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Is Medical Care in the U.S the leading cause of death?.

Updated on October 3, 2012


  • Medical Care: 780,230
  • Heart disease: 599,413
  • Cancer: 567,628

New statistics show that almost 1 Million people a year die from the medical industry every year.

Did you know that 780,000 people died last year because of poor medical care?
This means that almost 1 million people each year in the united states, who put their lives in the hands of the leading health care professionals of the world, are dropping dead. Because of, wrong prescriptions, misdiagnosis, failure to recognise symptoms, etc.
90% of doctors refuse chemotherapy as a treatment for their owns tumors because of the low success rate.
The average age of mortality of a physician is 56, This is lower than the average of the 'non-educated' people of 70.
Why do the patients of the american medical doctors continue to seek treatment when such a prevalence is put of profit, not on health.
That the status quo is no longer healthcare professional, but disease management personnel.
With the 8 years in medical school, the average doctor is trained for less than 27 hours on health, nutrition and the human frame. The rest is spent in diagnosis, much to my surprise, shock and disappointment as i'm sure is yours that a doctor is not trained to make you healthy, but to prescribe the right drug for the right symptom.
and apparently, with almost 1 million deaths a year that not one doctor is held responsible for there is an unspoken epidemic in health that needs to be addressed here.
Don't misunderstand me, I am not being critical o all doctors, Surgeons save peoples lives everyday!
Pediatricians get disabled kids the resources and help they need, and dietitians are doing the best the can with the information they've been given.
I am not condemning the medical community in which I am a part of, I am simply stating in this open letter, asking those of the community to come forward in their own practises and say enough is enough, Get their patients off these drugs, and just feed them healthy food.

Your Thoughts?


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    • Vicky022389 profile image

      Victoria P 5 years ago from Orlando, Florida

      HealthCanada I totally agree! I believe that if we did more to prevent disease, instead of waiting until someone is ill to treat it, our quality of life would be much better. In the UK, doctors are offered incentives and bonuses to do more to prevent diseases. For example; pre-screening, encouraging patients to lose weight and stop smoking.

    • HealthCanada profile image

      @RighKnight 5 years ago from Canada

      The U.S Health care system lives upto its hippocratic motto, of caring for a person after they have gotten sick.

      "Health Care" Needs to be reformed indeed, either our doctors are disease management professionals, or they are health management professionals. This means that no doctor can take a patient who is healthy.

      By waiting for people to get sick, and all our hard pledged dollars or research goes into treatments, not cures or preventions.

      We are seeing profiteering from illness and death.

      To stop this, we need an allostatic model of health where health is maintained not achieved, where sickness is cured, not treated.

      We are forced to make a personal decision with our dollars and which doctors we support.

      DMP - Disease Management Professional

      HMP - Health Management Professional


    • Vicky022389 profile image

      Victoria P 5 years ago from Orlando, Florida

      Not to mention the amount of people that fail to see a doctor because they can't afford it. When I lived in England, my mother would take me to get regular check ups and doctor visits. When I moved to the US, I only visited the doctor if I was extremely sick because of the high medical costs. The same thing happened to my parents, as they got older they started to need more check ups and procedures, but they were hesitant because of medical bills. If that is what it is like with insurance, I couldn't imagine the millions of Americans that are uninsured. Do you think they get regular check ups? How could they know if they have a life threatening illness without scans and tests? The only way they would know is if they are already showing bothersome symptoms that are an effect of a disease. This is when uninsured people visit the doctor, when it is too late, and they already have an illness. This is why our healthcare needs to be reformed, so people can get regular check ups and tests to catch diseases before its too late.