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Me and my hormones!

Updated on April 23, 2012

Christiane Northrup

The Wisdom of Menopause
The Wisdom of Menopause

What you might want to know about hormones

I live in a very strange, wonderful little community where if someone finds something they love and that works they tell everyone. Granted I don't always want to hear some of these conversations but I stumbled upon one that I thought I just might need someday. The topic was hormones and it was being told by a woman not much older than me. At the time I was just barely in my 40's so I thought "what does this have to do with me?"

Well the longer she talked the more I started to relate. Granted I don't think mine was as bad as hers but I did have things in common which concerned me. The suggestion was to either do a saliva test or blood test to find out where your hormone levels are. I opted for the saliva which is actually more complicated. You can only do it on certain days if you are still having regular periods. You then need to spit into a small vial and fill it up, not as easy as it sounds believe it or not.

When the tests come back you have to see your doctor to have them interpreted or know something about such things, as I did not. I was going the bio-identical route so I needed to have really good information to get exactly what I needed. All I knew was that I just wasn't quite feeling myself and kept making excuses not to doing anything about it. Being a single parent doesn't help any either.

So tests come back and my Progesterone is low. Ok so what does that mean? Well with the aging process Estrogen increases and Progesterone lowers and then you have symptoms. Like what symptoms you ask? Everyone is different but I felt off, tired, irritable, almost like bad PMS and had occassional night sweats. I really thought I was just over heated from being outside all day in the sun working to hard, wrong.

I was prescribed the HRT bio-identical replacement for Progesterone. It was a compounded cream form and I applied it 3 weeks a month to the inside of my thigh or arm. It was like a miracle. I felt better so fast that I thought it might be in my head. Now I understand why all those women were gathering around the story teller listening so intently.

Fast forward 4 years and now something is off again but different. I'm thinking "it's just Progesterone that needs adjusting". Wrong. I got another blood test and this time now further down the aging process is where Testosterone drops and Estrogen continues to rise. Geez what's next. Symptoms for this are, excuse my language, I lost my balls! That's what it felt like for me. I lost my confidence, my sexual appetite, my sexy feeling about myself and my body, lastly the ability to make decisions and stand up for myself.

I was a crying, indecisive mess to say the least. Once diagnosed though I got the new dosage of Progesterone and now Testosterone. I'm a new woman. I can't tell you what a huge difference it made to me. No more night sweats, no more fuzzy thinking and crying jags. Geez it was nice to be able to state my opinion and not have to cry to get my point across. Never again will I wait for this to happen before I get checked.

Ladies if you feel off tell someone. If your doctor does not believe in bio identical find one that does. You don't want the risk of synthetic hormones. I read two really great books: The Wisdom of Menopause by Christiane Northrup, MD and Listening to your Hormones by Gillian Ford. I recommend them both for more information and to make wise choices.

I don't want to age unnecessarily fast by being off hormonely. This slows the process of brittle bones, skin elasticity and moisture/lubrication in our lady parts. I want to stay as healthy and active as I can till they cart my body off. I plan on going out as gracefully as possible and stay as healthy as possible. With this help I know I can do just that. Get your tests done even if your not old. These symptoms can be increased from things like stress, death, divorce, health issues and more. To me it was well worth the money for the tests, I'd do it again in a minute, the men in your life will thank you too!

Gillian Ford

Listening to your Hormones
Listening to your Hormones


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