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Measles - a Contagious Virus, Now Eradicated,that Can Be Successfully Treated Naturally.

Updated on December 5, 2018
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A retired pharmaceutical and industrial chemist, author and historian specialising in military events.

Measles also known as English Measles or Morbilli can also be referred to as Rubeola although this must not be confused with Rubella (German Measles) which is totally unrelated.

It is a highly contagious virus and is spread by respiration resulting in cough, raised temperature, irritated eyes and a rash. Although it is a common childhood ailment it should not be under estimated and treatment should initially be entrusted to a medical practitioner. Because it weakens the person and lays them open to bacterial infection (particularly chest and ears) essential oils are particularly useful.

Measles may cause a condition known as Madarosis where you lose some or all of your eyelashes. These should grow back normally once the disease has been cured.

The simplest method is to vaporise the oils in the sick room (and here is where one of the fan type essential oil vaporisers is particularly useful). If such a device is not available then any of the burner type or even a damp cloth (with essential oil dripped onto it) hung over a radiator will work) This will protect the patient from secondary infection and also prevent other members of the family catching it also. The most useful oils are Ti-tree, Eucalyptus and Lavender.

For child over 4 or 5 then 2 drops each of Bergamot and German Camomile should be added to a pint of warm water and gently sponged onto the body every few hours.

While essential oils may not totally prevent infection the vaporisation will prevent a severe or complicated attack.

In the UK measles is a notifiable disease but most children are protected by the MMR vaccine. This is one of the diseases that confers immunity to the person once they have suffered it.

There is little conventional medicine can do. A darkened or shaded room will help with light sensitivity and paracetamol or ibuprofen to lower any fever or pains. Make sure the patient does not become dehydrated.

Very importantly measles is a very serious problem if you are pregnant. You cannot be vaccinated with MMR once you are pregnant so ensure you have the vaccine if you have never caught measles before.

Over the last 3 years there has been no indigenous cases in the UK and any that occur have been brought in from overseas. In the last 2/3 years there was a large outbreak in Romania but luckily it did not spread. The NHS now considers measles to be eradicated.

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    • Peter Geekie profile imageAUTHOR

      Peter Geekie 

      8 years ago from Sittingbourne

      Thank you cherrycrime26 - essential oils do have their place and diseases can't mutate into a form they can't deal with.

      Kind regards Peter

    • cherrycrime26 profile image

      January Moon 

      8 years ago from NY, Now Living in Atlanta Ga

      Great Hub, I love herbal remedies :-) voted up


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