blood type diet is beneficial also because it may contribute to better health

  • The Blood type diet is beneficial also because it may contribute to better health

Blood types as they relate to nutrition show just how health can be benefited. Blood type O’s have the thinnest blood of all the blood types and they have strong immune systems except for disease cases that affect the immune system. Because of the strong stomach acid type O’s do well as meat eaters and gain a great deal of their protein from a diversity of meat. Type O’s are also said to live the longest out of all of the other blood types.

Type A’s do best with not eating as much meat but find success with a vegetarian diet. Types A’s have the thickest blood of all the other blood types so avoiding foods that have a thicker consistency aids in feeling well. Type B’s are somewhere in between Type O’s and A’s and do well with consuming dairy products. Type AB’s are the only blood types with two dominate traits. This blood type Is known to exhibit minstrel problems in women and cancer is a higher risk for people with this blood type.

  • The Blood type way of eating is beneficial because it may aid weight loss

The blood type diet is not really a diet because it encourages eating which is crucial to igniting the metabolism, but eating the right foods associated with the blood types is essential. Diets many times deprive a person from eating and they soon go back to bad eating habits gaining more weight than previously.

Blood Type and Diet


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      Raymonddoward 3 years ago

      Thank you!

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      Lawrence Hebb 3 years ago from Hamilton, New Zealand

      Really enjoyed this hub. I'm O positive so it was encouraging to read