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Revive your inner energy by meditation

Updated on August 30, 2015

Meditation ,since ancient time have be an art of healing and attaining peace .In India sages use to sit in meditation for days or even months and years.they never felt the need of anything such as water, food or discarding waste from their body .Art of meditation for once did loose its importance,people did not pay head to such thing but the sudden wave of this ancient art got revived and started gaining their importance once again in this modern rushing world, where every person from child to elder seems to be super busy .they keep complaining about scarcity of time feel tired and pissed under the pressure of their busy life ,even small children face such problems ,they too keep complaining about the shortage of time .Everyone is running at an hectic speed and demands a lot more from what they can afford to give , people feel over stressed and over loaded with work. and are often heard saying that there is just not enough time during the day time to get all done.The over stress and tiredness make us Morse, irritating ,impatient and frustrated.It even affect our physical and mental health, we.often are so so busy that we feel there is no space or time to stop and meditate or relax But meditation actually provides us with more time by making our mind calmer relaxer and to some extent peaceful and ultimately more focused. A simple fifteen minute breathing exercise and slight meditation everyday as explained ,can help us to overcome our stress level down and make us calmer and we find some inner peace and balance through out our rushing life style

Meditation can aid to understand our own inner mind and self . We can learn how to convert our mind and soul from negativity to positivity, from disturbed self to peaceful self , from unhappiness to happiness. Overcoming negative thoughts and cultivating constructive thoughts within us is the main purpose of the meditations . This is a well known spiritual practice which has revived for our benefit ,the benefits are in many we can enjoy through out the day even when we are at work when ever we feel distracted irritated etc Just sit quietly for time take deep breaths for sometime and we will feel relaxed and renewed ,even your energy level will revitalize.


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