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Meditation, Its Benefits and The Facts About It.

Updated on August 23, 2014
Yoga for meditation
Yoga for meditation | Source

Inner peace of mind is one of the best conditions that everyone strives to achieve. Unfortunately, there is so much to think about and act upon in this rapidly evolving world and most of us are left with no time to concentrate on our lives. Well, fortunately, we can still turn to meditation for our inner peace but the big question remains, what is meditation? Meditation is generally a practice in which one conforms their mind to a state of consciousness or awareness, either for the realization of something or for an end to it. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be so quiet and still for meditation to take place, one can even meditate while working.

Meditation has its history in the Eastern countries. Its earliest occurrence is believed to have been among the Shamans due to their numerous cave paintings of people in meditative positions. It is said that they were asking for help from spirits during their animal hunting sprees. The earliest written recordings of meditation were however discovered in Indian sacred scriptures in the Book of Knowledge, otherwise known as the Vedas. Buddhist meditation is quite popular and also originated in India. It was discovered by the Hindu prince Siddhartha Guatama who found a way to quiet inner thoughts and achieve deep concentration. This was mainly because he wanted to understand the main reason as to why other people were not fully satisfied with is affluence. This developed into the Buddhist religion and it made its way to China, Japan and Tibet. There are also other forms of meditation in addition to the above that took place in the Eastern countries including Taoism and Zen meditation, which involve clearing of the mind to achieve a state of peace of mind. It then had its way to the Western countries before gaining popularity all over the world. Meditation can either be guided such as Yoga or can be conducted by oneself.

This rosary will be of great help for meditation for those who believe in God.
This rosary will be of great help for meditation for those who believe in God.

Since the discovery of meditation, it has mainly been used to achieve peace of mind in form of relaxation. Though, there are so many undiscovered benefits of meditation. Below are some of the great benefits meditation has to offer to anyone who gives it a try.

1. It helps a great deal in relief of stress. Since it mainly is about being conscious of oneself, it promotes ability to find solutions to problems thus relief of stress. Meditation allows you to think deep about your life experiences and at the same time tends to get your troubles away from your concentration. This ensures that your stress is relieved naturally.
2. It helps prevent stress-related illnesses such as stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, heart attacks, anxiety and depression and mental disorders. Though you may not be aware of this, stress is a causative factor to many ailments. It greatly alters the functioning of the brain and the body as a whole thus leading to the above named diseases just to name a few.
3. It helps improve one's mental health. Mental health is not only achieved by diet, it also depends on your mental hygiene, your thoughts and your ability to deal with stress, fears, anxiety and problems.

Meditation helps focus the mind on important issues.
Meditation helps focus the mind on important issues. | Source

Meditation is a great way to relax your brain from the so many life experiences and troubles you encounter in your lifetime. It rejuvenates your brain thus ensuring your brain and mind is in good condition healthwise.
4. Improvement of self-awareness thus an improved self-esteem leading to a better personality. Meditation basically involves awareness and consciousness of oneself. This leads to one knowing their strengths and weaknesses thus improvement of self-esteem. By conforming your mind to a state of consciousness, you get the chance to know exactly who you are, your personality, your strengths, weaknesses, your talents, abilities, knowledge and also the condition of your social life.
5. Clarity of perception. During meditation, all mind activities are usually reduced to one thus giving one clearer and better perception and judgment of situations. In addition to this, since meditation improves mental health, it gives one capability to pass correct and fair judgment to the situations at hand thus reducing the probability of conflict arising.
6. Meditation is said to give one deeper rest than the deepest sleep one has ever had. It gets rid of any unnecessary thoughts from your mind and lets you concentrate on important matters one by one. This helps rejuvenate and relax the mind thus achieving a state of inner peace.

As much as meditation seems straight to the point, there are several difficulties encountered in the process. These include;

1. Difficulty in achieving the best posture for meditation.
In meditation activities such as Yoga, posture is a very important factor. Slumping either due to insufficient tilt in the seat or sitting too low is one of such problems. This reduces one's alertness thus reducing the effectiveness of the meditation. It also constricts the chest thus causing a strain in one's breathing thus meditation cannot be fully achieved.

DIY Meditation. Meditation doesn't necessarily have to be guided.
DIY Meditation. Meditation doesn't necessarily have to be guided. | Source

2. Lack of concentration.
This is mostly due to inability to focus mind activities and release the rest so as to remain with only one item of meditation. This is mainly experienced by people new to meditation. It can be solved by staying quiet and focusing for a little longer until you find the main item of meditation. This could lead to one's mind drifting away and even sleepiness.

3. Restlessness and mild body pains may also be experienced due to sitting in one position and place for a long duration. This mainly affects newbies due to their lack of experience. This can be solved by finding the most comfortable posture as you meditate. Though, it takes time to get used to this and with a little patience, it becomes normal and the restlessness and pains disappear.

4. Over-expectations from the process. Most people practice meditation with a hope that they will experience results immediately. Meditation is a process that should be given time to produce results. Only patience is required to tackle this problem.

5. You may face discouragements from people who tried meditation before and were not patient enough to see the good results. You should stick to your dream to achieve peace of mind and other meditation benefits. As stated above, it requires patience and a little sacrifice to achieve all the benefits of meditation.

Meditation as a whole is a great way to concentrate on your life and get rid of stressful situations. In case you face this kind of situations, then meditation will also come in handy by promoting your

It is my hope that this hub served the purpose for which you visited it. Great thanks for reading it this far. Please feel free to drop any comments and suggest

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