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Medicinal Life

Updated on September 26, 2010

The Beginning

I am Me. I believe I am part of the earth as is every one else, though what I believe isn't of any particular importance to what I wish to write about. What I wish to write about is my learnings in regards to Natural Medicines. 

I have wanted to study and be an Herbalist since I was ten year's old - and I hate to say it, but what pointed me toward this goal was a movie - Practical Magic, in fact. In it the main character wanted to own a botanical store and grow her own plants and make lotions and what not out of them. The idea was so romantic to me I took it a step further and wanted to make Medicines out of it. Some fourteen years later the desire is still strong in me. Over the years through middle school and high school I did small personal studies, nothing exciting, writings for "family news letters" about a particular herb, a report in a health class here and there - nothing particularly exciting. 

Eventually after I had graduated high school and lived outside the parent's house for a couple of years, I stumbled upon a long distance learning program which suited my needs and fired up my hunger for herbal knowledge. The course included brief introductions on Ayurvedic Medicine (East Indian), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Nutrition - the latter holding no interest to me whatsoever before the course. But as I pushed through the parts I dreaded, i found a fascination in learning how the body processes food, what it means to have an unhealthy colon, what exactly it is that parasites do - and just understanding so many common ailments can be solved by simply altering the diet. 

I learned how to research plants, connect with them, harvest them and so on. And so my wish for this is to chose one thing, whether it be a vague description explaining a method of healing, an herb, a mushroom, a crystal, a massage technique, a meditation - something, an write about it to help myself understand better and hopefully pass some lessons along in the mean time. My promise as the author is to pass on as many sources as I can so that any one who wants to can learn more on their own and correct me should I misinterpretation something.

This is going to be my writings on the medicine the earth gives us, the medicines that have been practiced for thousands of years. By practicing these things, not only are we keeping ourselves healthy, but the earth. For all the plants we grow ourselves, and harvest, for all that we plunge our hands into the earth whether it be potted or in our backyard, we are connecting and healing. Happy healing!


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