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Medicinal Herbs-Damiana (Damiana Aphrodisiaca)

Updated on August 16, 2018
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Rebecca loves sharing what she knows about alternative medicine, health, frugal living, fun, animals, and how to live a better life!


Flowering Damiana plant
Flowering Damiana plant | Source


Damiana is a tiny shrub with fragrant yellow leaves found on hillsides. Such as; south Texas, Mexico, Southern California (Baja), and Central America. Damiana, pronounced- Dom-me-an-na. Damiana is another pleasure medicinal herb. Since discovered, the leaves were primarily used by natives of Mexico and the Mayan Indians. You'll likely hear it called by these names; damiana, old woman's broom, turnera diffusa, and turnera aphrodisiaca. As you may have guessed by some of the names, this herb is a natural aphrodisiac. When used it encourages oxygen and blood flow to the genital area, making orgasm easier to achieve. It also assists in restoring a tired libido, or sluggish sex drive. In addition to the sexual bonus's, it is good for calming anxiety, relieving mild depression or a case of the blues, aiding digestion, settling nervousness, aiding constipation, and helping with menstrual cramps.

What is in it?

The chemical makeup of damiana is extensive and all of the components have not been fully identified. What is known, however, is that it is made up of 0.5-1% volatile oil, flavonoids, arbutin, tannin (which is also found in red wine), gonzalitosin and damianin. Essential oils have also been identified in it as well, (cineol, pinene, cymol), cyanogenic glycosides, thymol and trace amounts of phosphorus.

Have you ever heard of Damiana?

Have you ever heard of this great herb?

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How is Damiana taken?

Damiana can be made into tea, ingested when packed in gel or vegetable capsules, and you can smoke it.

When enjoyed as a tea, Dimiana is very mild. Almost white or a golden amber color if steeped for 5 or more minutes. The flavor is woodsy, with a light aromatic scent. It is quite soothing to enjoy as a tea. It's light and refreshing and will not sour your mouth or stomach.

When taken in pill form, expect some effect within 20 minutes. Increased energy has been reported, along with a positive increase in mood.

When smoked, damiana can produce a very mild high, nothing as strong as marijuana, but mild and relaxing.

I am enjoying a cup of damiana tea as I type this. I find on average, I need 2-4 cups to feel any medicinal benefits.

What's it feel like?

From my experience, Damiana is mild. Expect medicinal results in as little as 20 minutes (faster if you smoke it). Some people have noted headaches when ingesting too much of this herb. Others mention a feeling of euphoria and relaxation. You can plan on a pleasant night sleep, with little to no dreaming, and an increase in sexual desire the following few days.

Dosing information is not well known on this herb. So if you decide to try it, start with tea and see how your body reacts. Diabetics should not use damiana because of how it interacts with blood sugar levels.

I'm big on herbs and what nature has to offer us in terms of healing. I love to try them and share what I learn about them. This herb, along with others such as Kratom, should surely be added to your herb cabinet.

Please do due diligence in researching possible negative side effects when using any herb or supplement.

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