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Medical Care - What the specialist isn't telling you

Updated on September 3, 2012

The medical care we are receiving may not be enough, because what doctors aren't telling you could mean the difference between life and death. During the thirty years that I have conducted TV and radio interviews I have interviewed many doctors (traditional, holistic and homeopathic). I learned a lot personally from these interviews. I remember the first time I heard a nutritionist speak of “free radicals”; being a woman from the sixties, I assumed he meant “free Abby Hoffman”! Now free radicals are something in almost every traditional health magazine.

I must admit the first time I interviewed Dr. Martin, author of  “Medical Crisis Secrets Your Doctor Won’t Share With You”, I thought he might be out in left field. He talked about the body’s chemistry being acid or alkaline. He said if you test your chemistry (there are three tests) and you determine you are acidic you are prey to disease and debilitating diseases. He said disease doesn’t take hold in a body that is alkaline. He compares it to the algae that grow in your pool if it is too acid with the lack of algae if the pool is alkaline. He talks about all of the factors that contribute to our being acidic.

I would suggest you read the book if you want insight into all of the factors. He did stress diet. He said there are no neutral foods. They all are contributing to your body being acid or alkaline. Please note that there are several books out now that make a distinction among fruits, vegetables and proteins, but Dr. Martin says all fruits and vegetables contribute to your being alkaline. He also suggests supplements and tells you which ones and why. Vitamin C and Coenzyme 10 are ones you may have heard of but probably not about pine bark. He also talks about the importance of Omega 3 (not 6) and certain enzymes. I wasn’t convinced but I brought the book home.

My sister tried it and for the first time she has been able to lose weight without the cravings that have plagued her on every other diet. I tried it as well. We did the two-day fruits and vegetables regimen and each of us did drop five pounds. He suggests that regimen for two days to de-toxify. Then we followed his program. It is ironic that he doesn’t stress losing weight.

He has been on TV and radio as well as making personal appearances all over the world. He usually talks about chronic fatigue. My sister has suffered with this for years and fibromyalgia.

I can’t begin to tell you everything he talks about. Buy the book and get all the details. He says the first symptom that your body chemistry is out of whack is fatigue and many diseases including cancer and heart disease begin with inflammation. Interestingly, I had done an interview a few months before with a heart specialist in Australia. He said heart disease has at its root inflammation and Dr. Martin also says that is the first stage of a disease or condition that is developing.

The heart doctor said vitamin c was crucial in preventing heart disease and that calcium can aggravate it. Of course as a woman who is concerned about osteoporosis I was not convinced about giving up calcium. He seemed to be saying choose your poison.


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    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 8 years ago from Ohio

      I too have heard of the alkaline / acid connection to health. Great hub to help raise awareness on this issue!